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How Does Parris Intensify His Conflict With Proctor

What causes the conflict between John Proctor and Reverend Parris in act one in The Crucible?

Proctor asks if Parris consulted the legal authorities or called a town meeting before he asked Reverend Hale to uncover demons in Salem. He thinks the business should have been kept within the community.

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The Crucible, John proctor conflicts ?

I think John feels horrible about the affair, and wants to make it up to Elizabeth because he loves her very much, and he believes he can make it up to her if he tells the town that Abigail is lying about the accusations, but the same time, that would mean revealing the affair.

I think he resolves it in the end by confessing the affair and also getting hanged for witchcraft because he wouldn't sign his name to lies, so he stood up for what he believed in and felt at peace with himself.

In The Crucible, why is Parris the "foil" of john proctor?

Close to the very end of Act 4 when Proctor does confess, Danforth wants him to sign a paper stating it so they can post it on the church door for everyone to see. That is when John denies it, therefore costing him his life. As for Parris his main concern is his reputation in the community and not allowing his enemies to get dirt on him.

How does parris intensify his conflict with proctor?

He gets on Proctor's last nerve once too often.

The Crucible Act 4 Questions?

1. It shows that they to are planing on doing something in town. I think they want to go back to Barbados or something. Am I right?

2. To confess and live or not confess and die? I'm not sure...

4. He feels guilty for not listening to the accused. He feels he has "blood on his head".

5. They feel like she can get John to confess.

6. She says that she was always a cold wife. That is what made John cheat.

7. If he confesses, then his name will be put on the church door for everyone to see and John does not want that. He thinks his sins are already black and that God does not need his name nailed to the church for everyone to see.

8. John decides to confess because Elizabeth apologizes for being a cold wife. So John felt bad.

9. John ripps his document up and choses to hang.

10. I think Abigail becomes a prostitute later on. That is all I know!

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Conflicts in The Crucible?

John Proctor vs. Abigail Williams: Abigail wants John to divorce Elizabeth and marry her.

Giles Corey vs. Thomas Putnam: Giles thinks that Thomas is accusing people of witchcraft just so he can get his hands on their land.

Ann Putnam vs. Rebecca Nurse: Ann is jealous that many of her children has died before infancy, and none of Rebecca's children or grandchildren has died, so Ann accuses Rebecca of killing Ann's kids.

Rev. Parris vs. Thomas Putnam: Parris thinks power should rest in him because he is the reverend of Salem. Putnam thinks power should rest in him because he's rich.

John Proctor vs. Rev. Parris: John doesn't like Parris because Parris is too materialistic and pessimistic for a preacher.

The Crucible - A Few Questions?

Are you sure you watched and read the book? Because I've only seen it once and can answer most of these questions. Tell your teacher to give you an extension.

Google is your friend. Sorry but I'm not sitting here doing your homework for you.

How Do The Characters Of "The Crucible" Feel Towards Each Other (First Act)?

Parris & Proctor: They openly hate each other. Parris think Proctor is out to get him, and throw him out of town. Proctor thinks that Parris is a bad reverend who cares more for his reputation than for God. Proctor also thinks that Parris is too materialistic.

Putnam & Proctor: They also hate each other. In Act One, they have a dispute over land, showing the tensions between them. Putnam claims that a certain piece of land near Proctor's house belongs to him because it was willed to him by his dad. Proctor claims that that piece of land belongs to him because he recently bought it from Francis Nurse.

Putnam & Giles Corey: It doesn't show much about their relationship in Act I, but from the other acts, you can tell that they hate each other too because Giles accuses Putnam of getting his daughter to accuse George Jacobs (a neighbor) of wizardry just so after Jacobs dies, Putnam can buy up his land.