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How Do You Like To Travel Personal Car Or A Volvo Bus

Questions about Volvo Cars?

If you are referring to the new key for Volvo with the "i" button, it is called the Personal Car Communicator (PCC). With that key, you start the car by having the key INSIDE the car, whether it is in a pocket or a purse and depress the brake pedal. Then simply press the start button while the brake is pressed.

The "i" does a few things. It will tell you if you remembered to lock the car or not, it will tell you if there is a heartbeat inside the car and it will tell you if the alarm was triggered while you were away. These are indicated by a series of LED lights on the key itself.

The cargo area is relatively safe. The rear bumper is boron steel and offers tremendous protection in a rear collision.

DSTC and ESC are different. DSTC monitors the the wheels and if they are slipping or not. ESC monitors the Body roll of the vehicle itself.

Penalty for road traffic accident involving 1 car and 1 bus?

Really not enough facts.

What was the weather like? Snow, Ice, Rain or sunny?

Was the car following too close?

Was the driver of the car not paying attention?

Did the Buses stop lights work?

Did the bus stop suddenly and the car could NOT stop as soon?

Right now, with the facts presented. I would have to say that the car could get a violation summons for following too closely. Normally, an officer will not bother with violations if it is cut and dry on who was responsible for the accident. An officer uses the situation to gauge on violations.

Which car do u drive? Ford-Volvo-Mazda-..?

The Japanese built Mazda 3 (all versions) sits on the next-generation Focus platform that the EU version Focus uses. It also underpins some Volvos (S series??). The US Focus uses the older platform. The Mazda 6, while US built, has no Ford counterpart. Neither do the Cx7, Cx9, or Mazda 5. And, of course, the MX-5 Miata.