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How Does Lani Guinier

What does guinea and dago mean?

"Wop" - w/out papers or from the Italian word "guappo", meaning a swaggerer, pimp, or ruffian.

"Guinea" - The most vile racial slur that can be used against an Italian-American. Refers to the Guinea Coast of Africa which I believe is in proximity to Sicily; using this slur is a very offensive way of implying that Italian-Americans are non-whites. Which I suppose, they find offensive.

"Dago" - An offensive slur toward Italian's who migrated to the United States. Many worked and were paid as the "Day Goes" like modern day "day laborers".

How does Quick Change do it?

Apparently you do not believe the truth. But watch the woman's hands. Her left hand will stay up near her breasts at all times before a change. She pulls down her top and that releases the skirts. The first outfit has longer sleaves and a shorter skirt. The second outfit has shorter sleaves and a longer skirt to hide the original outfit. The third and four outfits are the same thing. She slide her left thumb in her blouse and peals down another layer of the costume until she reached the lowest level which has the spaghetti straps and the really long skirt. The trick it to distact you with the right hand while the left hand releases the top. it is a simple process of distaction. you look at the flag or the confetti insted of the hands and the woman. When the flag comes in the right hand is on the flag hiding the left hand. When the confetti comes in her arms are crossed with the left hand on the inside and the right hand in the frontcrossing in front of her left hand. I know you don't want to believe it but that is all there is to it. Each skirt is weighted to cascade quickly and the slip inside is weighted as well. As each layer is released the slip gets longer. It might help if i drew you a diagram, but, it really comes down to the fact that the girl has pacticed this act for a long time that you are not seeing it. Put her on slow motion if you don't believe me.

What are Guinier-Preston's zones in Al-Cu alloys?

When an Al- Cu alloy is rapidly cooled from homogenisation temperature such that diffusion is inhibited then precipitation will occur. Precipitation occurs because of supersaturation and rejection of solute from the alloy. eg (Al -4%Cu).In the above Al -4%Cu alloy Cu is rejected when supersaturation is reached. Precipitation occurs with the formation of GP zones. These GP zones are coherent in nature that is they have one to one lattice matching with the solvent crystal lattice. After some time these GP zones starts providing hardness to the alloy. Hardness achieved through precipitation is known as Precipitation Hardening or Age Hardening.GP zones look like the figure depicted in b) . Note: Precipitation Hardening will not occur when the concentration of the Cu is more than 5%. The concentration of Cu must be less than the Maximum solubility limit of Cu in Al.   Precipitation Hardening is explained properly in Callister.Image source : Callister.

Does Sotomayer's comments that "a wise Latina woman" would make better decisions than a white man...?

Read the quote. Her point is that an educated Latina should be better at decision-making than an uneducated white man. In other words a person's merits, not their race, should determine their qualifications. And that's pretty obvious unless you twist her words or take them out of context. Right wingers are trying to make that sound racist.

I do have problems with Sotomayer, but when her detractors use fabrications to make her come across as racist I figure, let her on through so those idiots can stew in it.

Don't you find it funny how some Jews and Blacks hate each other?

Jesus made it clear that if anybody loves God (including and especially Jews) they will be hated by the world. Part of it is they were Gods chosen people and many people have a problem with that. More specifically though they are hated most by Muslims universally just for their very existence. You see Islam from the beginning was intolerant and violent towards Jews. Muhammad himself exiled a Jewish tribe and slaughtered another! Judaism is the chief rival of Islam and forever will be. They both lay claim to the same God and both lay claim to the same land. Explosive combination if I may make use of a pun! The hatred towards blacks is a whole different issue. One could argue that black culture hasnt evolved a whole lot so to speak and that they have not been at the epicenter of any major cultural shifts such as the enlightenment or reformation. Many believe based on this that they are an inferior race compared to the rest of humanity but that really is a more a totalitarian nazi perspective. I would simply have to say that traditionally in general they have been at the wrong places at the wrong time and a lot of prosperity has passed them by. Likewise it doesnt help when when the most powerful nations in the world regarded them at worst as animals and at best as an inferior underclass of laborers. One could argue quite convincingly that until 1865 and beyond even, blacks have been held at a disadvantage but that simply isnt the case today. In a modern western society the educated black or hispanic can go every bit as far as their white counterpart.

Is gerrymandering illegal in the United States?

As of 2018, gerrymandering is legal unless it is based on race and does not have sufficient justification. In layman’s terms—partisan gerrymandering is legal; racist gerrymandering is illegal. Shaw v. Reno was the case that outlaws racial gerrymandering.So, I could draw some really wicked districts to give my political party way more seats in Congress than it deserves. I can’t, however, draw districts that give black, Hispanic, etc. voters less sway than they deserve, unless I have a good reason to do so. (What is a “good reason” is a question for the courts.)You still see lawsuits filed against partisan gerrymanders, but—for this reason—the legal argument is always that they should be struck down because they are racist gerrymanders. Take a look at Abbott v. Perez, the case that challenged the 2010 gerrymanders in Texas. If you browse the tables of contents of the brief for the State of Texas and the two briefs for the challengers (one, two), you’ll notice all of the arguments are about race, even though most of the attention in the press focused on the partisan nature of the gerrymandering.There was a case this year, Gill v. Whitford, that many saw as a chance for the Supreme Court to change its precedent on this. But instead the justices issued what’s called a narrow ruling: they decided the case on technicalities instead of issuing a broad judgment as to the legality of partisan gerrymandering. For now, the Court’s existing doctrine remains, and partisan gerrymandering is still legal.

