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How Does It Feel To Be A Attractive Person

What makes a person ; an attractive person ?

For men?...

Sense of Humor
Quiet and Assured
A bit of a Scoundrel
A nice Derriere

How does it feel to be an attractive gay man?

Bisexual man herethis tropes applies me a bit because I have always gotten the first message on dating websites (407 on OK cupid as now, both girls and guys).Basically it's just increasing your opportunity to meet a person and you have a leverage when a straight person mock you, especially when they are ugly than you.But it will not last forever. Using scruff pro, I notice that the majority of guys who got the most attention is the people in the age 26-35 other than that, they are 'niche'

How does it feel to go from being an attractive person to being an unattractive person?

This was me at 8 years of age (on the left):This was me at 14 years of age:What happened?PUBERTY.And, considering I didn't go through my adolescent years in a particularly smooth fashion, my change in appearance changed, in turn, several other things:1. I became very antisocial and introverted. As an attractive girl, I had been very outgoing and made lots of friends, but when I became unattractive, I became shy and stopped going out of my way to talk to people. I had few friends.2. Boys stopped paying attention to me. In turn, I stopped thinking about boys. I went from a girl who had her first kiss in the 3rd grade to a girl who hardly payed attention to the male gender.3. I shunned all things girly. I stopped wearing pretty dresses. I hid away my hair in buns and pony tails. I pretended that I didn't like boy bands and girly TV shows, so my love for the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana remained secret.4. I stopped having enemies. When I was attractive, I periodically made enemies with girls who made it clear that they did not like me. When I became unattractive, girls ignored me entirely, and so I never had the chance to make enemies.5. I started working hard in school. When I was attractive, I spent a lot of time in class socializing with my classmates instead of paying attention. When I became unattractive, I stopped socializing and worked hard in school. How does it feel? Well, for the most part it feels bad. You don't like looking at old pictures at yourself. You're angry at this awful thing that you have absolutely no control over, and how it's wrecking up your body without your say. You feel sad, annoyed, upset. Mostly, it's numbing. You have no hope for the future.But! Puberty can sometimes continue changing you and you end up doing a 180!Hence, at 17 years of age:

What Does It Feel Like to Know You're Attractive?

I know most of the time you don't really think of it, but when you do, does it make you happy or what?

Also, do you ever wonder what it's like to not be attractive or be unattractive?

If you're not that attractive, how do you think things would be different for you if you were? How do you feel about your appearance?

LOL I know this might sound like I'm angry at people who are attractive, but I'm not. I'm just wondering.