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How Do You Delete Your Account With The Inter Net

How do you delete your yahoo account?

To delete your yahoo account click this link.
Your yahoo account comes as a package and you can only delete the whole package that includes the following:

* Yahoo answers. (Your questions and answers will remain).
* Flickr.
* Yahoo Mail.
* Yahoo notepad.
* My Yahoo.
* Any other yahoo program that needs your Yahoo ID and password.

Once a yahoo account is deleted it and its contents cannot be recovered.
If you have more than one yahoo accounts check that only the account you want to delete is signed in.

This is a delete you yahoo account alternative. Leave the account dormant for 4 months and yahoo will automatically delete the account See link.

You need to follow this some few easy steps to Delete your Google+ Account-Sign in - Google Account.Go to the Google+ page.Click Settings on the left down corner of the page.Scroll down the page and Click Delete your Google+ Profile link.Now, Enter your Current Password and Click Next.Review the Data that will be deleted.After this, you will need to Check the Required box in order to proceedFinally, Click on the Delete.

First, you cannot simply delete your internet banking account online. Security reasons, they don't allow you to do so.To get your internet banking account deleted, go to your home branch. For some banks like ICICI, you can reach out to any of the nearest branch. There ask any official for the same and they'll give you a form to fill. Fill upthe form and submit. Rest is upto the bank.

How do I delete my Facebook account?

To deactivate Click Account>>Account Settings>>Click the Security tab on the far left>>Click the "Deactivate Your Account" option at bottom...

From Facebook Help:
"If you deactivate your account from your Account Settings page, your profile and all information associated with it disappears from the Facebook service immediately. People on Facebook will not be able to search for you or view any of your information.

In case you want to come back to Facebook at some point, we save your profile information (friends, photos, interests, etc.) so that your account will look just the way it did when you left. A lot of people deactivate their accounts for temporary reasons and expect their profiles to be there when they return to the service.

If you do not think you will use Facebook again and would like your account deleted, keep in mind that you will not be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the content or information you have added. If you would like your account permanently deleted with no option for recovery, log in to your account and then submit your request here. "

You can delete your account in two ways, one of the best ways to delete your account through a website is mentioned in this section.Follow the steps given below:Step1. Open your internet browser on your computer or your mobile phone and go to the URL“”Step2. Now, a “how we can help” screen will prompt, choose “product feedback” under the heading how we can help.Step3. Choose between iOS and Android on the select platform.Step4. Select “musically” under the heading “Which app do you have feedback on?”.Step5. Select “other” under the heading“What feature do you have feedback on?”.Step6. At last, enter your “email” address registered with the website.In the description, enter your honest reason for why do you want to leave musically.Step 7. Tap or click on the “submit” button.With the help of this method, you can delete your account through a website in these few steps.

Are you aware about the AOL service? AOL is one of the oldest email services in the world which was launched in the heydays of the Internet. AOL is popularly known as America online is one of those email service which becomes the Internet sensation after its launch. Currently it’s one of the earlier services in the world which has still remains the leading emailing service with more than million user base. The sheer reason behind the rise of this email reason is in unique experience it provides unique services to its customer over the course of time. But sometimes user do faces Problem while working on it, one of the common issue user faces is regarding resetting of the password, configuring of account setting, recovery of the password or deletion of AOL account. User can take the help through Aol Password Reset Number or follow these simple procedures to fix the problem on time.Go to the AOL website.And then click on the sign into the proper AOL username and password in order to login to make changes and subscription.Now Further click on the “ Manage My subscriptions “ link.Then wait for the subscription to get loaded for one minute and then click on the cancel subscription list underneath it.Now select the reason for cancellation of your account and make a most valid reason for cancellation of account.Then one will receive a message regarding cancellation of your web services.Aol will issue a warning that in case if you don’t login in your account for sometimes then sooner your account will be deactivated and deleted automatically.But even after following these simple procedure user could not able to delete the account or any other issue related to account such as resetting of the password or any other issue then user can take the help from through AOL password Reset number. They have a highly qualified technical expert team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to fix the issue on time. They work 24*7/365 days to make sure they listen to all their customer grievances and complaints.

How do you delete your yahoo e-mail account?

No sweat. details how to delete a Yahoo! account in their article.

1. Log in to the Yahoo! account you want to delete.

2. Go to

3. At the end you the article there is a link for "Visit the Terminating Your Yahoo! Account page ."

4. Click this link will bring you to the Yahoo! webpage to cancel your account.

5. Confirm you want to cancel the account. Finish.

"How to Close Your Yahoo! Mail Account" -- by (

Do you Yahoo! but no longer want to? Whether you want to close your Yahoo! Mail account because you move on, because it is an old account you check only very rarely or for any other reason, it is probably easier done than pondered.
What Closing a Yahoo! Mail Account Will Cost You

If you delete your Yahoo! Mail account, you also lose your Yahoo! GeoCities page, your My Yahoo! settings, your Hotjobs profile and other data in services belonging to the Yahoo! empire. If you are paying for any Yahoo! subscription services such as Yahoo! Mail Plus, it is probably best to cancel these first to avoid unexpected payments.

Also be aware that people will still be able to send messages to your closed Yahoo! Mail account for 90 days without getting a delivery error while you cannot log in to your account to see them. So make sure you tell all your friends and contacts when you are about to terminate your Yahoo! Mail account.
Close Your Yahoo! Mail Account

To close your Yahoo! Mail account:

* Visit the Terminating Your Yahoo! Account page .
* Type your password.
* Click Terminate this Account.

How do you delete your account on Facebook?


Make sure your Facebook account contains a contact e-mail address (such as Yahoo or Gmail).

Delete any college, high school, or work e-mail addresses listed in your Facebook account. Your contact e-mail should be the only address listed.

Deactivate your Facebook account. (Under Settings)

Register using an e-mail address other than your contact e-mail (a college, high school, or work e-mail is fine).

Once you are signed into your new Facebook account, add your contact e-mail address to the account. Open the link in the confirmation e-mail that has been sent. This step will wipe out your previous Facebook account, rendering it inaccessible.


To ensure Facebook has none of your vital information you should sign in delete all networks, photos, friends, inbox/outbox messages, contact info, and basically anything connecting you to the page.

Go to bottom of home page click on help which will lead you to help center.

At help center skip over the options and go to permanently delete. This should be number 3 on the list of help options; on a list on the right of the help center page.

Follow the steps which maybe... included you typing in your log in information such as email, password, and a captcha.

Do not log in for the next 14 days and it will be deleted completely. However, if you change your mind before the 14 days period, just log in and this will reactivate your account!

To speed up the process and if the above failed email Facebook directly at and request them to delete your account.

Wait to get an email response from Facebook confirming that your account has been permanently deleted. This should take a few days.

If you don't hear back from Facebook within a week, email them again at As well as and

Finally, attempt to log in to your account once you get an email from Facebook. If you're unable to log in and don't get a message asking you to reactivate your account, your Facebook account has been permanently deleted.

How do you delete your ancestry account?

Canceling a paid or trial subscription

1. Log in to your account on the Ancestry website
2. Click the My Account link in the upper right corner of the page
3. On the following page, locate the Subscription Options section on the right
4. Click the Cancel link within the Subscription Options section
5. Continue to follow the steps described online to complete the cancellation

You can delete the account that you set up with However, creates a Guest account for you identical to the one that you set up and you can not delete that account...any information that you put in your tree from things that you found in their databases or any thing that you copied from other users trees plus anything that you uploaded to Ancestry yourself all belongs to them now and you can't delete it. This is my understanding of how it works. You can't see the Ancestry Guest account unless you cancel your you never know it's there.