Has modern feminism hurt black women?

You don't have to limit yourself to only Black men. Love come in many color. It's not that difficult. This isn't not 1959 anymore.

Any difficulties are those of one's own making by worrying too damn much what others think. So what if the couple you are doesn't match what's in Ebony Magazine or some wedding cake topper? Why should you care about what others think or endlessly seek their approval and validation, when they aren't coming to you for approval for the things they do in their personal lives? Black men date white women all the time...and they do not ask for permission nor forgiveness for it. Neither should we.

Don't make personal life decisions based on political correctness or on some misguided idea of racial loyalty. All this stuff about having to choose between your needs as a woman and your needs as a Black person needs to stop. It shouldn't be either/or. This stuff has nothing to do with feminism. It has to do with who you are as a person...and how hard are you willing to work to ensure happiness in your life. If we wait for "permission" you'll never get it.

but at the same time, don't date a white or other non-black guy just because they aren't Black, or because you're scared you won't find anyone. There is only ONE justifiable reason for dating outside the race: genuine interest in that person as a PERSON...not as their color. You'd want the same respect shown you, right?

Besides, there have long been a number of black women, and some very militant ones at that, who were in relationships with white men. They kept their personal and political lives separate. Josephine Baker, Alice Walker, Lani Guinier, Marian Wright Edelman all were involved in Civil Rights and each one of them had a white husband or lover at one point.

Finally, it is NOT the black woman's job to "empower" anyone but herself. Everyone is responsible for their own empowerment...regardless of their gender or race.

If a black woman (not mixed) was running for president how well and how far do you think she'll make it?

Honestly, and it's sad that I even have to say this, but I don't even think she'll make it to the primaries. I say this because we live in a country filled with not only sexist men, but racist men as well. You saw how bad Michelle Bachman faired with people, and she's white herself. Sarah Palin also wasn't liked either. I do think though that there probably will be a female president sometime in the near future, but probably not a black female president until the very far future. Of course she'll have blacks supporting her (especially if she's Democrat), but if her husband ends up being a non black I can see that being a little controversy within the black community, because she might get called a "sellout" by all these pro black only members of society.

Would you rather be black or jewish?

What's with the either/or sentiment? Don't you know there are blacks who are also Jewish? And they are NOT all converts like Sammy Davis, Jr. either!

How about people like Rain Pryor (Richard Pryor's daughter, who mother is Jewish), Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, the late Nell Carter, civil rights advocate Lani Guinier and Diana Ross's children by her ex-husband Robert Silberstein? Each of them either have at least one Jewish parent, or have at least one direct Jewish ancestor.

There are plenty of everyday people who have black/jewish heritage as well. For example, how about the Ethiopians who are part of the Beta Israel (formerly known as Falashas)...why don't you ask one of them to choose between the two?

I like being Black, but I've long admired Jewish culture, too. In fact, I nearly converted to Judaism 20 years ago...and being around the synagogues all that time, I can tell you firsthand not all Jewish people are doctors, lawyers or powerful business entrepreneurs...nor are they all white!

How do you think Democrats would react if the parties were reversed in the Kavanaugh/Ford situation?

The first question to ask is would the Republicans ever use the same tactics on a Democratic nominee that were used on Kavanaugh?It seems highly unlikely (although not impossible) that the Republicans would hold an accusation secret during the interview and FBI investigation only to spring it at the 11th hour, but one suspects they would have been hammered by the Media including outlets somewhat on their side like the WSJ. The Washington Post would have been handing out torches.So the premise is a little bit hard to envision, but let’s try.If the Republicans put forward an 11th hour accusation of a 36 year old misdeed (let’s say child molestation) with no evidence against let’s say Merrick Garland, who has a fine record, the Democrats would be screaming about due process, gaming the process, destroying Democracy, innocent until proven guilty, and cynical manipulation, and they would be absolutely correct in those criticisms.Look at how upset they and the Press got when the Republicans, instead of working the character assassination angle, chose to use the parliamentary maneuver of simply not bringing the nominee in for a hearing.What’s worse, most of the Republicans’ supporters would be disgusted (except for the extreme ends of the Party) and there would be a massive loss of support. Also, they certainly would have lost the support of Senators like Flake, Collins, McCain, and Murkowski and maybe quite a few more.The difference is that had the roles been reversed, the Democrats would have ended up with a fair number of Republicans voting for their nominee. This is likely why McConnell chose not to hold hearings on Garland. Some Republicans would have voted as they have historically based on qualifications rather than political leanings of the nominee. So McConnell avoided that because he could without resorting to character assassination. It was a gamble. Had Hillary won, she might have pulled Garland back and put up someone like a younger version of Lani Guinier.