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How Do You Tell Your Girl Roommate That She Smells

How do I tell my roommate that she smells bad?

I have been living with 3 other roommates for 5 months. We all get along really well. But one of my roommates smells really bad-- like body odor, farts, dirty genitals, bad breath. She sits on the same part of the couch every day because she has made the fabric smell really bad. She has terrible hygiene. She showers at night every 3 or 4 days. She told us that when she showers, she doesn't wash her hair regularly.. its so gross. She's also over weight so she gets smelly really easily. At parties she gets sweaty quickly an smells bad. I feel bad because I can't be near her.. she just smells so bad. I don't take her out with me anymore because people usually comment to me about it. My living room constantly smells bad and when people come over they notice... its embarrassing. We haven't told her over the course of 5 months because we feel really bad.. shes sensitive. We don't want it to be awkward and we feel like we waited to long to tell her. She wonders why she hasn't gotten laid in a year.. she needs to know that her smell is intolerable... unforgivable. She ruined the couch because she made it stink... what do I do? How can I tell her?

If you don’t know each other, you shouldn’t be roommates. I’d tell her straight out that she needs to shower daily, wash her hair and do her laundry regularly because there are people talking behind her back. (What can I say? Sometimes a little white lie goes a long way.)If the roommate was assigned to you in a college dorm or something, go to your RA and ask them to step in and help with this problem. If that doesn’t work, go above the RA, to whoever made the roommate assignments and tell them the problem and that you can’t live with her because it’s making you physically sick. (White lies are ok in bad situations).

How do I tell my roommate that her vagina smells?

oh my goodness! i feel so bad for you! that is crazy for someone in college to not practice personal hygiene it makes me sick! you should just buy some washes or such and tell her she can you the stuff in the basket and maybe soon she'll buy stuff for her self. well if your short on cash or she refuses tell her when ever she walks in i keep smelling something disgusting.....then she may or may not get scared that your talking about her. the next thing you can do is just have a fake call with your self and to your " little sister or cousin" about how important it is to take care of your self right when shes in the room. lastly if she doesn't take the hints just call her out on in front of people like " omg look at that nasty underwear on the floor" or be in front of a guy and be like' did you even wash yourself today?'
if shes not embarrassed by now she must of no self respect and you should go to the head of your building and talk to them.
hope this helped! xxoo jess <3

Don���t make ethnicity an issue here. Just ask her to please shower at the end of her day. If she’s working a difficult, physical job, it’s only natural that she would have a strong odor, so ask her if she would move her routine shower to immediately after work (or exercise if she’s into that). Don’t be afraid to say that her odor is distracting to you.Another thing that could be the problem is not her body odor, but rather the smell of her clothing. If she’s not using a fabric softener, suggest one that has a pleasant scent.

How do I tell my roommate her feet smell REALLY bad?

She may have a foot fungus that needs medical attention if nothing else you have tried is working. Also shoes that carry odor, well you really can't remove the odor. The foot goes in, sweats, odor forms again from what is all ready in the shoe from the sweat and other elements.
She will need to try wearing socks to help combat sweating this as well as see a Doctor a Podiatrist is best.
Just leave her a letter, something more than just a note. Letting her know you love her that is why you are saying something but you did not want to embarrass her.

Roommate smells so bad?

My roommate has this constant musty smell of old dominoes pizza, B.O, dirty laundry, methane gas, burnt transmission fluid, cat urine, fermented vomit, diesel fuel, weed, skunky beer, cabbage, provolone cheese, wet beef, wet dog, non-FDA approved tacos, vaginal secretions, infectious finger pus, dead alewives, heavily used motor oil, cheese whiz, cheese whiz for dogs, marmite, sour milk, the Holocaust, and decaying flesh. Seriously, I can smell all of those things coming from him. I can't tell if its his breath, or his body. But when I'm sitting across the room, the smell sometimes comes in waves, immediately following his unusually loud exhales. I can evade the stench by huddling in the opposite corner, but as I get closer to him, the foul odor becomes increasingly intense. I haven't confronted him directly, but have left subtle hints like spraying fabrize in his general direction, but he doesn't take the hint. I am really tempted to spray him with fabrize, but that would just add a sweetness to the smell, which would be repulsive. He is also stupid and ugly. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

Not like that. If she is your roommate I can assume you are in a new setting ,possibly a dorm. You have to realize most people do not smell themselves simply because they are accustomed to their own odor. If it is the smell that is bothering you and not the uncomfortability of sharing a space with someone you do not know or would not normally consider to be the type of person you would hang out/spend time with then simply talk to her as you would want to he talked to about something like this. In private and without theatrics. Having a body odor can be caused by many different things. It does not necessarily mean that person is dirty,in any way. Just different sometimes. You could gently broach the subject by asking if she needs to do laundry(if it is an unwashed smell) or offer to help with her laundry. If it is a BO smell do not make an austentacious show about it. Just simply tell her something like “I do not know if you showered after your workout/job/labratory experiment/dissection class,etc, but you may want to start. AND if you would like to use some of my body lotion/perfume/fragrance go right ahead.” If you make these things available and not on the “you can use it but you owe me” line of thought, she will most likely get the picture and make an effort to do this Because you were kind about it. Not embarrassing her in front of others. The reason I recommend saying she can use your “smell good stuff” is because she may not have had acsses to them and may now not have the knowledge or way to procure them. If you do not want her to use all of your stuff but you notice she does at least make an attempt to stay more pleasant to your senses, buy her an inexpensive bottle of her own. Little things go a long way in life. I think Jesus said “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

