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How Do U Hide A Dead Body

Where can i hide a dead body?

I hate my Math teacher, thanks to him, i had to do 4th grade twice, so in 3 days i will go to his house shoot him in the heart, and then in te D1ck, but i want to know where i can hide the body, i dont want to go to the jail, but that mother focker deserves to die, i was thinking that i can hide it in my closest, but people will feel the smell, or maybe in my car, please i were can i hide it (my teacher is really fat)

How can I hide a dead body?

What I’d do is get some kind of net or mesh that’s reasonably strong as well a reasonably fine, but not fine enough to create too much drag in water or hold air bubbles.Then wrap the dead body in the mesh, along with some kind of weight. Then drop it in any nearby river that’s deep enough or muddy enough that you can’t see and preferably can’t reach the bottom.Obviously a river is a good place to hide a body because it decays faster, but as a body decays it produces gases, and this can lead to bodies floating to the surface after a while if they’re simply dropped in, which is why you need a net and weight.On another note, a dead body can’t be found if there’s no one alive left to find it ;)

What is the best place to hide a dead body?

Any number of locations. Since you have between 5 minutes and never before the police discover that someone has been killed,, you will have ample amounts of time to dispose of the remains before they are discovered.Some thoughts:The septic tank of an abandoned property.Almost anywhere at a closed refinery (most refineries will never be torn down due to the massive remediation costs involved when they are. Find a good hiding spot there and place the body in the open or bury it)Numerous quarries are around and most are filled with water. If you ensure that the body will not float to the surface, they are often great disposal locations. Inside the wall of a home or building - If the body is allowed to desiccate (mummify) then there will be little or no odor. Simply open a wall,insert the body and replaster or drywall it and paint over it.Underneath an area to be used as a pen or feed lot for domesticated animals. The weight of the animals, plus their manure and the straw placed down to control it will form its own "cap" over the burial site.In plain sight - The roof of tall abandoned building (hidden from overhead viewing) , an open area in a remote part of the country (after staying there for 2-3 days to see if anyone comes along), or in a storm drain along a lightly used state or county road.Inside the trunk of a vehicle in a salvage yard. Make certain that the vehicle is a rather common model, but is in generally poor condition.A environmental ghost town - A town or area abandoned due to severe pollution or radiological concerns.If you have access to a private airplane and you live near an ocean, take the body out to sea, several hundred miles and dump it. Unless it is caught by a storm or current, animal predation and decay will take care of it within several days.Dig a narrow, but deep trench or hole and vertical bury the body. It won't look like a normal grave and it covers only a few square feet or meters at the most, Since the area disturbed will not resemble a hole or trench it is unlikely that it will ever be discovered.

How does the mafia hide dead bodies?

There are many ways organized criminals make a corpse dance the Houdini. The Westies in NYC cut the bodies into pieces, wrapped them in garbage bags and dropped them into Spitendivel where the Hudson meets the Harlem River. Crime families with funeral parlors on the payroll use double body coffins. The Nevada desert holds many secrets. Dirt cellars graves are very hard to unearth. The answer to this question is as broad as the imagination and determination of the gangsters in question.

Sometimes I dream that I am hiding a dead body.?

maybe it's a sign of moving on. you're trying to get rid of this person (or something) from your life and you're trying as hard as you can to forget about them.

Usually when someone dreams about shouldn't take it you're going to be some sort of serial killer or something .death means you (or someone else) is changing. so it means that you're changing and trying to move on...

hope i helped/

What does a dream about hiding a dead body mean?

I have been having dreams about dead people lately. In my dreams, I'm never the killer, but it's always someone else in my dream who either killed the person and buried or hid the body themselves. And it's a different person every time, and always someone I invented in my dream. In all of the dreams, I'm present, but have no control of the situation, and feel scared of getting caught, feeling guilty as if I were the killer, or accomplice, even though I had no control. I always try to get away at the end of the dream, not out of feeling scared that I will be killed, but just trying to get out of the situation, and I almost always steal the car of the killer and will be driving aimlessly in the dark. The dream always ends with me driving aimlessly, never with any resolve, and always alone. What do you think it means?