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How Do I See Who Like My Facebook Page

How do I see who like my Facebook page?


How do I work at my own page on Facebook?

you may like your individual web page, there is not any harm doing it. It happens like the failings you share are good adequate to love, so in case you like it not a huge deal. given which you share it given which you like some thing good approximately it.

You can check it with social media analytics tools. Some of them, such as NapoleonCat, provide historical data. In NapoleonCat you won’t get them by default, however you can contact our team on and we will scan the specific Facebook page for you to gather historical metrics.

Question is not clear. If you want to see all the pages you liked here it isClick on PagesYou can see all the Liked Pages

How do you create a 'like' page on facebook?

I know how to make a page that people can like and follow and write on the walls of it and stuff, but that's not what im looking for. Im trying to find the pages that aren't actually pages. They are just little link thinks to click like and then you are done. I've made some before but it was at the time facebook wasn't very popular. Now everything is different and im confused.......

How to track who visited my facebook profile?Its easy to do. Just follow these steps and you’ll succeed in finding out who visited your Facebook Profile!Go To Your Facebook timeline-Right click on your timeline and hit “View page Source”.Now, you’ll be redirected to a new page with lots codes.Hold CTRL+F on your keyboard, a text box appears at the right corner, in that box, type- “InitialChatFriendsList” (Don’t include Quotes)Next to that word, you’ll see a list of numbers, these are the profile ID’s of people who visit your timeline.Just go to “Log In or Sign Up” and paste the ID number beside it with a “\” . For example, if the ID is abcd, you have to put it as- ABCD - Any Body Can Dance.The first ID shows the one who visits profile more often while the last ID never visits your profile!

Go to your profile page and check your Activity Log. You can filter the activity by type and that should help you. Open your profile page and click the link to your likes under your cover photo on the right. That should give you a complete list to all of your likes.

Unfortunately, it can’t be done.Here’s Facebook’s answer to the question: Can I tell who's looking at my profile?That being said, another way to kind of do this is to keep track of your followers and likes to your pages.Also, you can set up an ad with an opt-in page link that will capture their email addresses. It’s best to use a Free Report that would be of interest to them - one related to the niche that your business page is in.These methods require a lot of work, however.I have found a much better way to not only get subscribers and know who they are, but to easily build an email list…IPro LeadsLegally Hack Into Facebook Using a Software THEY Approved & Pull Leads Right Into Your Autoresponder For Anyone Who Clicks on Your Lead Ad CampaignsThe secrets out and the faster you move, the more you can cash-in.If you haven’t heard already, Facebook has released a brand-new way of advertising, that’s a 100% legal way, for anyone to siphon traffic and to INSTANTLY grow their list.The best part is, that you can do it without needing, so much as a website or Landing page, and this new platform is called Lead Ads.It sounds CRAZY, I know…I’ve been doing list building for a long time now and there has never been anything like this.Here’s what’s happening, in a nut shell.Facebook will basically allow you to get the emails of anyone who clicks on your Lead Ad campaigns (the new feature in Facebook) and you can legally add these email addresses DIRECTLY to your autoresponder account.A subscriber will just need to voluntarily click on a link inside Facebook and their email address will instantly be yours.In short, you are building a list of thousands… Even millions of people, just by someone clicking on your ads, and then you own them for life.Oh, and in case you’re wondering, everything is 100% Guaranteed Facebook Approved.You now have the power of Facebook and list building right at your fingertips.But I have one more surprise for you.The price when you get involved today, is just one single payment of only $7 with a $397 Bonus.Click Here to Read More and Get This Limited-Time Offer: iProLeadsI hope this helps,Carlos

How do I message a bigger page on Facebook?

You can message the bigger page with both way. You can message through your personal account or you can also message through your page account.

But remember, if the admin of that page disable the message option, nobody can message the page. If you can see the message option on the page's timeline, you can msg him, If you don't see, it means he disable it.

NOTE: I don't think big page admin will do s4s with a new page, but you can try though.

Is there a way to see everyone who liked a page on facebook?

The owner of a facebook page sees who like the page if logged in.
as outsider you have indirect options
go to the facebook page
scroll down on the wall and look at all recent posts
below posts you see WHO liked a particular post
there is a reasonable chance that he also "liked" an individual wall post before linking the page itself

another chance is to do a Google search (or yahoo if G no result) with his school name
or use his school name in facebook search if he mentioned his school - and that school has a page, he may be listed there and with some forensics and intuition you finally may find him
and you learn for NEXT time
If you "like" someone real and flirt with him, the first chance may be the only chance in life