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How Do I Sell Content On Mygirlfund

Is there a website where I can sell nude photos taken by me?

I'm going to have to answer your question with a question. Why would I pay money for something I can get just as good for free?

I could sit here and fill up my hard drive with nude photos that cost absolutely nothing. It does not necessarily have to be porn either. There are plenty of artistic photography sites with nudes, then of course, there is always the porn sites for more hardcore photos.

You simply have nothing to sell. You may be gorgeous, but again, there are tons of photos of beautiful women nude that cost nothing.

You would have to come up with some kind of special, unique service other than simply nude shots. When people started asking you to pose nude in traffic or on top of a building, you would probably soon forget that idea too.

Sorry, but your "product" is just not sellable in today's world.


What does it mean to dream about breaking up with my girlfriend and feeling sadness and grief from it?

It's an anxiety dream about a real life possibility that your brain is trying to process.Your subconscious mind is trying to prepare you for that, just in case.Maybe you noticed subtle differences in her demeanor and got the inkling the bubble might pop.It can be a foretelling dream as well. I've had dreams where I would be in the room with my then super sweet girlfriend and she was not even acknowledging my presence, or she was eyeing someone else.Had a dream she died and came back but was different in every way possible. Something like that became a reality a month later.But don't go on foreboding because it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just be extra cautious how you handle any issues.If there's a change in her demeanor suggest a break or starts flaking a little bit. These are the things I wish I would have done, because she did.Listen to your instinct but be polite.And lastly anybody can dream about anything. Most dreams or nightmares don't come true.

For how much should I sell my sexy or nude pictures of myself?

First, you should look at going for the subscription model rather than the per-photo, although you can do both.[1] The subscription model is great if you can build up your subscribers. $10-$30 per subscriber per month might not sound like much, but start getting up to the hundreds or thousands and you can see how it can get lucrative.Networks like the premium Snap sites or OF are very good for this kind of business model, and selfie-style content performs good on these type of sites.Many of the sexting platforms (NiteFlirt, SextPanther, ect) support multi-media texts and the ability to charge per message / photo. If you’re trying to charge per photo, that’s one of the best routes to go.As for the pricing? It’s really up to you and how much you value your time. A couple bucks per photo up to $10ish is definitely fair. As for subscriptions? Once again; it’s really up to you. It’s also contingent upon how active you are on the subscription / fanclub services, or how much other content can be accessed (assuming it’s not a service like premium Snap where there’s no real archive). $10-$30 is a status quo entry spread.Footnotes[1] Make Money Selling Nude Photos and Videos

Girls, how much money would it take for naked pics?

wit bra && panties it wuld cost about $50.00
w/o a bra & just panties $100.00
completely naked i wuld charge $200.00 per pik!
im working on being a playboy bunny!!!! (i wanna b a center fold!)
wish me luck!

As a camgirl what are some offline opportunities to make some extra cash?

Thank you for the A2A.From what we have observed working with cam models over the past year at IndieBill the main source of offline earnings comes from selling videos. Some models are able to generate several thousands dollars every month in this way.To start selling videos, you basically need two things besides said videos :A storeTraffic / CustomersSome existing websites will provide you with both at once, such as Manyvids and C4S, however they will take 40% of the customers’ money for their service.Us at IndieBill, we make it easy for you to setup your own “Indie store” - that is a store for which we provide no customers, but we payout 85% per sale.When it comes to generating traffic, we’ve noticed that our most successful partners use the following websites (depending on their taste, and type of content) :InstagramYoutubePornHub / XvideosTake care to respect Instagram and Youtube terms of policies if you use them ! Basically it works well by uploading Glamour content over there only (respecting their terms) and linking your customers to your store for more.Regarding PornHub and Xvideos, what is great about them besides the fact they have huge traffic is that they will pay you for each view you get. And of course you can basically post whatever you want :)If you do not currently have a catalog of pre-recorded videos, you may want to start accepting custom orders from customers so that you get paid for making the videos in the first place.. and have the assurance it is a type of video people are interested into. Customers who don’t want you to resell those videos will pay an exclusivity extra, so no worries on this.Extralunchmoney is a great website for getting your first custom videos orders if you need to get started, they have a section where customers post what they are looking for and you can reply.I hope this helps, have a great day !

What should I charge for a 3-minute video for a website?

Hi there,I would ask more questions for sure! It’s OK to ask your potential client what their budget is. You can either walk away or find a way to fit their budget.There are plenty of things to think about outside of shooting. Here is a list of things you may want to look into:Will they need music? If so, will this video ONLY be online? Music is going to cost you about $30–$500.00 depending on where you look.Will they need voice over? If so, again, will this ONLY be online? What sites? Will you have your CEO as the VO? Then you will need to think of where to record the VO.Will there be a set location? Will they need models? And if you are shooting food, you may need a food stylist.Then think about how much you are worth. Think about how much your equipment is worth with lights.Even after you shoot, you will need to know how much time you’re going to put into editing. Also, think about how much time it will take when revising any work the client wants. Of course if you are not filming and you are an animator, that is your time you are putting in.Some price ranges I have seen are $500 per finished minute to $1,000 per finished minute. It really just depends on your skill level, who you know, and what is needed for post video.Again, I would ask for budget.Hope this helps!