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How Do You Equip Items In Metro Last Light

What is the best class setup for good guns in Phantom Forces Roblox?

Assault ClassHoney BadgerReflex SightNone(as it is suppressed)Stubby or Folding grip(To reduce camera recoil)Green laserG36Reflex sightCompensator(To reduce horizontal recoil)Angled GripGreen LaserScout Class:MP7Coyote SightCompensatorLaserGreen laserSupport Class:Scar HamrReflex SightCompensatorAngled GripGreen LaserMG36Comp AimpointCompensatorAngled GripGreen LaserRecon Class:Intervention/R700: Naked or with green laser(ballistics is cancer)BFG(Naked)MosinComp or VCOGFlash Hider or Muzzle BrakeNoneGreen laser or NothingAWSPMIINoneNoneGreen Laser OR Ballistics Tracker(Bullet Drop is Bad)DMR(or counter sniper):MK11: Naked orM145Muzzle BrakeNoneGreen laserSKSM145 or ACOGMuzzle BrakeStubby GripGreen LaserDragunov SVU:NoneMuzzle BrakeVertical or StubbyGreen LaserBurst Weapons:M4 and M16A4Cant get the best Setup as I haven’t Experimented with them so muchAN-94 is slow in burst modeShotguns: KSG rages meKS-23M seems to be best, Kobra works well enoughCarbines: L22 is the bestGroza-1 is an honorable mentionG36C hepls a lot in the early LevelsBattle Rifles: All are good, But they need practiceEdit: Forgot About the PistolsPistols:Delta, Compensator, Laser works for allDeagle: Can be used as a DMR if you’re accurate, Bad for Panic spamMP412 REX: Good Damage Sluggish Fire rate and reloadM9 or M1911: Good for panic spam, Bad at range, close to zero recoilSFG or OBREZ: are sawed off versions of bfg and mosin, good if you snipe alotSawed off: pistol version of Stevens DB, 2 rounds in the magTEC-9: Low Damage per round, highest automatic fire rate, crazy recoil, bullets run out quicklyZIP 22: Its a staple Gun, Don’t use itEdit: This answer is outdated, I wrote it back in 2017.I may no longer be able to give my views on this game as Roblox is banned in my country, therefore I am not able to play.

What is average cost of opening a good restaurant in India in a small city (tier 2 and tier 3)? Should we rent or buy a place?

Here I am trying to make an effort to help you as practical as possible so that you will be closer to the practical world .You may add or subtract the list of products since I have just mentioned them as a template.First of all for setting up a restaurant, for it, space is required. It may be self owned or rented space.If you own a space then its fine but if you don’t have go for a rented space. Since purchasing space will cost you an estimated of Rs 70 lacs to Rs 1 Cr better go for a rented space.Space Required for Restaurant: 1500 sq.ft Space required for parking: 500 sq.ftHence rent for 1 month: 30000 You will have to keep a reserve of 6 months in advance since it will take your restaurant to get established in 4-6 months period.Therefore total amount for 6 months will be around Rs.180000 Now 2nd major expense will be developing infrastructure.Please follow the list given below:Qty. Price. Total 1) Furniture( A set of 4 chairs with a round table) 8 13124 1049922) Air conditioners 4 35000 1400003) Misc. 20000 Kitchenware and appliances4) Gas stove with 5 Burners 1 10122 101225) Chimney 1 32400 324006) Sanwich maker 1 1337 13377) Microwave oven 1 25000 250008) Refrigerator 1 22014 220149) Water cooler 1 20000 2000010) Crockery set as per reqd. App. 2500011) Other utensils “ “ 25000  Grand total: Rs. 425865The other expenses will be from services.1) Electricity Bill App. 10000/mnth2) Maintanance 3000/mnth3) Salary for waiters App. 10000 each4) Salary for Chef App. 15000  Total monthly expenditure for services will be: approx. Rs48000Hence you will need to have an approximate amount of Rs 653865 to establish a restaurant. pardon me if I went wrong anywhere.I just tried to take the actual prices of the products.Let me know if anyone want the model names of the products as well.Source:Internet