How Does This Add Up I Have 200 Facebook Friends And Only 1 Of Them Has Their Account Deactivated.

I can't reactivate my deactivated facebook accounts?

I deactivated my main account yesterday and when I signed in today, I received this message: "The email you entered does not belong to any account. You may try clearing your browser's cache and cookies by following these instructions."

The same error/glitch seems to be occurring to every account I deactivated. I can easily sign-on to my already active accounts, however.

I searched online and it seems many people are experiencing the exact same issue.

How has deactivating your Facebook account been helpful to you?

I was a Facebook addict till 2011 i.e till my engineering final year. I always used to check my status profile pics and been a stalker. But, then I realized that I am undergoing instant gratification which made me a lethargic and person without any other talents. Thanks to the books and articles on psychology which made me understand how instant gratification spoils the intellect and increases the ego masking. I decided on 31st Dec 2011 to stop using Facebook and slowly want to avoid it. Because, addiction to Facebook is more dangerous than smoking and alcohol. It makes you a paranoid, insomniac and a maniac selfless person with a fake identity and a mask on your face. You are like a draculla with no sole. Strategy :Stop using Facebook in phases.Phase 1: stop following Facebook for every minute or second for one month ( this has been a adventure for me for the first 1month but my determination helped me in winning phase1).Phase2: Stop following Facebook for 1week drilling down from daily to weekly( this has been somewhat tuff but it seemed very easy when compared to phase1)Phase3:Stop following Facebook for month drilling down from weekly to monthly( this was a very easy phase as I trained my brain already)Phase4: Stopped following Facebook at all and deleted the account( this phase changed my thought process)During phase 4 my confidence levels controlling power improved and I started reading books on psychology , sociology and entrepreneurship. Books really helped me in keeping me away from phase 4.Distance from Facebook directly proportional to knowledge, social life and realizing goals and responsibilities in life.On June 30 2012 I am free man with flowing thoughts, open mind, fresh feeling of life and the knowledge gained is enormous.Now it has been 3years I used Facebook but I gained many positive aspects and became an avid reader and improve my oration skills.I am finding new ways to seek knowledge and that's how I came across quora couple of years back. Life is beautiful now....

How do I create a Facebook account that will not be disabled?

While the other answers are rehashing the same thing about not violating Facebook's terms, it is true. But sometimes you are on the unfair side of Facebook and get deleted or suspended.There's a foolproof way to almost never get deleted. Even if you use false info and made up names.All you need isWorking email address (preferably one that is old but not used in any previous Facebook accounts)A working phone number (you can use online services for this one if you don't want to use your real phone)If the first two steps are silver, then this one is a diamond. Provide an ID. What's important is to match the info on ID with the info that you provided on Facebook. Mostly, they require a photo of your face (the photo you use as profile in Facebook) and the name, and the birth date and sometimes the location. You can do that also online or apps. It's pretty easy.That's it! Facebook is about authenticity and not violating it's terms. So you can take that as an advantage.

What are some reasons to delete a facebook account?

Well, after permanently deleting your FB account, you can re-activate. Facebook gives you periodic reminders of "Hey, you wanna come back?!" or stuff like that. They make it really really hard for you to permanently make it happen. I have a Facebook and sometimes I just want to delete it. I totally understand that you wanna delete it.

Reasons you should delete it (i STRONGLY recommend it):

-People ALWAYS stalk your profile, day and night. Even when you don't even realize it. Uggh, it's really annoying. I've been stalked before by this girl who probably is just jealous... But yea, you know you're being stalked when someone constantly comments on everything/anything you do.

-There are numerous applications where they send your information to third-party applications. Ex: Farmville

-You can be cyber-bullied on FB. People comment on whether you look good or not, and whether they agree. People just need to keep their comments to themselves.

-Facebook could destroy your social life and is a HUGE addiction. There are millions of people out there, including me, who are addicted to FB and don't do anything but FB. It always takes me hours to complete my HW. Facebook is guilty for everything.

-Privacy is a thing too. Many people de-activate theirs for privacy reasons. But when you're account is deleted, it's no longer visible.

-Literally, like everyone posts lyrics to songs according to their mood. It's soo annoying having to look at the updates and see someone saying "oooh.. My boyfriend broke up with me" and then they sing something like Love Story and You Belong With Me. It's super super annoying! Everyone on FB is just addicted to romance and everyone wants everyone to see that they're "going out with someone" and that their "siblings" are practically ALL of their friends. I mean people need to notice that you just don't lie on stupid questions like that. I mean who has like 200 siblings?? I'm afraid that NO ONE does.

-Facebook is just a place where people talk to people online, and they can say ANYTHING they want. And anything that you say will be open to public,

SO yea, delete your account. Good Idea. :)

Hope I helped! :)

How do I prevent Facebook from blocking my Facebook account?

