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How I Come Know If There Is Any Travel Ban For Me

Travel ban imposed in U.A.E.?

If he does not come back and visa expires that means you visa expires because you are a dependent on his visa. You don't want to be in that situation because then you will be staying illegally , I recommend you start looking for a new local sponsor such as your employer if you work now , and get your own visa so you wont have legal matters related to your husbands return or not.
Again it is normal procedure to impose a travel ban on individuals with cases pending in court , and that includes UAE nationals. They will not detain you if you try to leave because the law does not allow for that , but since there is a travel ban on your husbands pass & visa ; and you being dependent on his visa, they will know and will probably confiscate the passport until your husbands shows up in court, after which you can get your passport back. This will not be a problem if you get your own visa.
The best thing for your husband's to do is contact the bank directly and try to work out some amicable solution for repaying the debt out of court so they can drop the case and clear him.

Travel Ban? Right to travel? UAE-India?

We (my wife and me) are Indian citizens and christians and residing in abu dhabi, UAE (under my sponsorship) My wife has filed for divorce under sharia law. Until recently this case was under family guidance department and it has now been transferred to court. I travel to india every 3 months (for a few days) to take care of things that my parents cannot take care of. Currently my wife is staying with our 9 month old baby in dubai. Baby's passport is with me. I have three questions.

1. I have heard that if there is a court case, the person cannot travel outside the country
2. My brother is getting married on Feb 13. Can i take the baby to india for marriage at least for a few days. Do i need a court order for it? what are the chances of getting the court approval for the same.
3. Her intention is to take the baby to india after divorce and keep the baby there and after that she intends to come back to UAE and start working here and keep demanding regular maintenance for herself and the baby and not let me see the baby at all. Is this possible and if it happens what should i do in this case?

Am I allowed to travel to other GCC countries if I have a UAE bank loan ban?

If you just have a loan , you can travel where ever you want .If you have failed to pay back the loan - Normally you can travel across GCC countries except UAE .if the bank has registered compliant against you in police of failed loan payments ,most of the time your application for new visa will be rejected from your home country to enter UAE , and if you are in UAE , you can not leave country ,until and unless you settle the loan amount ,And if you get a connection flight via any airport in UAE , you might be caught by UAE authorities . I hope you are aware about how strong the identification system in UAE airports .GCC countries have inter connected criminal identification system related to national security and crimes like murder , but not for civil cases .

Was the travel ban unconstitutional?

YES.Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate immigration. In 1952, Congress passed a law empowering the president to deny entry into the U.S. to “any class of aliens” considered to be “detrimental to the interests of the United States.” In other words, a threat to America and in the interests of national security.

Travel ban in uae how to check the status and it is effected for gcc itself?

Travel bans are imposed on people who are inside the UAE so they can't leave the country for certain reasons. I assume you received an Immigration ban which means you aren't allowed to enter the UAE.
I don't know what kind of "status" you want to check. No entry simply means no entry.

If the Immigration ban to the UAE will affect your visit to any other GCC may depend on the reason you received the ban but mostly it isn't any problem to enter any other GCC. But - if for any reason a future employer requires a PCC from the UAE, you won't be able to obtain the same.

How can i check UAE immigration travel ban in the net?

Please be aware that there is an entry ban and a work ban. Do not mix them up. Right know there is a work ban for citizens of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan an the Philippines.

In case you received a ban for any reason, there is no way to check it out online.