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How Do You Talk Like A Normal Person

Is it normal to talk to yourself as if there is another person in the room?

whenever i get angry i do that
i shut myself in my room and mutter things like "grr, i hate that person... why cant they understand" and then i say things like "it was partly your fault, i mean you did do that bad thing once."
"no, it was for a good cause and -"
you get it

Is it normal for a person to talk to themselves?

All the time I will talk to myself. Mostly when I am alone, I will whisper my thoughts. I don't do this around people though. I will kind of hold conversations with myself inside my mind (without speaking). Like I will think of something and then I will agree with myself.

I feel like I am two people. Like there is the physical "me" who is living the experiences and then there is the "me of my mind" who observes the experiences and kind of "oversees".

I know this sounds pretty weird, but I don't go around muttering and mumbling to myself like a crazy person in the movies.

I have been doing this my entire life.

How can I behave like a normal person?

Are you sure you want to behave like a normal person ?.First of all, If you are socially awkward it doesn’t mean you are not normal person. It just means you are having hard time to find compatible people in your life. Few months back I was having these sort of thoughts and unfortunately I came across this quote at right time“Great people can’t be fit every where in this world, they have only few relations and they are able to save those relationships”Yes, I totally agree with it.Next, you mentioned about carrying good small talks and hanging out with strangers. You know what the bitter truth is , no one is good at that in this world. Yes, I have a lot of friends who are really good at talking to strangers and I asked them once what’s the trick for that ? and here is their response“It’s all trial and error method, if something doesn’t workout in our way we just move on to next person instead thinking about why he/she didn’t respond well” - this really opened a new world to me.What all you need to do is , get out of your comfort zone and talk to more people. See how others talk to you ( but please don’t judge them ) and how they keep conversation flowing. At times you will definitely come across people who don’t like to talk to you, it’s neither of your fault.Finally, what do you mean by this in your question:“I often find myself struggling to behave in a normal way like normal people usually do in a daily life”After reading few auto biographies this is what I came to know about normal people,Normal peopledon’t expect to fit every where in this worldare not fascinated about money and lavish lifestyledon’t bother what others think about themaccept both appraisal and criticism in the same waydon’t over reactlive in present than worrying about past or futurethey maintain simple life style, it doesn’t mean cheap or miser things. They just get what they need to live.they prioritize things well in lifework on self improvementthey stand on their words and promisesthey show discipline and patience in doing thingsThe list never ends if we talk about normal life style. Also, it seems simple to read all the items in the list, but it is as hard as hell to follow them in life.Good Luck-Karthik Achanta

Is talking to "normal" people boring for someone with a genius level I.Q.?

I will be completely honest here. Genius IQ’s may indeed find it boring to talk to normal people. We do not necessarily think they are stupid. Everyone around 90 IQ+ is intelligent enough to not seem stupid. Below that, things get dicier. Rather than seeing them as dumb, sadly, we just find them boring. They are not interesting to talk to. It is sad in a way because I would almost rather be on their level so I could relate to them better. Being this smart is rather alienating.However, not all genius IQ’s feel this way. I can talk to most anyone, and I find that most people are interesting. However, I was in a longterm friendship with someone who had an 80–90 IQ, and I was bored out of my head with this person. It just wasn’t working out. Now you have to consider that this person had an IQ ~60–65 points below mine. For a person with a normal 100 IQ, that is like talking to a seriously retarded person with an IQ of 40, just to give you some perspective.I spent many years living on the beach, at the ski slope, at the party, or on the street, in all cases in a cloud of marijuana smoke, so I am used to dumbing myself down to fit in. However, at this stage in my life, I prefer not to.One of my best friends has an IQ of 95. We get along famously, but that is mostly because he has filled his head with knowledge and has become smart far beyond his IQ.Most people have something interesting to say if you can pry it out of them, and I have found that average IQ people are a heck of a lot smarter than I thought they were.Or you can always just dumb yourself down and enjoy life at that simple level that the 90 IQ types live at. They do not have bad lives, and it’s often fun to go to their simple place for a while to enjoy yourself, which is the only true meaning of life after all.

What do normal people talk about?

1. Themselves. More than anything else, most people love to talk about themselves. 2. Their environment/ surroundings. What the weather is like, stuff in their house, and so forth. 3. Current events on the news and/or popular television shows they are watching. 4. Stuff they hate or dislike. 5. Sports. 6. Their children and/or pets. 7. Food. 8. Other people. Kinda why I don't like hanging out with 'normal people'.

What made Helen too long to speak like a normal person?

Her deafness kept her from mimicking normal speech. Babies learn to talk by imitating the speech of those around them. That’s why they typically grow up to have a regional accent.Although pronunciation was a problem, an equal problem was intonation. When we talk, our voices go up and down like a wavy line. Obviously, it is very difficult to convey that to a deaf person.

Why theater people don't speak normal?

When you are in theater or a singer, you need to lose any accent you may have & learn to project. They speak fine, you are just not used to it.

Why do the normos (normal people) make fun of the mentally disabled people?

I think the normos who like to make fun of people with mental disabilities really don't have any explanation or reason of why they ever did it. And even if they did, they still cannot figure out what made them to even think about making fun of people with mental disabilities. Making fun of people with mental disabilities is NOT ok. It's NOT funny and it's NOT right Society thinks is the right thing to make fun of a person who cannot do stuff like a normal person do. What if it was them or their kids being born this way? And what if Karma comes knocking at their door? They wouldn't be laughing at all. For example, Look at Tracy Morgan,the comedian. he made a joke about parents with mentally disabled kids and he never apologized for it. And look what happen to him. He was in a car accident, good for him. He could have died along with his salty jokes that he made about parents with mentally disabled kids and I don't feel "sorry" for him at all. Not even one bit. So if you're a normal person who likes to pick, harass, torment, bully, humiliate, make fun and violate people with mental disabilities, this could happen to you if you do. I'm on karma's side and the Lord's side. I simply cannot rely on people with normal intelligence (normos, non-disabled) because I know secretly that they really DO NOT care about those that are mentally disabled and DO NOT care about what they are going through life, dealing with a lot of challenges.