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How Does The Xyz Affair Relate To The Alien And Sedition Acts

As a direct result of the XYZ affair? Please HELP?

D. Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts.

President John Adams sent special envoys Elbridge Gerry and John Marshall to France to help Charles C. Pinckney negotiate an agreement to protect U.S. shipping from French privateers. Before the three could meet with Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand, they were approached by three of his agents — called X, Y, and Z in diplomatic correspondence to Adams — who suggested a bribe of $250,000 to Talleyrand and a loan of $10 million to France as preconditions for negotiations. Adams rejected the French demands and reported the mission had failed. When he was forced to reveal the correspondence, public outrage was followed by calls for war with France. The Alien and Sedition Acts were passed to restrict potential French sympathizers.

As a direct result of the XYZ affair,?

4. wherein of here colonial wars did the yank colonists capture the fortress at Louisbourg and start to crave domination over the finished western area that coated the Ohio Valley? (D. King George's conflict)

XYZ affair in the Adams Administration....?

Most would say "the three French officials". Well, that's not QUITE correct.

The three men who approached the three American commissioners to request a bribe (money and certain other favors) to see Talleyrand (the money was to go to him), though "agents" acting in behalf of Talleyrand were NOT "French officials".

They were all bankers, and though the letters from the American envoys and Adams's report initially gave them the anonymous labels "X" "Y" and "Z", their identities were later divulged as:
X - Jean Conrad Hottinguer, Swiss
Y -Pierre Bellamy - American financier living in Hamburg
Z -Lucien Hauteval, Swiss

Actually, there was ANOTHER -- a Nicholas Hubbard-- referred to as "W", but he was only rarely mentioned, hence "XYZ" is the term that stuck.

"The" book on this is William Stinchcombe's 1980 book, , *The XYZ Affair*. Compare his article -- "The Diplomacy of the WXYZ Affair," William and Mary Quarterly (1977), 221-45.

(Stinchcombe is a university history professor specializing in diplomatic history. He also was an editor for the writings of John Marshall -- a member of the American delegation to France-- so that may account for his particular interest in this episode,)

What was the XYZ Affair? What was the Quasi-War with France? Why did Adams sign the Alien and Sedition Acts?

The XYZ Addair was a diplomatic incident,when French diplomats in Republican France demanded bribes from the US government before starting talks on problems between the 2 countries.

The Federal government and American people were outraged when this became public knowledge,and the Quasi-War was an undelared war between France and US that consisted largely of US measures to curb actions by French privateers off the US coast.

Adams signed the Alien and Sedition Acts because the opposition to jis government.led by Jefferson,was pro French throughout all this,and used newspapers they controlled to criticize Adams and the government over the whole thing.Additionally,French diplomats and agents were travelling to American ports to recruit crews for French privateers attacking US shipping.

Why were Americans outraged over the XYZ Affair?

The XYZ affair helped lead to the Alien and Sedition Acts by means of causing clash btween France and the U.S. Which amounted to an undeclared naval conflict. The Federalist took advantage of the struggle catastrophe and Adam's popularity to push primary new measures by way of Congress. These measures included the four Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798