Don't hurry. Go slow ⛛ and steady!Facebook blocks [generally] newer accounts. So, if you are there on Facebook since ages, chances are you'll be given warning ⚠ for the same act which could lead blocking for the newer accounts.So here's how to avoid Facebook from blocking you.Universal Point: Don't use scripts or automated programs unless necessary. And even if you do, be wise and smart. Schedule them. Don't use multiple scripts at the same time. Give each task at least a min to occur and rest time of an hour or two after 4–5 hours of continuous scripting. Because Facebook needs to be convinced it's you [human] not some robot doing them.Sending Friend Requests: Don't hurry up and try send to send huge numbers of friend requests. Send as low as 40 [yes, this is magic number on Facebook] requests. Because if high numbers of requests rejected, you're in problem.Accepting Friend Requests: If you're creating fake girl accounts, you're likely to be bombarded with perverts’ friend requests or sometimes fake girls’ accounts like yours. It can be sometimes as high as 100–200. So, don't accept more than 40 at once.Sharing posts: Don't share nudes or racist posts for they can't be injurious to your account if anyone make their mind to report your post.Posting to groups: Don't post same post/shares unless you've used Text Spinners or your own mind to make every shared/posted post on groups as unique. Be sure, don't cross 40 limit. Post to only 40 groups once a day.Don't impersonate: Don't impersonate anyone. Even if you do, be super-smart and super-wise. Block the person and their possible BFFs and relatives whom you're impersonating. This is to stop anyone from reporting you!CaseClosed ™

My facebook changes my number of friends?

Hello Nicole!

First... take a deep breath. The number of Facebook friends anyone has can and will change (both up and down) and there's nothing you can do about it--especially when the number drops. The only thing you can do is continue to add friends... just don't become a "friend collector"--those FB users that add anyone and everyone, just for the sake of boosting their friends numbers!

Second... don't be so obsessed over the number of friends you have; be grateful for the number you do have. It's better to have 226 real friends that you actually keep in touch with than to have an additional 67 whom you don't really know.

Third... as I said at the beginning, the number of friends you have will always fluctuate. People deactivate and reactivate their accounts all the time, and this will affect the total number of friends showing. Also--Facebook internal problems (with the buggy code that is Facebook) can cause similar errors. A friend can activate/deactivate their account, and you'll be none the wiser if and when they do.

I've noticed that the number of friends shown fluctuates in proportion to the number you have. In other words, the more you have, the more the numbers seem to fluctuate--both up and down.

Finally... and I hope this doesn't sound mean, but how do you know that no one is deleting you, unless you've made an actual (hard copy or written) inventory of your 200+ friends? In case you don't know this already, any FB friend can delete you at any time, and you'd never know they deleted you (just like if they deactivate their account).

And in case you have actually "written down" the number of friends you've had (at any given time), please go back to my second point. Again--don't obsess over the numbers of friends you have, because there's nothing you can do about it.


How can I unfriend all Facebook friends in one click?

Hi friend, why you want to unfriend all your Facebook friends, i think not many people want to do this. And unfriend Facebook friends can only be done manually one by one.If you want to make this process faster and automation, you have to get one Facebook automation tool, one of many great tools Fo11owing-Like is the best. It can unfriend/remove friends from searched people or imported list automatically.Take one minute to set this software, there are 3 steps to follow:Use the Account module - Add your Facebook account to this software.Add the SearchFriend module - Search your all your Facebook friends and save data.Get the Unfriend module - Execute the command to unfriend all your Facebook friends.For me, i don’t want to unfriend all my friends, so i just give a little suggestion.

I had a friend on Facebook that is no longer in my friends list. I did not remove or block them. I can still see their profile. Am I blocked?

No you are not blocked because when someone blcok you you're not longer to see him/her on Facebook. You are not able to find someone if they are block you. But in this case you can see your friend's profile means your not blocked.You had a friend on Facebook that no longer in your friedns list and you did not remove or block him. Means your friend unfriend you or it's just a bug.Sometimes when people deactivate their account for sometime Facebook will hidden there some photos and remove some friends. So there is some chance that your Friend deactivate thier account that's why you are not longer to see him in your friends list.

How do you remove the "Find Friends" tab on facebook?

On my facebook, in the tabs bar on the top right, it goes Home, Profile, Find Friends, and then Account. The "Find Friends" tab popped up after I deleted a significant amount of people from my facebook. So its obviously a ploy to get me to add more people, but i dont want anymore. I have not deactivated or reactivated my account ever, im not new to facebook, or anything like that. I understand why its there and everything, im just looking for a way to delete it. Without adding more friends.