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How Far Apart Are Your Babies

Friends baby has large head and eyes are far apart, is something wrong?

A large head is called macrocranium. Eyes widely spaced is termed hypertelorism. Some cases may be familial and not associated with other problems. Others are associated with various syndromes. Of import in making a diagnosis is knowing the child's developmental milestones and intellectual development.

A definitive diagnosis is the parents' concern, not ours. If they want to keep their own counsel, you should not interfere. However, if you think they need assistance, you could tactfully recommend they take the baby to a genetic specialist or developmental disabilities clinic.

How far apart should you have children?

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I've heard that 2 or 3 years is best. I'm also a first time mummy and that was our original plan, but our son just turned 1 and I really want to start trying for baby number 2 now :) Apparently 2-3 is best because then your child understands a little better about what is going on. You can explain to them that you are having another baby but they will always be your baby too, and that new child will never replace them but will be just as loved as they are.

I know families that have babies back to back. One couple has 2 under the age of 1, another has 3 under the age of 3 and I even know a couple that has 5 under the age of 6 with number 6 on the way!
The ones with 2 under 1 found it extremely hard, the two babies both would unsettle each other and also having pregnancies so close together (she fell pregnant when her daughter was 2 months old) caused alot of complications with the second pregnancy. The family I know with 3 under the age of 3 and also the ones with 5 under the age of 6 are all quite content with their children and they all get along just fine. Although they are always tired at the end of the day and finding 'alone' time for each other without the kids is something they really have to work for, but I guess thats just part of being a parent :)

I'm one of 5 kids and I loved having so many siblings, but you find that you get along better with some siblings than others. I got along best with my youngest and oldest sisters. Got along fairly well with my big brother, but I'm surprised me and me second oldest sister did not kill each other lol. We were all 4-5 years apart and got along rather well accept the second oldest sister was very catty and fought with everyone, even our parents.

I think waiting until after your child is 1 or 2 (and when you feel ready of course) is the right time to consider having another baby. I would love another baby now but I want to be able to focus on our son while we have that time and he's learning new things everyday so I think I'll wait until he is over 18 months before we start to try for another baby, but thats just what we feel is best for us :)

How far apart did you space your kids?

Ours will be 4, and 1 when this baby arrives. The 3 year age gap between our first 2 was great! Really smooth transition, no jealousy, and no stress to us.

As for the transition with a 12 month old and newborn, we're prepared for that to be more stressful. Still hoping for no jealousy, we'll see. We're thinking the biggest stressor in it will be our 12 month old being mobile and walking, while the newborn will be 100% dependent on us. My husbands going to take a couple months off work when I have the baby, so that'll help make a world of difference I'm sure.

Planning is the best thing you can do! It makes things a lot less stressful, and difficult (or did for us). I like the 3 year age gap. But I think I'm going to like the 12 mo. age gap just as much.

How far apart is each pair of ponies? What is the linear velocity of a child sitting on one of the ponies?

After leaving the Merry Go Round, Mason spots the pony rides and insists that the group go there next. There are seven ponies tethered to metal bars extending from a center post. Each bar is 8 feet long and the ponies are evenly spaced around the bar. As the ponies walk in a circular path around the pole, they complete 3.5 rotations during a two minute ride. How far apart is each pair of ponies? What is the linear velocity of a child sitting on one of the ponies?

Is 8-9 years to far apart for siblings?

no, as long as you make sure that they have connections while the little one is growing up. It is easier to have another one when the older child is allowed to participate by helping you with feeding, dressing, changing diapers, whatever. Of course you must supervise, don't expect the older child to just babysit for you instead of being allowed to experience his own childhood with friends and play, as this could cause resentment. My kids are 7 years apart and it worked out great - she was his baby almost as much as mine and is still protective of her when needed, and she still looks up to her big brother at 27. They are great friends as well. My husband has a sister who is 10 years older, and another sister who is 8 years younger. When his older sister graduated from high school, she was holding her newborn sister in the pics! The sisters were not as close when the smallest one was growing up as the older one was already married a short time afterward. They are best friends now and live within 5 minutes of each other. If 18 years is not too far apart, 8 - 9 years is certainly not. Just remember what I said, positive involvement is the key.

You can take pictures of newborns from as close as you like PROVIDED YOU DO NOT USE THE FLASH. The flash (strobe) hurts the eyes of adults, but could damage irrepairably the eyes of the tiny newborn.So make doubly or triply sure your flash (strobe) is in OFF position before you even attempt to shoot a newborn.Some cultures however look down on newborns being photographed (Tamilians- they believe it could cast evil eyes). So do beware of superstition, beliefs and cultural sensitivities before you try to take a picture of a newborn.

I have a short memory. Can I pass this Question on to my Ex-wifes?

How long in between birth of baby rabbits?

The entire birthing process is about 20 minutes. If there is only one baby, then you should check her and make sure she doesn't have any stuck in her. I had this happen last week. My doe had one in the nest box and she was laying down outside the box. I checked her and there was a partially born kit. I delivered the kit and checked the mom, I didn't feel anymore kits moving in her belly so I watched her for a while and then I went back to sleep. An hour later I got up and she had delivered the other two kits, they were dead. The first kit and the one I delivered are both just fine.

If your rabbit has any stuck kits they will not be alive. When one gets stuck it stops the birthing process and the stuck kits die. It is sad but it does happen, especially with the smaller rabbit breeds.

So I know four pairs of twins. All phraternal, though one pair have some weird genetics thing where they are like 99% identical, but that 1% makes them not identical. Pair one: my youngest siblings were born like... 5 minutes apart via cesarean. Pair two: very good friends, one being my son's godfather. These are the weird identical but not identical twins. The oldest was born vaginally, but the other one got stuck and was born approximately 3 and a half hours later via cesarean. Pair three: another good friend of mine, also fiancée to one of the above (son's godfather). She and her sister were more "normal" born 3 minutes apart. Pair four: members of our church, I sing with one of them on our praise team. She and her sister are really cool. I'm not sure how they were born, but there was enough time so that they have different birthdays. I want to say it was another 3 hours or so between them. So, of all the twins I know, the ones I know for sure that have the farthest times in between births are my best friend and his brother who were born 3.5 hours apart.