How Do I Talk To A Real Person At Irs

How do you find a live person to talk to at the IRS?

If you've received any type of collection notice from the IRS, there should be a number to call printed on the notice. If not, and assuming you're calling about an individual account (Form 1040), call 800-829-1040. Follow the prompts to talk to a live human. (Do not choose the refund inquiry option or you'll be routed to the automated system.) You'll probably have to be patient. Wait times probably are pretty long right now. Calling early in the day is a good idea. After about 4 PM, the phone lines get busier. If you call too late in the day, you could be waiting in the queue so long that customer service lines at the IRS shut down while you're waiting. The IRS has been asked to cut expenditures. Service centers have been closed and combined. Employees have been furloughed (some permanently). This translates to less assistors, which translates to longer wait times to talk to a live human.

Looking for phone # for IRS,where i can talk to a real person?

Here is what you do. I have had to call them alot lately for myself and clients too. Dial the main number....1-800-829-1040, follow the promts for english, then for information about your personal tax account, i believe that is option 2, and then just hit 0 untill the recording finally says.... "Please hold while we transfer your call to the next available operator".

You might wait a few minutes, but it's worth it to speak to a live person.

Don't give up this works every time.

I need to talk to a live person at the IRS about my 2012 tax refund?

Is there a number or someone at the IRS that I could call and receive a live person to talk to about my current tax status. The WMR website is down and the phone number has not been updated help please.

Is there a phone number I can call and talk to a real person?

Yes. Many, many, many of them. But I’m not giving you mine.If you are really desperate just to talk to random people, try just dialling random numbers in an area code that works locally.

IRS phone number to talk to a live person?

1-800-TAX-1040. Either press '0' or just hold on the line. Wait times during the business day are running 30 to 60 minutes. Calling first thing in the morning mid-week usually results in the shortest wait times.

Is there anyway to get ahold of a real person at the IRS?

yes call 1-800-829-1040 and press 1 and then 5 then someone will transfer your call to the correct department you need to speak to.i called them earlier and got through very quickly,2 times in the row.

How to find a phone number to talk to a live person at the irs....?

1-800-829-1040 is the best number to call. Monday is one of the busiest times to call, so call later in the week and not during lunch. If you do have a direct number to a specific employee that is usually because you are being audited.

If you are calling in response to a notice, then you should call the number on the notice as it is for the unit that is handling the issue.

I hope this helps.

Can anyone tell me how to talk to a real person on

Go to this Customer Service page on teh priceline site:

Click on the 'Contact Us' tab, and you have two options: E-mailing, which gets you talking to a real person (although not in real-time) and there is the option of calling a number, which probably gets you a real person to talk to, but I'm not 100% sure because I haven't called it.

I hope I helped! :D

How to get ahold of a live person at the irs?

1-800-829-1040, keep pressing "0" everytime you here automated system speak about 4 times) will xfer to live operator and ask for tax refunds and they will xfer you, it will tell you there is a more than 15minute wait but who cares at least you get to speak to LIVE rep. Beware though, if you get a nice rep that's cool but if you get a rude one which there are many of then all you get for an answer is: IF you e-filed it can take up to 3 weeks even though WMR says by 1/31 for example. Good luck and post back what ur outcome of call was.