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How Does Creating Animation Work

How does CGI animation work?

I've always loved animation, and I know how animation like "Walking With Dinosaurs" is done; the close-ups were animatronic puppets. But the other night I watched an anime called 'Advent Children' with my teenage sons, and I was just stunned by the realism of the characters expressions and physical movements. Is it all done digitally, or do they film actors first (like Andy Serkis as Gollum in Lord of the Rings) and then digitally alter/enhance them?

How to create a 2d animation ?

Depending on the complexity of the animation and where it will be used, it depends. Assuming you're talking about an animation for the web, the easiest way to produce simple animations is by creating several frames of a GIF file. Adobe Photoshop / ImageReady / Illustrator is the standard software used, and is great for a million other things as well. But anything capable of creating GIFs should allow you to create animations.

For more complex web animations, esp. interactive ones, you may need to use Flash. Pick up Macromedia Flash Studio for that (though Adobe has bought Macromedia too, so it's all bundled now anyway). It isn't cheap but it's a good investment for any image related work.

What is the best software for creating animations like Ice Age ?

i want to create 3d animations like Ice Age or Kung fu panda or ...

i know this is a impossible idea to create animations like Ice Age at home and on a medium ( hardware ) pc .. but i want to try this ! i hope to be a great animation designer !

How long does it take to create animated sprites for a 2D platform game?

There's a huge amount of variance. I think David Mullich nailed it at "between an hour and a week per sprite."Assuming you are the person doing the sprite animation, you should be always collecting data on your own work to refine your own estimate of how long it will take to do tasks.Proper accurate estimates are an important skill for a professional game developer and it's something you should always be working on improving no matter what your development role is.

How much time does it take to make an animated video of 2-3 minutes duration?

This could range from a few hours to several days or months depending on the subject matter and complexity of the animation. An animated Explainer video that uses simple cut-out style animated characters, and very limited movement such as a hand wave or shake, and a simple walk cycle can be completed with predesigned puppets in vector animating software (using narration - no lip sync) in a day. However. This style of animation is better known and described as Motion Graphics and not actual animation.However. A complex fight scene or other detailed scenario (crowd running, castle siege, etc) involving multiple characters, you could be looking at a couple days, if not weeks or months, depending once again on the design and style of the characters and overall animation. (Vector) - Digital is faster than Frame by Frame (Hand Drawn), 3D is slower than 2.5D Paralax (Motion Comic Style).Some studios can produce 2 minutes of animation in a much shorter time frame. The guys down at South Park produce a full 22 minute episode in six days, from concept to writing, voice acting, storyboards, animatic, animating, editing and final cut. Six days. That is unbelievably fast. But they are a large team of very skilled individuals. This is also not common practice. Most animation studios produce a 22 minute animated cartoon episode in 10 months, with the use of in house animators and artists, and a second team overseas in places like Korea or India to complete the bulk of the work. It is more cost effective and they have larger teams which helps.3D animated films that have a surreal amount of realism in them - notably the Pixar and Dreamworks features take years to develop, because of the amount of attention to detail in the films backgrounds, layouts, props and character designs. Other studios producing 3D animated features complete projects in a fraction of the time but are less realistic and lack detail. These have short theatrical runs if any at all, as most go direct to DVD and Digital Download.Bottom line, I would say from experience that this will take a skilled individual working independently two weeks or more to produce 2 to 3 minutes, using simple techniques. A complex animation (frame by frame) will take an individual a good month if not more.Hope this helps.Jim

What job could i do in animation?

1) You're pretty innocent for a 14 year old... and have yet to learn the harshness of life - and I will be realistic and won't say anything like "go for it and do your best" because there is about 99% chance that you'll not get a job in creating anime.

2) First of all, it's pretty obvious you aren't Japanese nor is living in Japan nor any other country proficient in anime-ing. Also, if you think you should get a job as an animator just because you love anime then you are WAY out of your league because there are people - hundreds of thousands - who love anime as much as - and probably more - than you.

3) Even if you want to do basic character creation and animating, you still have to draw them... it's not like you can copy paste a sprite into the program - if you don't have creating/drawing skills then you can't do any kind of designing.

4) Qualification.... well if you want to just work in a cartooning company then you can probably get by with simple animation skills... but if you want to create animes then the animation process if much harder than what you think. Though you're still only 14, so when you maybe get to HS and University you can learn computer engineering or animation or something. I'd say you should start playing around with different programs like Flash, JavaScript, Photoshop, etc.

@Animefan. ...... translating.... is not even really a job... a 13 year old could do it.... dubbing.... is such a hard job to get especially since many people try out for it.... and it takes skills too..;; subbing.... there are fansubs everywhere o_o why would anybody pay someone and give them a career for it....

What are the people who create animated movies called?

Animated films are seldom made entirely alone by a single artist. But, when they are, the artist is usually called the animator or the filmmaker.In a team of artists working on an animated film there are numerous positions with different titles and different jobs. The tasks are often broken up into more detailed and specialized jobs than you might imagine.For instance, in a traditional 2D hand drawn animation studio, the title of "animator" is reserved for the artist who draws the key frames (sometimes called the "key animator") and the artist who creates the in between drawings is given the title of "assistant" animator.In 3D CGI animation studios there is a different breakdown of job titles. The artist who creates the character models is called the "modeler". The artist who builds the underlaying bone structure of the puppets is called the "rigger", and the term "animator" is reserved for the artists who set the key frames for movement (similar to 2D hand drawn animation). However, in 3D CGI studios the assistant animators (or "inbetweeners") have been mostly replaced by computers.In general, The term of "animator" is given to those artists who design the movement.There are numerous artist jobs left out of the summaries above. These include: inker, layout artist, background artist, compositor, colorist, etc.In 3D CGI there are also lighting, texture, and render artists.An individual artist who does all the jobs necessary to complete a film on their own is sometimes called a "Hero".