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How Do You Remove A Cloth Stain From Aluminum

How to remove glittery aluminum stains from clothing armpits?

Hi wash and dry the garments and then vacuum the garments and may need a wash again.

How to you get stains out of an aluminum pot?

It is the minerals in the water reacting to the aluminum. I use Kleen Kings aluminum cleaner and polisher to remove that discoloration from my aluminum pots. It is a cleanser and can be difficult to find, but look low on the shelves at the grocery and discounters and you will usually see it down there because it is an old cheap product. I like it because not only does it remove the discoloration but restores the original shine.

How do I remove aluminum stains from a ceramic plate?

I dishwashed a white ceramic glazed plate and an aluminum colander was leaning against it. Apparently it rubbed against the plate while washing because it left a gray stain/haze on most of the plate. I like that plate - so much I "borrowed it permanently" from my credit union's 25th anniversary dinner - but not it's "ruined". Anyone got any ideas how to get that stain out and the shiny whiteness of a stole plate back???

How do you remove the stains on silver?

Eeek...Justcurious's answer will work well, but perhaps too well depending on the piece you are trying to polish. Do not use this method on any pieces that have antiquing in the decoration. This is a dark coloration that causes the design to stand out more. The washing soda and aluminum foil method will indiscriminately remove this along with the tarnish. If you remove the antiquing on older vintage and antique pieces, you may destroy their value. Goddard's Silver Foam is an excellent polish.

How do you remove perspiration stains from clothes?

Yellow underarm blouse stains are probable led to by a mixture of deodorant and perspiration. Many deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum salts. even as those salts are blended with laundry detergent, particularly in cooler water settings, they don't look honestly dissolved, and they proceed to be on the cloth. to get rid of the stains, attempt soaking the shirts in warmth water with an enzyme pre-soak product or rubbing the dirty area with white vinegar. Wash in the finest water chance-free for the cloth. If the stain continues to be, hose down and sprinkle stain with meat tenderizer. enable stand for more effective or less an hour, and launder back. to sidestep new stains from forming, consistently wash the shirts in the finest water chance-free for the cloth. also, enable antiperspirant to dry thoroughly earlier dressing...=)