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How Do I Tell My Favorite Teacher I Cut Without Telling The Guidance Counsoler

How can i get a hug from my favourite teacher?

Okay, my favourite teacher is a science teacher, shes funny, kind, pretty, helpful and young. Sometimes i cry in class (for depression reasons) and i get hugs of friends (boys and girls) but my teacher just smiles at me. I like it when she smiles becuase it makes me feel happy. But it doesn't stop tears running from my eyes. Sometimes she looks like shes going to cry too, and i really want to give her a hug. In 5th and 6th grade. i ALWAYS hugged my teachers even if i didnt like them xD.
And today i was getting my book from under my other stuff and i was sat at my desk and she was stood right next to me and i notice her look at my arm and i thought 'oh god'. She didn't say anything. Probly becuase she didn't want me to end up in tears, But then later on in the lesson i got a really low score and people teased me about it and i felt rubbish and no good and i cut my arm. Another friend (boy) saw me do it but i think the teacher did too. When i went and asked for homework after school (Yeah i know, im not normal) she was a little shy around me, and i just want her to know i wasn't getting upset becuase of her, becuase when i held the door open for her, she tried to not come too close, how do i tell/show her i wasnt upset because of her.
Thanks for ALL answers.

I think my favorite teacher might know im suicidal( thoughts) and depressed? ?

Im 12 and in the 7th grade and I have been having a lot of problems at home and I think about killing myself A LOT. On Monday I talked to my favorite teacher and told her whats going on. On Wednesday I went to tell my Science Teacher who leads my Science Olympiad team that I had to quit the team because I cant take the stress and I had a breakdown in front of my 2 best friends and him and he took me into my favorite teachers room and I started crying in front of him and my fave teacher and I don't what my science teacher to know. On Thursday I asked my fave teacher if she told my science teacher( I asked my fave teacher not to tell any one about whats going on) She said no

but what Im asking is what should I tell my friends they saw my breakdown and have been asking questions the last few days and I don't want to tell them the truth what should I tell them??? Should I say anything to my fave teacher and or science teacher??? Im i suicidal if I just have suicidal thoughts?? I don't want my teacher to know im depressed at least I don't think I do please help me im so confused

When I was talking to my fave teacher she told me some things so that i would know she wasn't gonna tell anyone but I think she might have told my science teacher. She told me that she might be pregnant and that her brother and sister where both suicidal

My teacher invited me in his house ..?

The posters who think this is unprofessional behavior simply have a sick view of modern education.

My first impression is that the teacher cares. This is good, and if you want to seek his help/guidance, then go for it. He is offering his time, instead of blowing you off to another person to deal with you.

However, if he tries to have sex.... different story.

Have you been reported for self-harm by a teacher in high school? What happened, and did your parents find out?

My tennis coach saw that my wrists had cuts on it, and asif it wasnt scary enough my blade decided to fall out of my pocket…. He asked me to hand it over but I obviously didnt, so that smart ass decided to ask one of my friends to take it out of my pocket and hand it over to him. He got his way,and i was in deep shait. The next lesson i was in sciene and my learning mentor and my head of year pulled me out . She (learning mentor) insisted i show her my wrists, and she also took out my blade and showed it to me. My heart had never beat faster. I was so scared that my parents would find out. She saw the panick on my face and said she would tell my parents if i went with her and told her whats going on. I told her everything that was going on , and to make the story short she organised me with a school councillor who i had to check up with once a week. They also checked my wrists at random times and once they caught me with cut up wrists multiple times they didn’t hesitate to call my parents �� quick tip, if you are worried of getting caught dont cut. I know its not that simple , but when ever i feel like cutting myself , i think “what if i get caught, is it worth the extra drama, which would cause me to self harm even more”… instead of cutting i usually snap a rubber band on my wrists, punch walls or punch my head. BUT PLEASE, get some help… noone will judge you for looking after your own health.There are loads of resources , please get help before you hurt yourself irevarsably.

How do I tell my brother that I'm cutting myself?

I'm a 13 year old girl my family been through a lot this past year I lost both of my grandparents from each side my parents are going through a divorce my dad just moved out so I am living with my mom and my older brother hes 16 and has always been there for me. We are close I tell my brother everything and he tells me everything. I like I could talk to him he always have time for me. Well recently I been cutting myself I usually go to the bathroom and slit my wrist with a razor. Sometimes I slit it so hard that im bleeding and screaming in pain this is when nobody is home. I wear long sleeves so no one would notice the cuts on my arms. Sometimes it feels good when i do it i just get the statisfaction of hurting myself I dont know why. I cant tell my mom cause shell freak out my brother is the only one could I can actually talk to hes always there when i need advice hes very sweet to me but i am afraid he may get angry at me or freak out also please help.

Has a teacher ever caught you self-harming?

One did but only a few minutes after the event itself happened.I won’t go into detail on what happened before it or why I did it. It’s not important and it’s embarrassing. All I’ll say was that I was in pain and doing it felt like morphine. It’s similar to when you are hurt and you bite your finger to relieve your pain.I went to the bathroom to do it. I did it by scratching my wrists. But this one day I was so upset I drew some blood. It stung. I figured that if I took too long she would get worried so I went back to class. But the pain on my arm was so severe I was clutching it. She noticed right away I was somehow hurt and demanded to know what happened. I showed her my wrists, seeing there was no escape, and she found out immediately what happened.She told my counselor who then told my principal who then told my mother. My deepest conversation was with the teacher herself, who was worried about me. My mom did demand me to talk to her about it, but I didn’t want to. I do love her and know she wants to help, but she never understands me enough for that. My principal basically just told me that I am loved and that I shouldn’t do that to myself and apologized for telling my mom without my consent (grandly he didn’t tell my dad). My counselor was worried as well and I did have a brief conversation with her about it.