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How Do I Turn My Hair From Brown To Blond

Why does blond hair turn brown?

When they are young, the pigment melanin is still being produced and hasn't reached its peak. So as they grow old, with more and more melanin, their hair becomes darker. This doesn't happen to everyone, it has to do with genetics too.

Why is my blonde hair turning brown?

Soo I have naturally gold-ish light blonde hair but I noticed its getting less bright and kind of darker. I noticed today when brushing it, i have like dark dirty blond streaks in it now.. My mom used to have light blonde hair but now it is dark brown, same with my dad but he has a lighter brown (I take after my dad) It goes lighter in the summer but idk if its cause i havent been in the sun..But is it gonna turn brown?

My hair is dark brown. How can I turn it light blonde?

There is a really affordable product called "sun in" and it's basically just a spray that you put on your hair when you go outside during the summer, or during any sunny days. I did this last summer and achieved a pretty light color. It won't be COMPLETELY blonde, but you can get there.I also suggest getting highlights. If you get highlights multiple times for about a year, you will reach the blonde you want. You can even get highlights and add Sun-In to it for that extra blonde. Hope I helped!

Why is the chlorine turning my brown hair blonde?

Okay, that question seemed kinda confusing...So, I have naturally brown hair, and I go swimming a lot. And now I've noticed that the first couple inches of my hair have turned blonde! I think it's from the chlorine in the pool, but I've never heard of this happening. Usually it's blonde hair turning green...I even cut the blonde parts off, but they just came back (which may have been from swimming again). My hair was lighter as a child, but I don't think that's the issue. Is my hair turning this color because of discoloration of the chlorine? Please help!

Oh, yeah, and this has only been happening to the tips of my hair, which is really weird...

Why does blonde hair turn brown when it gets wet?

When your hair is dry it's not as dense as when it's wet. Your hair needs light to reflect the blond in it. (In the dark, your hair will look a lot darker too) This is why it looks brown when wet. My reddish/blond hair looks completely different when wet too!