First, make sure you know what a vulva is supposed to smell like. They don't naturally smell like roses. It's a body part, and as such, it will smell like the human body, which has all kinds of odors.You might not enjoy the smell of a healthy vulva. That's fine. I don't always enjoy the smell of crotches, armpits, and other various body parts. But "I personally don't enjoy the smell of a vulva" is a different conversation from "Your vulva smells *bad*."The bad smell, the smell that usually suggests some kind of infection, is the "fishy" smell that people tell dirty jokes about. If that's the smell you're smelling, then you could tell her you're a little concerned about her genital health. This will be an awkward conversation. In my experience, the best way to handle awkward conversations is to start off by saying, "Hey, so I need to tell you something really awkward." If you're worried about hurting her feelings, you could say, "I'm worried about hurting your feelings." This lets her know that you are capable of empathy and you do care about her comfort, which goes a long way toward softening any anger or defensiveness she might feel. Good luck.

How do i tell my roommate that she needs to wash her hands after using the bathroom?

Listen, I know this sucks for you and really there isn't much you can do but protect yourself. She is the one who is at the most risk having poor hygine.

Urine itself is "STERILE". You are not in danger of catching ANY DISEASE from urine. In fact, you can drink urine if you are in danger of dehydration...anybodys urine.

I know that doesn't seem terribly appealing but its 100 percent true. Urine also contains proteins and other substances that are useful for medical therapy.

FECAL waste on the other hand can pass disease and is highly unhealthy to be messing around with. It is VERY important that when one comes in contact with fecal matter, be it from a human or any other animal, that a thorough cleansing process be employed as soon as possible. Antibacterial soap is number one in my bathroom along with disposable paper towels.

If I were you I would make darned sure the bathroom stays clean very often. The disposable clorox bleach cloths made especially for bathroom clean up are WONDERFUL. I feel confident that the toilet seat and surfaces like the flush handlle, the faucet handles on the sink, doorknobs, etc. that come in contact often with human hands, are ultra clean and safe. You can wipe down daily and after each "suspect" visit, lol...for your own peace of mind.
One of my favorite things that I've noticed in a couple of different public bathrooms are the hand sterilizing machines that are installed. They spray a blast of hand sterilizer after you wash and towel off your get a spray and rub your hands together. I feel EXTRA clean with these things. I wonder if they are possible to install in any old home bathroom?? I would look into that if I were you.

Anyhow...all you can really do is make sure that surfaces that you share often are safe..fridge handle, microwave handle, doorknobs. keyboard surfaces, etc. give them all a blast of lysol. Post OBVIOUS bathroom safety signs like they have in public bathrooms up in YOUR bathroom as a big HINT...etc. if it doesnt work...finally talk to her but do it in a way like you care about HER health.

Good luck.


Don’t use or suggest usage of odors that will compete for smell. Some people think “I’ll cover it up with cologne”, big failure.In his room open the window(s) when he is gone, also mention it to him, softly. (whats the phrase, kill them with kindness, avoid You smell like shit) Also don't open a window with no screen when you have a cat. If you open the window and allow his room to vent I can only imagine it going from a bad funk to a barely noticeable funk.Some light sprays of Febreeze. (although it has a perfume it also neutralizes smells, you do need to use some caution in that some scents aren’t very nice such as the extra power one.)Take some dryer sheets and cut them in half or maybe 1/4’s and tape them between the door and carpet. If he has a lidded hamper tape 1–2 on the underside of the lid same with trashcan. Also use a trashcan liner or ask him to use caution with what is thrown in there.When it comes to your roommate. I had heard that its not sweat that smells but bacteria. So when showering he doesn’t need to rinse off sweat he needs to do a little scrubbing off of bacteria. So loofah or body scrub to assist when showering. The towel used and washcloth need to be laundered more often. Maybe moisture wicking clothes need to be used more often. (If moisture doesn’t interact with the bacteria on ones body it wont turn to odor)You say your roommate has body odor and most of my answer was related to general odor. (which isn’t your issue) If he smells his room develops some fragrance due to him spending 8 hours or so, sleeping in there. I think that if general odors are eliminated or minimized, body odor will seem stronger and more desire from home to eliminate or minimize that odor.This guy has also talked about putting a foot/shoe powder to eliminate foot/shoe odor.