How Fast Can A 1967 Mustang With A V16 Engine Go

What is the best engine for a 1967 ford mustang gt fastback?

FIRST THING-upgrade brakes!!! THEN- Depends on what you wanna do...#1-go computerized for best mileage with power, #2-do wheelstands every gear, or #3- GO FAST, burn gas! #1-You could put in an SOHC 4.6,*BUT* a DOHC would be better- you'll have to install the engine electric, also( might as well use the tranny, too!) find a place to mount the computer, and make mount brackets(probably). And get dummy sensors for the smog If you wanna go brute power, #2-it IS (sorta) true that "there's no substitute for cubes"( a big block/FE) but then, that's just SORTA !-#3- I'll put my 289 against an FE(or a 351Cleveland) any day!!

Can a mustang go faster than 150 mph?

First, how do you know it goes 150mph? Have you had it up to 150mph? How long did it take you to get to that speed and where did you do it? So, now the questions have been asked and I will confidently state that you have not had it up to 150, nor will you unless you do some simple modifications such as new tires, full cage, new exhaust and lower the car with new suspension. Pretty easy! At that speed, a simple cross-wind will send you spinning because the car will be light and very twitchy. Without windtunnel testing, we would not have been able to get the Vette or Viper up to 150 on the track. And for that matter, why would you want to?

How Fast is a Mustang GT?

When people talk about how fast a car is, they usually mean its acceleration. Two popular measures of that is the time it takes the car to go 1/4 of a mile (1320 feet) from a standing start, and the time it takes the car to accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph.

In both categories, the 2005 Mustang GT is pretty good.

Motortrend road tested the 05 GT and measured its quarter mile time to be 13.6 seconds and its 0-60 mph time to be 5.1 seconds.

1967 Mustang Fast Back Help!?

I want to build a 1967 mustang fastback with Dynacorn's body kit.
can someone help me compile a list of necessary components that would be required to turn a frame into a running car?
(obviously i know engine/tranny stuff) just everything else lol

please email me:
including interior stuff and exterior stuff

How fast will a 1967 shelby gt 500 mustang go with a 429 in it?

The last time I was in one my buddy ,who owned it, taped a $100 dollar bill on the dash.
He said if I could take it before he hit 3rd gear I could have it.
It was like taking off in a jet.
I was pulled way way back in the seat and couldn't get my arms out to reach it.

How fast does a Ford Mustang go.?

2010 mustang gt, does 0-60 in 5.1 seconds, quarter mile in 13.5 second, with track pac option the car goes through slalom at 69.3 mph, pulls .93g on skid pad, the car produces 315 hp, and 325 ft/trq but Ford is replacing the v8 engine with the new v8 which is 5.0 liter and produces 400 to 425 hp and torque(estimated by car magazines), the car is fun as hell and there are more aftermarket parts for mustangs than any other car out there and ...

How fast will a 1967 ford mustang gt 500 eleanor with a 429 hemi in go at top speed (mph)?

Actually the Ford 429 Cobra-Jet was a "semi-hemi" engine, so it's funny you mentioned that. But the '67 GT500's came stock with a 428 Cobra-Jet, and the 429 was only used in Boss 429's and later Mustangs from the early 70's. The Eleanor car in the movie had a 351 small block crate motor that made about 475hp, which is more than the 428's/429's made stock. They used that engine because it's lighter, cheaper, and easier to tune.

The top speed of any car depends on more factors than just the engine like gear ratio, trans, etc. A stock '67 GT500 could probably go about 130-140 stock with the limiting factor being the amount of gears (4). With a 5 or 6-speed trans, the same car could probably go 155-165.