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How Do I Summons A Demon To Do My Bidding

Can you summon demons to help you or do your bidding?

If there was any truth to that, I never would have become an atheist.

Having demon minions would be kickass!

How do I summon a demon to do my bidding?

Well, I might be able to help you.

Depends on what you have to offer, though... :op

Is It Possible to summon demons like Satan to do your bidding?

From what I have learned by growing up in the christian faith,is that the demons will only enter your life if you INVITE them.They have no power otherwise.But if some day you don,t want them there? i don,t know how you rid yourself of them..They can only gain your soul after you are dead,But the demons might lead you there sooner.

How to summon a Demon?

Repeat these magic words. Slowly at first then faster and faster.
Ohwa Tafoo Lyamm!

How can I summon a demon like Pumpkinhead?

Ok so here's the deal

1st, you need to get a list of ingredients

1 black candle

a package of chicken feet from Safeway

1 12 pack of red ink pens

yellow paper

1 bic lighter

and a bottle of Tequila

STEP ONE: Drink 1/2 the bottle of Tequila (But ONLY 1/2!)

STEP TWO: Take apart the red ink pens, and blow on one end so all the red ink comes out in a little dish

STEP THREE: Open up the chicken feet. Dip them in the red ink, and write a bunch of nonsense on the yellow paper with the chicken feet. Do the same thing on your chest.

STEP FOUR: Take the bic lighter, burn the edges of the yellow paper, but ONLY the edges.

STEP FIVE: Take the remaining 1/2 bottle of Tequila, the yellow paper, the chicken feet with ink on them, and take them all to the local police station. Explain to them that in order to summon a demon, you're going to need access to their jail. They will certainly let you in.

Once you are inside, gather 12 other inmates, for a total of thirteen of you. Sit in a large circle. Rock back and forth, and hum the "kumbaya" song. Demons will appear.

I'm planning to summon a demon tonight...?

...My intentions are to use it to get the things I want in life.
Before my father passed away 2 years ago, he was a Rosicrucian (He was in this society for over 20 years) who had mastered the art of summoning spirits and controlling them to do his bidding. It was because of his control over spirit that he became the owner of a large and wealthy chemical plant in my state. I studied his ways for over 15 years of my life and now I feel like I'm ready to summon my own spirits.

This is my first time, and I just wanted to know if anyone here has any extra tips before I go out tonight and do this. I'll be summoning this spirit at 3 AM sharp.

Is summoning demons possible?

I don't want to summon one but im just asking is it possible, i've just recently people saying they can summon demons....idk if its true or a lie and yes i know its a sin to summon a demon..if you can...well can you physicly see it? or is it just like this you summon it and then you get bad luck and crap.

How can one summon an angel?

One can't.If you believe in angels (and I do), and you're talking about angel angels (not believing in some sort of esoteric spirit that you happen to label as an "angel"), then they are the messengers of God Himself, and are thus subject to His authority alone.  You cannot summon them because they are not subject to your authority.If you attempted to do so, and somehow seemed "successful", it would be because God chose to send an angel to you without regard to (or even in spite of) your impious attempt to bind that which is not yours to command.  If God does not choose to do so, absolutely nothing you could possibly do will coerce an angel in any way whatsoever.Of course, the rules are a little different if you're including fallen angels... but then the matter simply shifts from, "You can't.  Period." to "Don't do it!  Period!"  If you call for a demon, you may well get one - but there is no possible scenario in which that would be a positive outcome...