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How Do I Stop Emails From Sources Other Than My Contacts. For Instance From Bed Bath And Beyond

How can I stop the outside of my cake from cooking too quickly compared to the inside?

I'm sure you're going by the recipe, which outlines the "correct" temp your oven should be.

The home cook shouldn't necessarily go by the oven temp that the recipe says. You should always go by the knowing your own oven.

Nearly all ovens can vary wildly in temperature. Temp is reduced greatly by opening the oven. If it's not preheated long enough, the walls of the oven will not heat up, and you want hot walls.

To counter act this, put a couple of bricks or the bottom of a terracotta pot in the bottom of your oven to help regulate the temperature. These will absorb the heat so less is lost when you open the door. Preheat your oven for no less than 20 minutes.

Ovens can also run too hot despite the temperature you set. Electric ovens are notorious for this.

To answer your question, it sounds to me like your oven is too hot! Forget the recipe and reduce the heat by 50 degrees. Cover cake with tinfoil. Practice. Same results? Lower another 25 or so until you hit the sweet spot.

Overall, learn your oven. Know your oven. Love your oven.

...and when you get the cake right, save me some!


Thank you for this amazing A2A Pravasi Meet.No experience, observations followed here..Attachment is when you can not live without person's physical existence!Love is when you just feel their existence in your heart, even if the person is physically there or not!Attachment is when you act as a stubborn to be expressive towards your rights.Love is when you don't need any words or formalities, it's being felt and understood with situation and consequences.Attachment is when you push yourself to be prioritised by someone.Love is when you don't need any tags, privilege to prove your worth in your significant's life.Attachment is when you may have feelings of insecurity in order to obsessed with only yours emotions as burden on others.Love is when yourself will allow you free from all insecurities regardless any judgements and self obsession and let not make your feeling overburdened on others.Attachment is when you only think of your emotions as strength.Love is when you feel others emotions without imposing your sensitivity.Attachment is when you can't bear to see your significant other indulging with others regardless of any reasons!Love is when you simply possess understanding towards your significant other and let that person lives the way they used to.Attachment can be bound quickly and can easily erase impacts in a long run.Love is lifetime feeling, it can't be erased, it stays till the last heartbeat.Attachment is simply illusion of owning and ruling on someone.Love is feeling of loosing your own existence for combining souls as a victory of relationship, Where no one can rule but both can win in a way of living life.Attachment sometimes reflects stubbornness and immaturity.Love reflects sacrifices, compromises, understanding and commitments.Attachment starts with sea of expectations, where you can not even think to live without the special one and can not allow that one to be separated from you, just to fulfil your own needs,Love stays till the last breath without having fear of loosing, cause it felt from heart, it carries memories along, so mere physical existence can't bounded love. Because true love allows you to be happy by seeing happiness of those. Sometimes it reflects more satisfaction when their hapiness matters more than togetherness, indeed when your love leaves all boundaries just to feel soulful life of others rather than yours own.

How do I stop late night eating?

It is hard to stop doing it overnight. The first thing you need to do is change what you decide to spoil yourself. Instead reaching for the bread how about choosing something you like that is lower in calories (for instance yogurts or grapes or non-sweetened hot chocolat). Or how about getting chewing gum - that will give you the feeling of eating without actually eating. The second thing to do is to start going to bed earlier. If you are not awake, the temptation to eat won't be there. The third thing to change your reward pattern. How about finding something to motivate you not to eat. For instance if you manage not to binge at the evening, have a nice bath before going to bed. Thr fourth thing is do something in the evening. When I have nothing to do or if I'm just sat in front of the TV I tend to eat moe. How about going for a walk after dinner. The weather is nicer now, it will keep you busy and wil release endorphins.

My husband is leaving for Army Basic Training on Aug 27 th and I would like to know what will happen to him?

Has he been to MEPS yet? If not then that will be his first stop. That's where he'll get his medical exam and orders. From there he'll travel to boot camp. He should NOT bring his cell phone with him, it's just going to be locked up where he cant access it anyway. Once he gets to boot camp he will inprocess (more paperwork than you can imagine) and be issued his uniforms. Then he'll start training. Things are more strict in the beginning and at the end they have slightly more freedom. He will only be able to call *at most* once a week and it will likely last only a couple of minutes.
The most important thing you can do is write EVERY DAY... tell him you love him and support him... boot camp tears them down and builds them back up. Dont get too worried if he sounds a little depressed.. it will pass... towards the end you'll get a letter with the information on his graduation (where, when, etc..) and family day.
After basic training is complete, he'll head to AIT for more unaccompanied training, but provided he behaves himself, you'll be able to talk to him a little more regularly.
When AIT and any other schools his job may require (some require more than others, some only require basic and AIT before proceding to your duty station) is complete he'll recieve orders to his duty station, at which point the army will pay to move you to your new "home".

I am living with my Aunt and Uncle in the finest areas of San Francisco and they have a house which is more like a mansion to me. They did not inherit anything! Rather, created it all with constantly working hard and leading a simple life- which absolutely included discounts, today and always!Aunty does not let JC Penny & Macy’s coupons hit the expiry! She collects them, uses them and seasonally buys the entire aisle that marks 70% off!Me: “Aunty, I don’t see your shoe size here”Aunty (with eyes that could not believe the sale, screams with happiness): “No, no, Don’t look at the sizes! They are only twenty dollar!! (she hurries with emptying the entire shoe section with filling up her cart) I’ll find a person with every size they have.”And her eyes brightly smiling, thinking of how many pairs of shoes she’s going to give away!Ironically, she’s greedy to give away!Not that she uses discounted coupons and spends less. Na..aa! She in fact ends up spending a lot more when in the clearance section, than she normally would. With immense excitement, she buys in bulk for less and sends overseas to her family and the needy.And the picture below describes her own lifestyle-Wealthy people are wealthy for a reason!

No matter how much someone tells me that they love me i never feel loved?

My sister :) She's only a year younger than me, and we've always been close. Okay that's a lie! :P Growing up, she was always in my way! She tried being EXACTLY like me, and it was so annoying! I was her immediate role model, and while I should probably feel special, I didn't! It just made it harder for me, because I had to go find myself a good role model so I could be a good role model for her! And then there was the era when I was a teenager, and she wasn't. That was an extremely awkward time for us as sisters. For instance, if I had a crush on a guy, and if we saw him somewhere, she'd nudge me and get me smiling and looking like a fool and be all like, "LOOK, THERE'S (insert name)!!!" Loudly. Ugh. And then, she crossed over. I'm not sure when, probably the summer before her 8th grade year. We understand each other completely, and we're so close, people have even thought we were twins (although others think we don't even look alike). She still tries to be like me, and sometimes it annoys me, but other times it doesn't. When I know I can't talk to my friends about something, I know i can talk to my sister. :) I don't even see her as my younger sister anymore.. in fact, she's even acted like my older sister (even though I'm the older one, if that makes sense). She's especially mature for her age, and she's always cheering me up and giving me good advice. Of course, I give her advice too, and amazingly, she uses it. And, I love my parents for having us this close in age.