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How Do I Write My Favorite Toy And Formal Theme For Grade 1

What are your favorite movies and why?

10 things i hate about you & A walk to rememberThese two movies i can watch like anytime it takes you into a beautiful start of a love story .2. Night CrawlerAn awesome thriller and best negotiation skills showed . a must watch for a management student or lover .3. Up in the airLovely movie teaching life lessons , i love the song “Help Yourself” . The movie relates in all possible ways .(the song )4. ExamOne simple question , one simple answer , one movie to give you simple solution .5. The Shawshank RedemptionAnother thriller and inspirational movie teaching you to not loose hope .6. Victor FrankensteinIf you love science , do watch this another lovely thriller .7. What ifAmazing love story and lovely dialogues .8 . The Maze RunnerAnother science fiction and a thriller . I read the book first which was amazing plus the movie was worth watching .9. Before seriesFantastic love series , it has three parts the actors have actually grown that old for 9 years of gap and more for each of the part to be coming out in a realistic manner .10. InceptionI don’t think it needs an explanation :)11. Into the wildI guess this too does not , movie teaching you to live .12 . little ManhattanLight heart movie , a kids love story , a to be divorce parents and lot more .13 . The imitation Game & Dr. StrangeBecause I love Benedict Cumberbatch

What's your favorite room in your home and why?

The bedroom is my favourite room in my house. The Bedroom is the place where I can spend some time with my own and I can think about myself and can recognize me. In my bedroom I can feel relaxed and fresh.My bedroom is a very special place for me and that's why I love to decorate it. I decorate my bedroom with my favourite home decor products. I like wall hanging tapestry for giving my bedroom's wall a traditional look. I always use designer bed covers, pillow covers, cushion covers, mandala curtains for decorating my bedroom. These products add a warm feel to my bedroom. I love nature very much. I kept some potted plants in my bedroom so that I can feel the touch of nature. I love to decorate my bedroom with family photo frames, because whenever I see my family photographs, they can help me to remember all the sweet memories which I spend with my family.My bedroom is my dream room and that's the reason I always want to decorate my bedroom as appealing and inviting manner. When I enter my bedroom I feel like I am in heaven. I love my bedroom, but that doesn't mean that I don't love my house, I love my house and also love to spend some time with my family as well.

How can you introduce and describe your favorite teacher?

A lot of teachers come to my mind when I think of teachers whom I like.The one who stands distinctly out as the most favorite will be my chemistry teacher during my high school.He was indeed an exceptional teacher in every aspect that I could think off.His knowledge about the subject is very good and he takes pains to give his best and make each and every student is able to understand the concept.His way of taking classes was a lot different than the others as he used to relate a lot with the current examples and had a great sense of humor.This made his classes interactive as well as useful.This was that many teachers would do.Now why do I mention him as exceptional. We were doing our 11th and 12th standards when the pressure to perform well in exams was a way too much for students of that age could handle.This was when he took pains and was able to absorb the pressure from the students and kept motivating us.And yes i would like to proudly quote his name is Mr Ganesh my all time favorite teacher :)Thanks a lot for opportunity to answer :)

What is your favorite genre of music?

I’m a very ecletic person when it comes to music, though I do have a favorite genre that flows in my mind: Progressive Rock.Ever since I was little I was introduced to the classic rock scene, from the 70s to the mid 90s, by my dad. He loved (and still does) all kinds of rock bands, from the likes of Scorpions, The Who, Iron Maiden, Green Day, Nirvana, and on and on and on.I liked listening to music from time to time, but it wasn’t until when I was 14 that a spark lit inside me and made music a very core part of who I am. I was at a cousin’s house playing Guitar Hero II, which I didn’t have yet, and as we were browsing the songs, I saw one with a funny name, “YYZ”. I asked him to have us play that, and as we were playing I was blown away by it. I first found it strange that there were no vocals - it was my first time hearing a rock instrumental song - and by the end of the song I had realized that there really was no need for words. Then I wanted to hear more songs by that band, to know what they played and see if they had anything cool.This was 9 years ago, and the story of how I was introduced to the Canadian group Rush. To this day they are still my favorite band in the whole world, for having gotten to know their work opened many, many doors in music to me. It was with them that I learned to like listening to discographies of bands for hours on end, doing nothing else but enjoying the music, the lyrics, the elements and the feelings - and prog rock bands excel in doing this. They have the ability of setting many different moods, to not be constrained by the standard rock instruments (guitars, bass and drums - with the occasional keyboard), and this taught me a lot musically. There was also the lyrics aspect, and my writing abilities were greatly boosted by this.After I was done with listening to pretty much everything they had, I wanted more, and there was a world beyond that to explore. Then I got to know a lot of bands over the years, most of them unheard of, of the likes of Magic Pie, Transatlantic, Ayreon, Dream Theater (maybe one of the most known names on this list), The Flower Kings, Echolyn, Haken, Spock’s Beard, Soul Secret, DeeExpus Project, Porcupine Tree, Jethro Tull, ELP (Both Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Emerson, Lake & Powell), Avantasia, Comedy of Errors, Big Big Train and the list goes on. And these are just some bands of this particular genre, I could mention about a thousand bands of all genres I know and like.

What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

Lilo and Stitch.It’s not your typical kind of Disney movie. Lilo and Nani are not “princesses.” (I hate all of the princess shit Disney had been promoting for the past 40 years. I don’t see how winning a birth lottery is something girls should aspire to.) They’re minorities, they come from an underprivileged family. Nani’s struggle with supporting the family while taking care of her little sister feels authentic. And the family, which indeed gets better at the end of the movie, doesn’t become super rich. The girls don’t discover some ridiculous treasure or uncover long lost famous/rich parents who solve all their problems. It’s still a broken family of two sisters trying to make a life for themselves.It’s about family and friendship and the movie didn’t make romance or “true love” the theme of the movie. Nani had a boyfriend, but their relationship was never the focus of the movie. There’s no Prince Charming or dashing rogue coming to rescue.And considering it came out back in 2002, it’s pretty refreshing. We have to wait for another 15 years for a minority girl featured in a Disney movie who didn’t end up with some Prince Charming.On top of all that, the movie was gorgeous. It is the last watercolor animation feature film Disney made. The Hawaiian environment is beautifully rendered, with a full panel of watercolor background.They don’t make movies like that anymore. After all, Disney has focused on their 3D Pixar production.