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How Do I Start Extreme Couponing

I want to start extreme couponing?

Im 16 and i would like to start extreme couponing. I would like to help my mom out with groceries and stuff like that but mostly i want to get clothes. How can i start?

Extreme couponing...?

I've always wondered how these people are able to find stores that double their coupons when they use them. I live in Florida and no store, as far as I know, doubles any coupons. You can use a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon at the same time, that's it. But these Extreme Couponing people use 20 coupons on one item somehow. It seems like all the shows on tv take place up north anyway. And some of the sh!t they do is ridiculous, like buying 65 bottles of mustard? Who really needs all of that? I did see one show where a guy was buying all kinds of food and making care packages to send to the U.S. soldiers and I thought that was cool. It seemed less crazy because he was "extreme couponing" not for himself and stashing the stuff in a little house, but sending it to some people who really need it.

What are your thoughts on the show "Extreme Couponing"?

How to do extreme couponing? this is my and every other extreme couponers bible. Thus site will tell you everything you need to know. I'm just giving you heads up, its really addicting!

How to start couponing?!?

Honestly I always tell them I love their products and tell everyone I know how awesome they are. I also suggest that I'd like to try their new whatever or that times have been hard so I've had to switch to insert bargain brand and that I dislike the bargain brand. I have had the best luck with P&G but lots of places respond well to compliments.

What is the best way to learn extreme couponing?

Well, if you are basing it on some of the stuff you see on TV, I am not sure I can help you. Many of the stores that participated in that show were allowing these people to circumvent the store’s policies. Locally, it was a store called Lowe’s Foods. That store got a LOT of flak from couponers after that episode aired.Start slowly. Clip coupons for things you use regularly. Watch for the item to go on sale. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed.The first piece of advice I would give you is to be very familiar with the store’s coupon policies. For instance, one of the stores I frequent will double any manufacturer coupon up to .99. Their limits are that they will double up to three “like” coupons (same UPC or QR* code on the coupon—*see note below about QR codes); and they will double up to 20 coupons per day per household. And that is household not individual person.Another piece of advice is to learn the best source of coupons for your area. Most of the time it is the local Sunday newspaper. These are printed on shiny magazine type paper and are sometimes called “slicks”.There are coupon sites where you can print coupons, however, keep in mind that you are paying for the ink and paper to print these coupons. Also, be aware that each coupon you print has a unique “QR” code that prohibits you using more than one of them. I would also advise to only print the coupons as you need them. There are exceptions…if it a “rare” coupon or a high dollar coupon for something you use frequently.Also check to see if there is a local couponing site or Facebook group. People in these groups will alert you to unadvertised sales or clearance deals. In addition, a lot of these groups will share coupons with each other. You can post if you need a coupon or if you have some to share.The questions I ask myself, when clipping coupons are: “Is this something I buy regularly?” “Do I need any of this commodity?” “Do I have space to store these items?” and “Will I use it before I have to discard it?”Also, when you have a large stock of any particular item and your pretty sure you will not use before it expires, donate it to local food banks (obviously) or free clinics for unopened or sealed health and beauty items like shampoo, conditioner, bar soap or body wash. Keep in mind that these donations can be written off of your taxes as charitable contributions based on the value of the item, not what you paid for it.

Is extreme couponing worth it?

Couponers were excited (at first) when the TLC program "Extreme Couponing" was aired. It motivated a lot of people to try their hand at saving hundreds of dollars in food, and pay next to nothing using the coupons.I think extreme couponing isn’t worth it since the coupon craze creates an incentive to buy unnecessary goods. It’s also easy for it to become a time-consuming obsession. To truly experience significant savings, you’d need to get the coupon inserts every week. It simply wouldn’t be possibly off one or two coupons. You need to buy multiple newspapers to have enough coupons to get several items for free, or discounted, and you need to organize all of those coupons so you can access them when you need them. That sounds like A LOT of hard work.These days couponing has transferred into the online world. You can now save big with little effort. Wouldn't it be nice if, during all your shopping and coupon hunting your browser could save you money? I guess what is worth your time is using an online extension. That way, you can save cash all year round by using a service designed to find the best, along with coupons codes, and help you save some cash.One of the best ones I have seen is Once it’s added to your browser, the app automatically finds coupons, making it easy to figure out when a deal is worth consuming. It’s a more user-friendly and streamlined way of extreme couponing and takes out the hassle of looking for coupons here, there, and everywhere.I hope my answer provided you with enough information to help you save money. Happy shopping!

Extreme couponing help?

Is there anyone in the layton ut area that can help teach me about extreme couponing for groceries I see how people buy like 10 things but get them for free can someone help me learn my email is

HELP Extreme couponing!!?

HELP Extreme couponing!! I live in Stockton ca, And i really want to learn how to do this but could use a mentor, So if there's any won out there willing to help me learn how to do this the right way i wood really appreciate it. :)

Extreme couponing question!?

Sometimes a coupon will create an "Overage".


$0.97 sale item
$1.00 off coupon for sale item
$0.03 overage that is owed to the customer by the store.

There is a national store chain that has in it's coupon policy that "Overage" can be paid to a customer in cash or be applied to the purchase sales total.

There is another store chain that will give "Overage" back to the customer in a store gift card.

I have had coupons create an "Overage" for me in which I always applied the "Overage" towards the purchase sales total.