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How Does A Newly Married Couple Approach Each Other

After an arranged marriage, what is the couple's approach towards sex?

It really depends on what kind of a relationship you've built up in the time frame leading up to your wedding. If you've not been very close, I wouldn't recommend sex on the first night itself, but more a series of foreplay with mental stimulation in the sense of getting closer to each other. Remember also that by the time you'll get to bed it might be pretty late, so you would be exhausted. Adding sex to the equation would add to your stress. For me, I never imagined that I could be intimate with a guy who I didn't know properly. Luckily I didn't have an arranged marriage. I would suggest you start physical touching your partner way before the marriage, so that she gets used to you, and is eager to be with you by the time your wedding rolls around.

What are your newly married couple stories?

Arman and Anya were a newly married couple. Three months past the beginning of their new life, Arman asked out Anya for a dinner.“Not bad ! Dear husband, Finally You have asked me out.” Commented Anya.“Can't help. If you had been a bit more beautiful, I would have asked you out, earlier”, mocked Arman.Anya got a bit serious and expressed,” You know, I always wanted a love marriage. I never believed in arranged marriages.”Arman held her hands and joked “Well, I disagree. No sane guy would ever commit a suicide willingly. Also, you wouldn't have got a smart, intelligent and a nice guy like me, otherwise.”“Arman !! Can you ever be serious ? Stop your stupid humour.” sighed Anya.Anya continued “ How beautiful it would have been. We would date. We would go out for long drives. The little secrets from our families, love letters. We would fight. We would feel doubts. And everytime our love would have held us together whenever we thought to drift apart and…”“And, and ,and…. “,interrupted Arman.He put his one hand on her waist, one hand in her hands, helped her to get on her feet and guided her body into a romantic dance, fixed his eyes into hers and whispered, “ we would recollect our memories today and smile, but I promise you my dear wife, we will do it over and over again in the daylight and in the night sky, even when we grow old and ugly, without teeth but with love.”Tears rolled down her eyes and she pecked a kiss on his cheek.Arman wiped her tears and said, “Till then ! Gotham needs Batman. Gotta go pretty woman. Meet you after office at the dinner” and grinned.“Your sense of humour Arman !” frowned Anya.

How do you approach your newly wed wife for sex?

It largely depends on how you think and the kind of ignorant society you belong to. But since you ask at least try to figure out what she wants, a rest after the wedding circus or a bit of talk. Most traditions are indecent and downright weird. The stories i have heard makes me think one has to be very careful because lots of people lie before the marriage about various things and soon after marriage those things come to surface and the conning party thinks well now what can he/she do? there is lots of fraud in indian weddings just like everywhere else.On the other hand if you are like them then its simple: good things happen because of you and bad things happen because of your spouse.

What is that thing called the couples get married under in an outdoor wedding?

I'm trying to plan my wedding and i need to get one of those awning type things that are usually wood and you wrap flowers around it and get married under but it is hard to find one when you don't know the correct name for it?? Does anyone have a clue?

What newly married couples do during their first night?

Desi Question like someone said... the girl will be too shy to say no, and the guy, just like a pig...will want nothing but to tell a story about what a tiger he is the next morning....

Who can encourage a couple that has been married for less than 7 years to remain married?

I can. That 5–7 year period is the big test. That’s when (usually) the wife realizes that the man she married is not going to change into what she had hoped he would, and (usually) the husband realizes that the fun of new sex is beginning to ease up as the sex gets more familiar. The irritating things each of you do become more obvious and annoying when the thrill of the start has faded. Also, it turns out that marriage and staying married is sometimes hard work! Who knew! Arguments get more serious; fights become more common, and are rarely about what they seem to be about.So, that time is where you’re almost certainly going to run into trouble. If you can get past that trouble, though, you’re probably better set to look at things more clearly, and have a shot at making it a success. If you quit then, you’re quitting because of things not really related to the person involved, which seems kind of a weak thing to quit on something because of. Take the trouble seriously - talk with a pro about why you’re struggling; try to work on sorting out the (unimportant) daily aggravations from the (very important) things that drew you together in the first place. Me, I figured out early that the best way to avoid problems was by keeping the honeymoon effect going as long as possible. If she associates you with happiness, pleasure and support rather than disappointment, frustration and anger, you’re better off, right? I mean, life is tough; marriage is not always easy. If you think of marriage as two blocks rubbing together, it might help - at first, the rough edges make a lot of friction and bumpiness as you get started, but over time, you wear those down and pretty soon, you’re sliding smoothly. Of course, lubricant helps. That can take all sorts of forms, from actual lubricant to constant contact, frequent kissing and petting, lots of compliments and positive remarks, etc. The key thing is to give it a fair shake. Don’t quit as soon as things get tough. When you feel like you’re at the end of your rope, give it a bit more time - another day; to the weekend; to the end of the month, etc. It can happen that you’ll turn the corner and suddenly the road gets easier! Note that this is a good way to approach all sorts of things, up to and including suicidal thoughts..Anyway, I think the thing to look for is when all those aggravating things she does have somehow turned into endearing little traits. That’s when you know you’re in pretty good shape.

To married couples only please: question about guys' nights out.?

My husband and I understand that guys' night/girls' night out are healthy for a relationship. However, we disagree as to whether or not going to clubs/lounges allowed. I don't feel comfortable with him going frequently and don't think that married men should be going there on a regular basis (should only be occassional, ie, stags or what not). I feel that guys' night out doing more healthy things are fine, but not going to clubs routinely. We just found out that we are expecting... which makes this issue worse: I can't imagine staying home feeling sick all night while he's out w guys at a club.

So, here's the question: he thinks that we should set up frequency number of times he can go to clubs with all guys (not including guys' night out doing other things), while I feel that going to clubs once in a while is fine (occassionally), but to set up a frequency makes it too routine. So, should married men's guys' night out only occassionally be allowed to be at clubs?

How are married couples supposed to read the Bible?

I think the first thing you need to do is approach it on a grace, not law, basis. I'm not suggesting that it is not necessary to read the Bible together; on the contrary, I believe it is very important. However, if you view it as a chore or something that you have to do a certain amount at certain times, you fall into the danger of doing it begrudgingly and not be getting out of the Bible what God would have you get out of it. Approach it with the freedom to do at your own pace and in your own way.

You should sit down together first to talk about it. Many couples have different ways of studying the Bible, and reading it together does not mean that you will not be reading it at other times on your own. So when you are reading together, meet in the middle on your reading styles. For instance, you may prefer to start at Genesis and read all the way through but she may prefer to open the Bible at random and read a section in the middle. A good compromise is to select one book anywhere in the Bible that the two of you are especially interested in and read through it together from beginning to end. (I suggest Romans - a great foundational book to salvation and our lives under grace!) Don't worry about what you are going to read next until you finish that one, then select another. This way you will not feel overwhelmed.

I am so excited for you. There are few things so amazing as growing closer to God together with your spouse. Happy reading! :)