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How Do You Get Ebay Coupons

Where Can I get 2010 eBay Coupons?

I would like to know where can I find a sample of eBay Coupons or discounts. Im an avid fan of eBay shopping and would like to get discounts on my favorite items. Please help, thanks!

How do Ebay coupons work?

I just purchased something from ebay using a 10% off coupon. The end bid was $48.99 and that was the end total because shipping was free. After I used the coupon the total was then $44.09 and SUPPOSEDLY that's what I paid. I cantacted the seller and asked how much he had received, and he replied back saying that he got $48.99. However, in my bank account if I subtract $44.09 from what I had BEFORE I made the purchase I am left with what I SHOULD have after using the coupon. So it seems to be right. If I subtract $48.99 from what I had BEFORE the purchase I am left with an amount that is NOT what I have in my account now. But when I check my paypal, it says that the recipient (seller) has received $48.99. Does ebay pay the discount? Or what's going on here?

Are there coupons for eBay?

There are so many coupon stores available for eBay store. Last time i was purchased a RayBan sunglasses with huge savings. Alternatively, you also check a deals website such as CouponSoHot, someone will usually post something about any promotion going on at eBay at the moment such as.see more details;thank you

How can I get eBay coupons?

Generally eBay gives coupon codes to those that have purchased on their site. Usually it is in the form of accumulating eBay Bucks, which is basically their loyalty program. I’ve not seen just a general coupon from eBay to customers who have not shopped there.In addition to eBay’s loyalty program, many sellers on eBay issue their own coupons to their customer base. They usually do this through email. They also have sales and special discounts for their customers.

I want free eBay coupons ?

eBay is one of the largest online retail platforms to date. Thousands of sellers and customers visit eBay every day for some kind of bargain. It seems everything including the kitchen sink is sold on eBay.The average saving on eBay is thought to be around 40%. For the frugal shopper though, this discount can be built upon with an eBay coupon. An eBay coupon allows the owner to save money on a select eBay listing. The coupons will state the name of the item along with the amount of discount the holder of the coupon is entitled to.

Ebay coupon code for free?

try there are coupon codes that help save upto 50% off on specific products..

hope that helps..

How do I find eBay coupons?

Hi, I'm a seller on ebay and the only coupons I have ever heard of are the ones that ebay sends to people. Here is the information from ebay's answer center:

eBay occasionally sends out coupons that our members can use to pay for items where the seller accepts PayPal as a payment method.

You can use eBay Coupons on any item that accepts PayPal, as long as the following requirements are met:

Items must be paid for using PayPal within 10 days of the item's closing on eBay.

Items must meet all coupon requirements.

If you buy or win an item, you are required to purchase it even if you cannot use the coupon you intended for that purchase. If that's not possible, you should contact the seller by clicking the seller's User ID on the item page.

You cannot use eBay coupons for purchases.

If your payment is declined for a purchase, the amount of the coupon will be returned to eBay, and you will receive a refund for the amount that you paid.

The coupon is not expired. The expiration date will be on the coupon.

The seller cannot use a third-party checkout system.

Please note that you cannot use more than one coupon per purchase.

Sharing coupons

Some coupons that you'll receive from eBay can be shared with other people, and some can be used only by you. If the coupon contains a specific email address, then only the owner of that email address can redeem the coupon. If you are the owner of the email address, but the email address is not included in your PayPal account, you'll need to add the email address to your PayPal account. If the coupon doesn't specify an email address, then you're free to share it with others.

If the coupon specifically displays your email address, but you have not included that email address in your PayPal account, you will need to add the coupon email address to your PayPal account before being able to redeem the coupon

Where do I find real eBay coupons?

Occasionally eBay will launch a promotion that gives actual coupons, or multipliers on eBay bucks. To hear of these:Check any promotion emails sent from eBay recently to see if there's some sort of promotion going on. These promotions usually only last 1-2 days.Check a deals forum such as SlickDeals, someone will usually post something about any promotion going on at eBay at the moment.For example, today eBay is having a 5x bonus bucks promotion, which means that you get 10% rebate off certain items in the form of eBay bucks.

Is there any way to get free eBay coupon codes?

Yes there are many way i got 20% off and free shipping by Ebay coupon codes.Actually my father told me that Ebay free coupon codes are available but some are working some are not so you have to check it.One more thing i don't know its work on outside of USA or not but it was helpful for me so i am suggesting you to try that Checkout here

How do I get eBay coupon code 20% off for jeans?

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