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How Do We Find A Detention Center In Or Around Centerville Tn

How long will mail take to arrive if it was sent out on Monday from Kansas?

Arrive where? When was it sent? What time of day? Where in Kansas? How was it sent?All these factors affect delivery time. And even if all are known, most of the time it’s impossible to say exactly when a piece of mail will arrive. The post office strives to deliver regular mail within 2–3 days. But many factors can delay (or speed) that time. Unless you are paying (a lot, by the way) for guaranteed delivery, you’re just not going to be able to calculate an exact delivery date.I wish people would stop asking questions like this. You’d think by now they’d have figured it out that it’s just not predictable.

How long does it take mail to come from Austin Texas to Houston Tx?

Depending on whether you mail it from the post office or a drop box it will take 2 to 3 business days. If you get it to the post office it should be scanned and shipped that day but if you put it in a drop box it has to be picked up, then delivered to the post office, then sorted and scanned. This could delay your mail from getting there. If you count that physical day then it could take up to 3 days. Also, Houston is a city of 6 million people, so sorting and getting the mail out to different parts of the city or county is also a timely process. Although it is only 165 miles between cities, the process is quite complicated. In Texas if you drop the mail off after 5 pm at one of these USPS drop boxes then you can add another day to your delivery time since most of the time they only pick the mail up once a day at 5pm. Best practice is to drop any mail you have off before 5 pm to insure a 2 to 3 day delivery time.

How long does it take for regular mail to send from Minnesota to Texas on an average schedule?

Please don’t ask this question on Quora. Check with your local Post Office or check at There are numerous factors about where you live in Minnesota, what time you mailed it and from what location, where in Texas it is going (it is a very large state. Personally, as someone with 40 years of experience in the USPS, I would have to talk to you to get more information in order to answer this type of question. Check the answers already given on these types of questions and you’ll find there is a range because they don’t have enough information to give you any specific answer. Again, check with your local Post Office.

How long does it take mail to get from California to Maryland?

Here is the website you can look it up on:

How much is in an 8-ball of meth?

What do you mean by “how much?”You talking price or weight? Be more specific and you'll get better answers but I'll tell you what I know and how it is around where I'm at.Weight = 3.50g is what a ball weighs.Which also means…(half of a 1/4oz = 7g) or (2 teaners @ 1.75g each)When you go out to go buy a ball of meth...Street Price = $70- $120:If you get a ball for $80 then you got the average deal, sometimes they hook it up for $70 on a good day maybe lower but it's not like that most the time. Good price on a ball is $80, but sometimes you can't get one for that cheap. People usually sell them for $100 each if it has to go through a middle-man or if it's some random that you don't have much business with that just wants to get a bag and get high. I've seen people charge up to $120 and people buy it up but doesn't and shouldn't go higher than that really.I would never pay that much for a ball but shit happens in the drug world and sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and pay more for your dope when your dude is out or if you gotta go through someone you don't like or whatever.Price ranges varry in every town and city of the country basically but you can always count on your ball of meth weighing in at 3. 5 grams and costing somewhere within the range I said above

How long does it take for normal mail to reach another city in Washington from washington?

The mail between major places or places along major routes is remarkably quick and likely to be delivered in 1 or 2 days. Mail between small towns that are off the beaten path may be routed away and come back.I don’t know the details of how this item would travel, but let’s hypothesize two letters sent from Chelan. One goes to Spokane (150 miles) and the other to Stehekin (40 miles). I guarantee that there is faster service for the item to Spokane since that is a bigger city and maybe even a sorting center. Probably it’s delivered the next day. The letter to Stehekin at minimum goes to Wenatchee and comes back. It might even go to Spokane and then has to wind its way back to Chelan and eventually Stehekin.So “normal” mail from Bellingham to Pasco will rarely be more than a couple of days. What’s normal though? “Normal” mail from Endicott to Conconully could be most of a week even though the distance is far shorter.

How long does it take for regular mail to get from Scranton, PA to Ellenburg Center, NY, 12934?

The USPS has contracted with an independent 3rd party firm to measure and report on their performance. For single-piece, first class mail, they target 96% delivery in the same area where mailed within 2 days, and within 3–5 days anywhere in the nation outside the local area.