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How Has Nomadic People And The Migration Of Peoples Played A Role Throughout World History

How has nomadic people and the migration of peoples played a role throughout world history?

Throughout world history, nomadic peoples and the migration of peoples have played a very important role. On the basis of at least 4 examples, discuss the impact that each had on the “civilized” regions of the world.

How important were the migrations of the indo- european peoples?

The Aryans migrated from the shores of the Black sea to Europe and Iran and India.
They were semi nomadic,patriarchal people with sacral kingship and a polytheistic religion.
They brought along new technologies in metallurgy (esp.iron working),agriculture and domesticated animals (esp.horses)
But the most important aspect is their language which imposed on the new lands.Today more than half the world speaks IndoEuropean languages (english,spanish,hindi,russian etc)

What roles did pastoral nomads play in world history and commerce?

In ancient times pastoral nomads were also merchants. They would trade when they went from city to city. They were very important to the economy and made up about 60% of all merchants back then.

How did the paleolithic people learn to adapt their enviornment?

As the Paleolithic people evolved, so did their tools. For example, the spear, bow and arrow, harpoons, and fishhooks made of bones were among the new, better tools created. Hunting was a huge part of the Paleolithic people's lives, they were nomads, because their food sources; buffalo, horses, bison, etc, all migrated and/or had vegetation cycles. Both men and women played important roles in the small twenty to thirty groups of different nomads. The women bore and raised children, and collected berries, nuts, and grains. The men hunted large animals. Paleolithic men and women were believed to have a rough equality among one another.

These people also found other ways to survive, by building shelters out of wood poles, sticks, or the bones of large animals, covered with hides. They also used caves as shelter, and sometimes to paint 100's of painting's of lions, oxen, owls, panthers, and other animals.

Another great ability of the early people was perhaps their ability to make deliberately make fire. This helped them when they migrated to colder regions. Early people also learned that fire not only gave warmth, but could be used to cook food, and scare away wild animals.