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How Do You Remember Words And Use Them In Sentences

Can you make a sentence using the word "vim"?

A healthy capacity for vigorous activity; as in: "Jogging works off his excess energy, so he seems full of vim and vigor"

How to use the words "ex aequo" and "casus belli" in sentences?

I am more interested why you would need to use them. They would be, at best, legal terms

Ex aequo et bono (Latin for "according to the right and good")

Casus belli is a Latin expression meaning the justification for acts of war

What is the best way to remember newly learned English words?

Other than practicing regularly and using the word in everyday conversations, I’ll suggest another approach that I've been using nowadays. In a short span of two months, I’ve mastered around 400 words using this.Visit the website and create a list of the words that you have learnt.It will generate random questions in the form of multiple choices/fill in the blanks/ opposites/ spell the word/pictures using the words in your list.One has to give 8–10 correct answers for a particular word before you “master” it.It also makes sure that the words you mastered are revised at regular intervals.The site is very addictive and fun as it is in the form of a game. This is how it looks:You can also track your progress, revisit the words, mark your trouble words.Do try and let me know if it helps. :)

How to remember strong vocabulary English words?

.......make it more ..powerful. is a good word.

The way to build up your vocabulary is to write down the words you want to remember and practice putting them in sentences. Lots of different sentences until they are fixed in your memory.

You know when we want to remember some's phone number, we keep saying it over and over again - well, that is what you must do with your words. It will be hard work but I am sure your mother will have already told you, nothing good comes easily in this life.

Good luck

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How do I remember English word meanings?

Most of the Indians learn English by means of their mother tongues or Hindi . If someone is eager to know the actual meaning and usage of word, they must use two dictionaries : Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Collins Advanced Learners’ Dictionary So that origins and proper usage of the the word can be understood. Before remembering the meaning of the word , they should study prefixes, suffixes and infixes to have the knowledge of their roots. Whenever you you parrot Hindi meaning of English word , you can never have deep knowledge of that particular word. Never believe in spoken English. Always concentrate on the rules of grammar written by an expert of the English language.

How do I increase my vocabulary and actually remember the words?

Thanks for A2A. Increasing vocabulary and actually recapitulating the exact words as when required whilst speaking or writing has lot to do with how you study a new language, or make an effort in remembering those words and more importantly, your particular cognitive power associated with your brain.The fundamental reason it boils down to is - some folks are inherently good in remembering (not memorizing) new words. During my undergrads where I lived in Moscow; I picked up new Russian words within weeks, could speak incorrectly within 6 months and fluently within 1 year. I did this without attending a single class of Russian language at my undergrads, which was mandatory but I prefered spending this time in cafes/canteens with my Russian friends, cause picked up the language faster from them. In 6 months, the teacher teaching us was flabbergasted; cause I could frame sentences and could express myself in general short sentences. What I used to do was get all the words down when my friends used to speak amongst themselves and use it in my speech next day. Used to make hilarious mistakes but my batchmates were loving and kind enough to correct me always!!!! Now, the retaining power of these words stuck with me… I speak Russian fluently today as well.On the other hand, my Russian fiancée who became my wife a few months ago and moved to Bangalore… she speaks Russian only. So she took the other approach. Sat down and over weeks created a thick notebook of English words she can use in her day to day life in India. I got her some books and a teacher for the basic grammar; but she used the Internet exclusively. She can communicate more or less in English today and express her desires whilst shopping (though she needs a lot of catching up to do in bargaining!!!!). A desire is needed inherently to be a good communicator in any language.For specifically remembering tough words, you can write them down and follow my wife's process OR just remember them like myself which I believe is not a very good process in itself; cause as I get older and my brain-cells die… am sure I will forget a lot of words that I know. I speak/read/write Bengali, Hindi, English, Russian fluently and basic French, German and Latin.

What is it called when you use the first letter of words to create a sentence to remember certain things?

They are called acrostic sentences or Mnemonics
I know a sentence for the e-m spc but pffft its pretty rubbish but hey!!
"Reading Music Is Very Unsatisfactory for Xylophones and Glockenspiels" or try the acronym "GXUVIMR" from:

Gamma rays
X rays
Ultraviolet light
Visable spectrum
Infa red

How do I remember the meaning of words I read in the dictionary?

Finding difficult to memorize new words? Follows this unique technique to retain maximum number of new words. Link words to visual memoryUse them in a sentenceVisual memory is a form of memory which retains information based on our visual experience. Here is an examples which will help you understand  this. Word: QuackMeaning: An untrained person who pretends to be a physician  &  who dispenses medical advice. We call can connect this word to our visual memory by this video!Now use it in a sentence! Sanjay Dutt is a quack in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.Also try using your own visual experience to link it to a particular word... It seems difficult  at the beginning but eventually  this visual memory  triggers the word you always wanted to remember!!