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How Hard Can I Bite With Separators That Go On Your Teeth.

Can you eat Oreo's with spacers/separators?

I just got my separators/spacers today and I'm dieing to eat oreo's! My teeth don't hurt too bad, just an occasional sting when I bite down. I won't be eating them hard, I dip them in milk til they get mushy;) My dentist said nothing chewy or sticky, not sure if Oreos are? I don't think so. Thanks in advance for the answers!

Why cant i bite down all the way with my spacers in my teeth?

Spacers actually move your teeth a little bit to make spaces between them so the metal bands can fit between the teeth. They actually ARE misaligned because of the spacers. When your teeth move - even a fraction of a millimeter - it changes the way they meet when when you bite down. You may be hitting on the inclines of the slopes instead of down in the valleys and this "torques" the tooth a little bit; tipping it in the bone and making pressure on the ligament that serves as a cushion between the tooth and bone. This irritates and inflames the ligament. It's kind of a mini-mini version of a sprained ankle, except it's your tooth. Yeah, it will be sore. Consider it a sampler of how it will feel every month with you get your braces adjusted. (Sorry, but it's true.............) It will only hurt for 2-3 days each time you get your braces adjusted, though.

I'm getting braces on monday and right now have 8 separators in does braces hurt more than separators?

Yes, braces will temporarily hurt a lot for the first week or so, and then it will taper off. Your teeth will be very sore and your inner cheeks and gums will get scraped up, but that too is temporary. I have found the clear ceramic brackets are far less abrasive on the skin.

You will also have temporary pain every time you have a new wire put in because the wires get predominantly stronger to aid with the positioning of the teeth. The separators should not fall out, they are spacing your teeth for Monday's braces being put on.

First, you MUST STOP chewing gum. Chewing ruins the wire's tension and will lengthen the amount of time you are in braces and it may pull the separators out. That goes for any chewy foods as well. Second, be ready to eat a LOT of soft foods like applesauce, yogurt, etc. Cuz biting down is gonna hurt for a bit.

You'll have great teeth in the end.

Question about Elastic Separators before Braces.?

Spacers are the worst, end of story... The spacers are used to create a "space" around your back molars, so your braces can be anchored to your teeth. They will be what the arch wire is attached to and creates stability.

This part is painful, but it also lasts probably the longest. Your jaw and teeth are not used to being moved, so they are totally freaking out in your mouth right now. After you get braces on and you start having regular adjustments, your teeth will become used to the pressure of the wire and the movement... so you will not feel as much pain -- your body just adjusts.

Right now, it is normal for the pain - despite how sad that sounds. Get through the next 2 weeks and you will absolutely be prepared for most of what you will experience with braces!

Meanwhile, enjoy the diet of mashed potatoes and ice cream and pudding and mac and cheese! Yogurt is great too, not to mention smoothies and shakes. This diet will become normal following your braces first coming on and sometimes after an adjustment - they are just "braces food".

Are my teeth supposed to hurt when I bite down with braces?

Hi !This is an unfortunate truth ,but getting used to braces is quite the task .Specially while eating and speech it requires some getting used to ,after your initial appointment with the dentist it should take round 3–5 days for you to get used to the new set up .What they do in Orthodontic treatment is realign your dentition .This could also involve changing the existing way in which you bite .However I'd like to point out that the aim of the treatment differs from case to case .E.g. if you have a simple case of anterior crossbite( Upper teeth fall behind the Lower front teeth )bite should not be affected so much .However in cases,where molar relation is to be changed e.g Class II or Class III Malocclusion bite corrections is needed.Your Orthodontist will be able to explain your case better(or you could tell us the details )Teeth can also hurt if the braces are placing excessive force on them .In such a case you might also feel they are becoming loose ,please visit your Dentist urgently if that is happening .

How bad are my teeth?

Yes, I think you should see an orthodontist and talk about getting braces. You may not be able to get started right now because you still have baby teeth.It’s hard to determine how bad or severe it really is because you didnt show pictures of your teeth biting together. It seems you could have an anterior crossbite of your lateral incisors on the right side. The lower right lateral incisor is pushed labially. All the crowding and the crossbite affects the health of your gums, bone, and teeth.I can't tell whether you have canine guidance, whether you have lip competence, how your teeth fit in your mouth or any other occlusion or eruption problems. Go see an orthodontist for a thorough evaluation.Manhattan Bridge Orthodontics | Top 1% Invisalign Elite & Braces NYC

Grinding teeth + braces / spacers question?

Be sure to tell the doctor.
Several suggestions.
Go through a head to toe stretching routine before bed, including your neck and face muscles (rotate head all the way one way then the other slowly with your shoulders pulling down to draw the muscles down. For the face muscles, make faces and feel the muscles pull and relax)
Get in a quiet routine before bed. No loud music, TV or other disruptive things.
Turn on white noise if need be ( a fan is good)
Be sure you have good support from bed and pillow.
Write things down before bed that you need to remember so you can forget about them.
Make the room as dark as possible to help you relax.
Can use warm wet wash cloth as compress on jaw.
Stay away from gum or other hard to chew items also things that can make you hyper, like sugar, or caffeine.
If your Doctor approves you can also try a sports mouth guard- be sure to ask first.

Bad pain in teeth after rubber spacers..?

I got spacers abt 3 hours ago and they hurt like crazy...I took motrin abt 30 mins ago andd its not feeling aby better..I have a few questions.
1. How can I make them feel better
2. How long will the pain last
3. Will it hurt worse tomorrow
4. What hurts worse after getting spacers or after getting braces.
Thank youu. Please help the pain is killing mee.