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How Do I Tell If I Smell Weird

How to tell if you smell bad?

You probably smell normal and are just paranoid.. but yes it is hard to smell your own smell since you are so used to it. Everyone has a natural smell (not BO) that we can't smell ourselves. Try smelling your clothes and armpits. As long as you shower daily, wash your clothes often, and wear deodorant you should be ok.

How do you tell someone that they smell bad?

There is the jugular method which I believe is the most fair, honest, and respectful way to tell someone that they are smelling bad. Just coming out and saying it after you have given the unlucky person a couple of chances to see if it was for some reason. This comes at the risk of offence but so does a slower subtle approach. So this is why I’d just come out and say ‘hey I’m sorry to say but I find your odour a problem for me at this time’.The subtle approaches are a risk too ‘hey could you take a shower before we go out’ also it’s an offence to let the odour go with no challenge for a lengthy time. Asking if shower habits or observing they have shower products is a little sneaky too which doesn’t guarantee a smooth breaking of the issue. Also depends on the relationship type you have. Whether a close friend, new partner, or work colleague.Then there is some which will ignore the issue because it’s too hard to face. ‘Don’t bare false witness’ is my approach if you care for this person. Backup the direct approach with ‘I’d expect you to tell me also if there is an issue’. The moral of this answer is that there is risk to break the issue anyway. Help this unfortunate person or ignore it. That’s the only option.

How do you tell a girl you're dating that she smells bad?

I had this issue also with a new girl I met.After dating for a month with 4-5 (long) sex encounters at my home,I knew there is a general hygiene problem with her, just not taking care enough to clean herself especially at all the intimate cracks..The sex was great, though, but I just couldn't go down on her or even kiss near her butt if you know what I mean.Eventually I wrote her a very nice email expressing how sexy she was but there is one small problem, which I'm sure is very easy to deal with, also with a link to a site which suggests real common practices (that every girl HAS to know, washing regularly, using wipes, etc.)She was very offended and broke off. Too bad, I'll find many more but I really wanted to stay with her and help (her, but me too).Its a very trickky subject and I think if basic knowledge is lacking for the girl, there is no alternative to end the relationship...

How do I tell my friend her house smells bad?

If it’s a friend, I’d ask my friends straight out “What the hell is that smell?” If they don’t smell it than possibly they are either immune to it, or make sure it’s not coming from you. This may sound odd but it’s possible to have a sinus infection or an impacted tooth etc. that is actually subtly permeating your sense of smell. Your own bad breath can throw you off.Was this a one time thing? If so, who cares. If it’s a common occurrence and they don’t acknowledge it, then just tell them nicely there is something foul in your home. Although it would be hard to mistaken for a pungent bowel movement, make sure it’s not a dead body.

My girlfriends's vagina smells bad, What can I do to tell her about this?

You: Hey. I have something to tell you. It’s a bit of a sensitive topic but I mean no offense. Absolutely no offense. So please be understanding. (*takes a deep breath*) Okay, so, you know our private areas are very intricate organs. There’s a lot of secretion and stuff. Last time, to be completely honest, because I don’t want to lie to you, I was a bit put off by the smell. Then I checked mine, and it smelled not quite nice either. I seriously had no idea because you know it’s down there and you don’t normally get to sniff yours. You know our noses are far up here. (*gestures*) So now I’m putting extra care in keeping mine cleaner. Then I thought about you, and I realized it is harder for women to keep theirs cleaner. So I bought this for you. (*holds out the vaginal douche he bought on Amazon*) Oh my God, I hope you are not offended. It took me a lot of courage to break this to you. (*covers his face with his hands and stays silent*)Girlfriend: Did someone write that for you?You: Yes.

How do I know if I smell bad?

If you have a good nose (you will know if you can smell things that other people report smelling, and maybe things they can't), then smell your clothes after you take them off. If you have a bad nose (you can't smell things that others report smelling), then you have to rely on other people's opinions and behaviors toward you.Do they complain about your smell directly, or indirectly by making comments or queries about how long its been since you've changed your clothes or showered? If they don't, then chances are you smell bad anyway. Humans stink, which is why it’s important to shower at least once a day.Whether your nose is good or bad, be aware of how others react to your presence. Try to keep clean and keep your distance from others and from me.Hope this helps.

How do you know if you smell bad.?

You shouldn't smell bad if your taking a shower everyday trust me. Just make sure you wash good and don't use a ton of perfume because it can give people headaches. A good way to have a longer lasting good smell is try using the same scent for everything. Like have lotion, body wash, perfume, or body spray in all the same scent. Bath and body works, victoria's secret, and walmart are places where you can get everything in the same scent. If you want your clothes to smell good do the same with liquid fabric softener, dryer sheets, and detergent ; have them all in the same scent. wear deodarant! and that will make you feel better. wash your hair good and just do things you know will make you feel better. get a dryer sheet and wipe it all over your clothes if you want to smell really good lol I know people that are the same way, I don't want to smell bad either or think I do.

What is a papaya supposed to smell like? How can you tell if it is bad?

Here is an image of a papaya that I havenow at my house.Here it is on the inside:You asked what does it taste like? I will tell you later. How do you pick papaya in the market?First of all, the papaya above was bought 3 days ago, it sat for 3 days before it was cut to serve.When bought, it had the same texture and color you see but now when I hold it in my hand and slide my thumb over the skin with a slight downward pressure, it should feel spongy and gives a little.All papayas are picked unripe off the tree as with bananas.3 days later, we have a wonderful fruit that is extremely healthy and tastes great.It is not for everyone, though.It tastes like the flesh of a peach or a mango but with flavor all of its own. The bite feel is similar to cantalope but again with its own taste. Try one and decide if you like it or not. Google the wonderful health benefits of papaya.But for the smell, it has the same notes as apricot nectar and you can tell if it went bad if it gives too much when pressed as mentioned above plus you can smell it going bad without even tasting it.

I can't tell if my vagina stinks bad or if its just the normal smell?

Number 1...when in doubt with anything coming from your vagina see a Gyno.!! They look at hundreds of women and believe me it takes a LOT to find something shocking to them. If your uncomfortable with a man find a woman. Normal discharge is clear to a milky color and in smaller amounts and it shouldn't have any odor to it.When vaginal secretions become ABNORMAL symptoms are as follows:EXCESSIVE vaginal discharge,color changes such as yellow or greenish tinged,odor,itching,irritation,burning or soreness of vulva and vagina.Yes, there is a normal smell to a woman but you shouldn't be able to smell it as you do.

You can have excessive vaginal discharge with no odor but it is still an abnormal finding and should be checked. It sounds as though you could possibly have a yeast infection though and to be sure ,especially if you really don't have any other symptoms like itching, you need to get it checked. Don't be embarrassed!

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My raw scallops smell. Is?

When in doubt, throw them OUT!!