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How Do People Pick Out Vinyls While Shopping

What is the best way to choose vinyl fence suppliers?

Before Quora happened, I would have suggested that you should search on the internet. But since we have Quora, you can get customer experience and opinions listed without a hassle. I saw your question and I know that company that has the best vinyl supplies. That’s Vinyl Craft.The best way to choose vinyl fence suppliers is to search them online. At least that’s what I did a few years ago. Believe me, you will find hundreds and thousands of results in your area or country. Once that’s done, you might to want to narrow the sites based on your requirements, as not all fence companies will provide vinyl products and not all those who do will have a high quality product. After that, it would be great to check prices for the quantity, quality and style that you seek to buy. That way, you will find the best supplier for your needs.However, merely looking at photographs won’t help you assess the quality of products. You need to know how real people or buyers felt when they purchased a particular item. And I think, I can help you in this regard. See, I have been buying vinyl fences for years and I do think that Vinyl Craft is the best. So, go ahead.

Why would people still buy vinyl opposed to streaming or downloading it online?

Consider Vinyl as being somewhat akin to the slow food movement, except for music.If you have a Spotify account, smartphone, and a pair of bluetooth headphones, you can listen to whatever you want, wherever you want, while you’re doing pretty much anything. Ultimate convenience.Yet paradoxically, you are at risk of having less of a connection with the music you’re listening to, precisely because of all that convenience. It reduces the music to a commodity, and the curated playlists take away the effort of seeking out new music and getting to know what you’re listening to.Contrast with vinyl. The format of it means that you’re in one place while listening to it, and you’re likely actively listening rather than just passively having music on while you do something else. So you are giving the music more attention. Also the physical nature of a vinyl LP means you are not playing a playlist, one song from this artist, one song from another. You get to know the album.This connects you with the music better than the streaming experience.Also you have the sleeve and artwork in your hands. And it’s in a large format, even better than a CD booklet. You can read the lyrics, look at the photos, and immerse yourself in the music.Plus a vinyl is something tangible to have in your collection. A shelf of vinyl LPs that you’ve lovingly built up over the years is way more satisfying than a bunch of playlists in Spotify.And finally, some people prefer the sound of vinyl. The surface noise, clicks and pops and so on adding something to the aesthetic enjoyment of the sound, in a similar way that an instagram filter makes a photo more pleasing even if it’s adding distortion.

Music sound quality, headphones, & vinyl?

I have two related questions:

1. Do you care about the sound quality of your music?

I personally have ears that just will never hear all the sounds of a high quality lossless audio. However as an artist I feel that out of respect to an art form I cherish and the artist who create it I want the highest quality possible because they created something and who wants 30% of a piece of music (mp3s at 320 BPMs are about 30% of 1170 BPM CD). It is like getting 30% of a meal or of the Mona Lisa. And I just find that insulting.

2. Why do you think there is an increase in mainstream ignorance towards the decline technical arts side of music, mainly with regards to production/post production and dynamic range?

I don't know but often I see people, mainly my age (30s) and younger with fancy headphones listenng to shitty MP3 sound quality. LOL! You may as well buy your earfuckers at Target for 3 bucks, if you're going to listen to MP3 quality. And the new vinyl craze is all gimmick? Do these people not know that new vinyl is being produced with MP3 sound quality what a joke. I saw some kids at Hot Topic buying vinyl for $20 bucks and thought you could buy some great vinyl with great sound at any used record store for under 5 bucks, but it would be "old" music.

Do you have a turntable for listening to vinyl records? Why did you choose to listen to records and how easy are they to find?

I do have a turntable, a Project Carbon which I bought about 3 years ago. I was without a turntable for 10 years but really missed owning one and still picked up the odd second hand item from thrift shops. I still had all my vinyl from the 80/90s boxed and was never going to part with it. I noticed new vinyl becoming more prominent and eventually could not resist the great Drive soundtrack on pink vinyl from Urban Outfitters. That opened the floodgates and I was a vinyl buyer again. I do pick up some new stuff and some reissues but I mainly look to fill gaps in my collection with original presses. Collecting is now easy with physical stores and online retailers a plenty, of course you have eBay and Discogs for harder to find items but watch the prices!

How to get rid of plastic smell from new shower curtain liner?

You can't unfortunately.

These types of plastic shower curtains are made from vinyl (PVC, essentially) which in its pure state is a very stiff, rigid plastic. In order to make the material softer, so that it moves like a normal curtain, the vinyl incorporates a "plasticiser" which is a liquid that sits between the plastic molecules thereby creating a looser, softer stucture.

Vinyl itself has no odour, what you can smell is the plasticiser, and since it will always be present in the vinyl there is nothing much you can do about it. Generally speaking, lower cost vinyls tend to incorporate lower priced (and more unpleasant smelling) plasticisers.