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How Do U Respond This

How do u respond to answers on yahoo answers?

1. Add extra details to you question. (do not let it look like chat )
2. See if the user has Messenger, email or 360 available to be used.
3. Click on their avatar to have a look.
4. After a question has closed you can add a comment in the comments box. (few people check there though.
5. When you select the best answer you can add a comment at the end, and rate it with the green stars.

How do u respond this>>what do you live up there?

It's quite incomprehensible,however, it may be a question to know the person's well being at that place.
The probable response should be- "I'm fine there."


How do I respond to a dick pic?

It would have helped if you gave a little background on your sex life lol. But anyway I'd just tell him that' you dont think of those type of pictures in the same way that guys do when they get nude pics.
Also if you really like this guy I would tell you not to think much of it. That is a part of him, and if you guys end up dating longer, that will be a part of him that you will see, so just basically tell him, "I like what that does/can do to me but I don't have any reason or need to stare at a picture of it."
P.S. have you ever heard the saying, "Guys are visual, girls are emotional.." Guys get off by visual images and girls are a lot more emotional, so a nudey pic for a guy is different than it is for girl. But we guys (myself included) have a hard time grasping this. We are just wired differently. If you like this guy than you just need to communicate that to him, but be nice about it to.

How do u respond to questions on this website?

you click on the question and it will take you to a page that has the question in a large font with additional details underneath. There will be a blue button that says "answer" (or something similar) underneath the text. You click on that button and then type your answer into the text box and press submit at the bottom of the page

How to u respond to a answer on yahoo answers?

How to reply to answers. There are 3 ways you can do so.

1. Wait 4 hours after posting the question ( if you don’t have an answer within 4 hours, go back to the question later), then go back to the question by mousing over My Activity, then click My Q&A. Click Questions. Choose the question you want. Read each answer carefully. You can only choose 1 best answer. Click Choose as Best Answer under the answer you want to choose. Then choose the rating 1-5 with 5 being the best. Then write how you think of the question. Now you have got 3 points for choosing best answer.

2. You can Add Details. To do this, go to the question page, mouse over the pencil icon in the toolbar below your question, and click "Add Details". Type in any extra supporting information for your question, and click "Submit". Just be careful that it is not reported for Chatting.

3. Go to the users profile by clicking their user name. If they allow email, email them. Make sure you have email enabled so they can reply.

Ladies, how do you respond to a LOVE note?? plz help!!!?

You informed her the form you sense. Now the ball is in her courtroom. the two she would be in a position of respond to you and be receptive to you, or she would be in a position of respond and allow you to recognize she would not sense the comparable, or she would be in a position of not respond in any respect. with any luck it is between the 1st 2, that way you recognize she replaced into considerate sufficient to allow you to recognize how she feels. reliable for you for telling her the form you sense. extremely some human beings shop emotions interior and spend their entire lives questioning WHAT IF.

If a girl slips a note that says i like u how do u respond!?

you need to make up your mind whether you like her back or not. then respond accordingly. if you don't just tell her face to face, say something like "i'm really flattered that you like me and you are a really nice girl but for now can we just stay friends and maybe think about moving onto something more serious later?" (Let her down gently) One more thing - If she is serious about it all she'll probably appreciate you not telling the whole world that she likes you. just try and keep it between you two not the rest of the school. good luck

When a guy compliments you, how do u respond?

i want to hear something to the effect of "OH!!! you noticed :)"

i usually get this when i just by a shear stroke of luck look at her finger nails and see that the paint isnt chiped and ask her how the nail ladies were and if they were still gossiping about me :P


i notice her hair is all a mess, and ill say something like "hey gorgeous!!! did you know your sexy with messy hair, then ill play like im messing up my hair and ill say "see my hairs all messed up too, now we match (i shave my head, so she usually gets a good laugh from it)" :P this ones more of a sweet thing to say then a compliment but for me i dont usually say it unless she is sexy looking with messy hair since she usually knows what she looks like with messy hair lol