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How Do I Sync Videos From My Computer To The Iphone 4

How do I sync my photos from my iphone to my computer?

I used Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo.
It can help copy both iPhone Library Photo ( the photos sync with iTunes) and iPhone Camera Photo ( the photos taken with iPhone Camera ) to your selected folder on your computer completely and safely. The whole process needs just a few simple clicks.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how:

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How do I transfer videos from a computer to an iPhone/iPad/iPod?

The Most Common Way - using iTunesStep 1: Launch iTunes and switch to “Movies” library from “Music” library.Step 2: Go to “File > Add File to Library” to choose the videos from your computer and click on “Open”.Step 3: Connect your iPad and choose“Movies” at the left.Step 4: Check “Sync Movies” and choose the videos your want to transfer.Step 5: Click on “Sync” to start the transfer process.The above is the commonest method, however, when syncing, your previous movies on iPad will be covered.The most effective way - with iMyFone TunesMate (without any data losing)Step 1: Open iMyFone TunesMate and connect your iPadStep 2: Choose “Video”tab, and click on “Add File / Folder”Step 3: Choose movies you want to transfer from your computer and click on “Open”In this way, you won’t worry about the problem of data losing, and it’s faster than using iTunes.To learn more, just refer to How to Put Movies on iPad? 2 Best Ways!Hope that helps!

How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone 4?

You can use iTunes to transfer your photos to your iPhone 4.

Connect your iPhone to your PC and wait for it to sync. In iTunes, click on ‘iPhone’ in the left menu bar under ‘Devices’ and then select the ‘Photos’ tab on the top menu bar. Ensure there is a tick in the box to the left of ‘Sync photos from:’ and to the right click on the grey folder tab. Select the ‘Choose folder…’ option and browse to the Images folder and select ‘OK’.

How can I transfer iPhone videos to my Mac?

We've recently written a tutorial for this exact task, written in a manner that is extremely easy to follow. No more jargon - it's written for you!This is a guide so simple that your mother-in-law will be uploading video in no time. Let's get started. Connect your iPhone to your Mac via a typical iPhone charger cord.When you connect your iPhone, iPhoto and/or iTunes should open up automatically. Wait until the programs open, and thenquit the program. You don’t need them right now.In the top-right corner of your screen, click the magnifying glass, search ‘Image Capture’ and double-click to open the program.When Image Capture opens, click on the icon for your iPhone in the left column of the program, under ‘Devices’.Your photos and videos should now come up. To identify a video, look for ‘MOV’ in the ‘Kind’ column.Click on the video once to highlight it.To choose where the video will save to, click the folder drop-down menu at the bottom of the program. It normally saves to the ‘Documents’ folder as a default, but you can change this to wherever you want. We like saving it to ‘Desktop’ for easy access.Once you have your destination set, click ‘Import’ and the file will import itself to your chosen destination.You’ll know it has imported if the file has a small green tick in the bottom-right corner of the icon.For more info, check out!

My iPhone's photos are not in iTunes, and they won't sync. What do I do?

If you mean the iPhone camera pictures, Connect your iPhone to computer through  USB cable, and then open 'My computer', click on what should say 'Apple iPhone'  (possibly have a picture of a camera next to it). And then go to folder  'Internal Storage -> DCIM -> 800AAAAA'. You should find all your pictures  and videos that you recorded with your iPhone.For Mac user, you can use  iPhoto to transfer the camera pictures.If you mean the photos that you sync  from iTunes. You may refer to this step by step guide, it's about how to copy  photos from iPhone/iPod back to computer. It's easy to understand and works  pretty well for my iPhone.How to transfer iPhone videos and Photos to PC and Mac

How do I sync the music into my mom's iPhone?

Just plug her iPhone into the computer, and it should show up under devices. Click on it after it shows up, and then go to the music tab. It'll say "sync entire music library" and "sync only selected songs and playlists", or something along the lines of that, but "sync entire music library" is the one that will be automatically selected. Deselect it, and select "sync only selected songs and playlist" and then hit "apply", which is going to be in the lower right hand corner of the iTunes window. You can download songs she likes from various websites, and you can make a playlist for her. Hope I helped :)

How to transfer iPhoto videos to iPhone?

1) Connect your iPhone to your Mac.
2) Launch iTunes (if it does not automatically launch).
3) Select your iPhone (on the left).
4) At the top of the Sync selection, select "Photos".
5) In the box under "Sync Photos from..."
6) Checkmark "Include videos"
7) Sync.

How do I sync my iPad or iPhone to a different computer without losing my apps, photos and other information?

When you connect the iPad to the Mac Mini, Hold the control key and click the iPad that appears on the left in iTunes. When the menu appears, click "Transfer Purchases" to get any Apps and purchased Music or Video on the iPad. Photos can be imported into iPhoto but non-purchased items will need to be transferred from the original computer. You can also find software to retrieve things from the iPad. Data like Contacts or Calendars need to be synced by choosing "Merge" when the "First Sync" option appears. It's a series of steps but no matter what you'd like to sync, it's a good idea to go through your iPad and make a list of important items you need to be aware of. Also to Control-Click the iPad within iTunes and choose "Backup" before doing anything. Every situation is different but these are some general tips.Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

How do I transfer AVI files to my iPhone?

AVI is not on the list of iPhone supported video formats. However, if you use VideoProc to transfer AVI to your iPhone supported format, you will not encounter any iTunes syncing error.Check how to convert AVI to iPhone with VideoProcYou can also directly play AVI on iPhone with VLC app.Step 1: Download VLC for iOS on the App Store. Free for iPhone and iPad.Step 2: Open VLC for iOS and tap on the pylon icon in the top-left corner.Step 3: Tap on Wi-Fi Upload and the toggle switch will turn orange.Step 4: On your Mac or PC, type the network shown into the address bar of your web browser. Example: 5: Click on the plus sign in the top-right corner and open the desired AVI file.Step 6: The file will be uploaded to your iPhone or iPad over Wi-Fi.After following these steps, the AVI file should appear within the Media Library in the VLC for iOS app. VLC supports virtually every common video codec, so this guide can be used for other file formats as well. If you would prefer to upload files using a different method, tap on the Learn More link in VLC for iOS for instructions on using iTunes file sync or uploading media from Google Drive or Dropbox.But you have to bear in mind:1. Wi-Fi is needed.2. There will lead to choppy playback on iPhone.3. AVI files, if uncompressed, are large in size, which eat some serious storage space on iPhone.So I recommend you to convert AVI to iPhone MP4 or MOV before synching.