How Does Individualism Affect Communication

How can a distress affect communication?

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Some of the symptoms of distress are mumbled/garbled speech or stammering, anxiety, anger, aggressive body language and concentrating problems. These are barriers which impact on effective communication, leading to misunderstanding on both sides. If you are the person in distress, you cannot hear or able to understand the whole picture because of the vicious cycle mentioned above of anxiety > stammer/garbled speech > anger (you feel no one understands what you are saying)> aggressive behaviour (you believe no one wants to help you) > unable to focus > becoming more distressed.
1. how a distress barrier can affect communication?
Communication will be compromised + + and will widen the distress barrier if both sides become anxious. Therefore it is important for the other person to remain calm, rational and patient as not to add extra tension to the situation.
2. Answering 2. It would be best to find someone one who can translate. But drawing pictures or showing pictures/anatomical charts with hand gestures pointing/indicating to the affected areas might help.
Answering 3. A barrier is an obstacle that prevents smooth transition. Take as an example, Mercantile/trading which is a form of communication. The Euro currency enables easier movement of people buying, selling and visiting across Europe easing communication by cutting lengthy monetary calculations and deliberations.

What does individualism do to us? How does it affect us? How does it help or hurt us?

I think individualism is fine in its place. There has to be a balance between individualism and communitarianism. They do this better in Canada. Or actually just about any other developed country. Because of the strong tradition of individualism, politicians are easily able to set groups of Americans against each other. We need to cooperate and work together, but politicians do better by polarizing Americans and setting them against one another.

Amongst others it will:Increase your vocabulary:New words, new descriptions, new meanings.Improve your sentence structure when speaking:A large part of communication is effectively relaying an idea or thought in your mind to someone else’s mind. Reading gives you a multiple of examples of doing this and if it’s a book you enjoy then this has essentially happened between you and the author.Introduce you to new ideas:We are where we are now in the word because of those that came before us. Their learning thoughts and ideas transferred to outlive them.Reading exposes you to different thoughts that you might have never had or answered questions you’ve never thought of asking, and thus helps you discuss and debate this with someone else.Will make you ask more questions:Largely about the world around you and your questions will improve.Most people love the book (and movie) “The Count of Monte Crisco” - what did he learn to do in jail; and how did that change his world?

I’m probably going to be a little ambiguous while answering this, but I’ll give it a go! Due to differences in generations (and thus culture, media, political standpoints, and traditional shifts to more open-minded ideas), typically older and younger generations cannot communicate as well because they don’t have much to share with one another. Normally elders believe something has to be a certain way, which is why communication is normally one sided from older to younger generations.

Does culture affect communication and how?

Hi, Andri. Welcome to Yahoo Answers. In anthropology, the field of science that looks at human origins and development, and the development of societies and cultures, culture is thought of as something made up basically of institutions, which include, among some other institutions, government, education, energy use, technology, science, family, and communication. Communication is a component of culture. Communication is to family member as culture is to family. One way of looking at your question is to ask, "Does FAMILY affect an individual family member?" Also, try to think this question, too, "Does an individual family member affect FAMILY?" Communication, as a human institution, is so important, it has it's own field of study called, "Linguistics" Anthropology. Here is a link to get started:

Cultural norms shape communication more than we might realise. In some countries small talk is encouraged, and people don’t mind waiting for someone to finish their chat before being served, while in other countries this is frowned upon and small talk is not done in public.Some cultures require the repetition of certain words and phrases in communications - you’ll find a lot of “please” and “thank you” and “sorry” and “if it’s not too much trouble” in the UK, but the same interaction in France would not require all that filler politeness. Many Brits see the French efficiency in communication as rude, and I’m sure French people wonder why we waste so much time on platitudes when there’s other things we can all be getting on with.In cultures where it’s not socially acceptable to discuss certain topics, or for members of the opposite sex to converse without chaperones, communication is very different to a more open and equal culture where everyone has a voice and the right to input to conversations. This may be driving some interactions underground, or rather on to the internet, leading to a further reluctance to mention these topics in person because the cultural norm is being reinforced.Thanks for the A2A.

The care delivery process involves a number of people from doctors and nurses to housekeeping and dietician, and the patients and their family members. To get the best healthcare outcomes, advanced and seamless communication is essential because the absence of which may lead to adverse events.Earlier, in the form of landline phones, VoIP handsets, overhead paging systems, and EHR-based messaging tools, the healthcare communication solutions were helping to connect the healthcare providers, the patients, and the others involved in care cycle. However, these solutions have now become non-standardized and frustrating, as they are not able to cope with the digital disruption that the healthcare industry is going through. Understanding the need, healthcare solution providers are now leveraging the advanced technologies such as cloud, AI, ML, and chatbots to bring out innovative voice, text and web-based communication solutions. These solutions are being designed and delivered to facilitate automated documentation to track patient and provider interaction, avoid any manual error, and to enhance connectivity as well as workflow and clinical data streamlining. Besides, solution providers are also introducing technological developments in middleware, digital imaging, molecular communication, and innovative digital sensors to streamline the communication process.Source URL: Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Providers - 2018

How does communication skills affect personality?

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