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How Do You Cope With A Rage That Causes You To Go Into A Blind Fury When I Get Angry Everything

Salvaging A Gentle Giant?

Honestly, it sounds like you're doing everything right with him. Just be patient and give him lots of love. He'll become less hand shy and less terrified after he realizes that nobody is going to hurt him. Just be patient and loving towards him. Time will be the best healer.

If you want to you can carry dog treats around with you whenever you're in the house. When he's in his corner just give him a quick treat and praise. Eventually just remove the treat, and give him praise. He'll realize his corner is his "safe" area and he gets random treats/praise just for being in his spot.

This may sound silly, but how deaf is he? If you wear bells around the house so you're not "sneaking up on him" will that help him realize you're there and be less scared because of it? The problem, however, would be having your housemates do the same thing.

If that won't work, maybe you could wear a scent that he'll recognize as you (i.e. his special person)? Something strong that he can smell from across the room? Maybe a scarf with a strong smell or something?

I wish you the best of luck. He's lucky to have such an understanding, knowledgeable, and loving owner.

Why are muslims so sensitive when there religion is criticized?

♪♣ Đǐvǐήέ Яάў ♣♪: A person born in non-muslim family is automatically labeled Kafir by muslim. Why?

You yourself told that MOST muslims are terrorists or atleast extremists so what does this shows? Islam is a religion which teaches terrorism. Non-muslim terrorists don't give everyday surprise or gift of Bomb blast in my city.

There is freedom of speech, allowed by every religion except Islam. In Shariah (Islamic Law) only muslims are allowed to witness in court and everyone who leaves Islam, either born or converted is ordered to be killed by every muslim (I can show proof if you want)

I agree eastern muslims are crazy, they have more blind faith (Here I mean accepting without research) then me. I always have research, I was not brain washed to be atheist by my parents. I choose to be.

You said you are not terrorist but I say you are also not following Islam (Book and kill thing) Most muslim are gonna send me to hell for this plus and no ignorance involved as I was extreme muslim.

Scorpio's or anybody with anger problems, how do you deal with it?

- Sometimes a persons anger can be caused and developed by the frustration within the household they live in. Or just by hearing your family members argue and scream all the time can affect you.

Me, I'm a pretty peaceful person. But I'm also real sensitive, and it's like when someone gets me angry (which isn't often)I don't do much speaking. I become pretty COLD and rude, and i do the silent treatment alot, and i'm just this ugly souled person. Lol..But naw...
i'm learning how to handle situations differently by talking about things, and listening to what people have to say and getting a better understanding of what made me angry,because i noticed how i would just walk around holding all this anger inside not communicating with anyone letting it all build up inside...which isn't good.
Also, i try not to stress over frivolous things, and just worry about things that i need to be worry about...and being more positive.