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How Is It That President Obama Is So Perfect And Honest Is He Really The Messiah

Whats everyone's HONEST opinion on our President, Obama.?

I love the guy, I think he's genuinely trying to help people in this country. People have turned their backs on him, I feel sorry for him. He is trying to provide cheap healthcare for everyone. I really feel like liberals care, they can feel our pain, they put us first before themselves.

Some conservative think the world was created a few thousand years ago. Some conservatives think a girl should pledge her chastity to her father (how creepy is that). Some conservatives think it's OK to murder staff in abortion clinics because killing is wrong (go figure). Some conservatives think gay marriage will undermine straight marriage - one in three first marriages end in divorce and 1 in 2 second marriages. Can't see the gays making that a whole lot worse.So when they tell you Obama made the USA a laughing stock you have to understand they are at the worst lying through their teeth and at the best totally delusional. Obviously I can't speak for everyone but I've travelled extensively and he is very well loved almost everywhere. He's intelligent, articulate, scandal free (and believe me they've looked). He has a great family and fun dogs. What is there not to like? Oh yes that terrible, evil defect. The vile black thing! How dare he be on the world stage with all that 'dark' colour on show? Most European countries have left a trail of crumbs hoping he'll venture our way.Now if we are going to get down to which US President has made the country the biggest laughing stock on the world stage...

Obama and being called Messiah?

Ok the first answer here made me bust a gut.

But seriously people have been screaming anti-christ forever, people thought Hitler was the anti-christ and to be honest he was more anti then Obama.

I doubt Obama is that at all, HOWEVER havign said that I do believe that Obama is going to usher in the second coming.

Not beause he's obama but because he happens to be President during these end times and through him prophesys will be fulfilled.

He is pushing for peace in teh middle east
people are talking taht he would make a great world leader (NO not anti-christ but that just shows people are not opposed to the idea anymore)
World currency is in order
micro chips implanted in people for ease of money etc..

these are all signs and Obama is in teh middle.

NOW in answer to a comment below I do not believe that the USA couldn't house the anti-christ and that the anti-christ couldn't rise up out of the USA.

People back in the Bible era used to think the anti-christ would come out of Rome becaue Rome was the largest most powerful nation at one point.

It's safe to say that the USA has taken that role so who knows. It would make sense as the USA holds a lot of people's attention and their leaders are looked upon by the entire world.

As for obama I doubt but in the end I don't know for sure.

Oh and people have been debating for years whether the christians will get to see the anti-christ unsure, we might but definatly before he really does his deeds the Lord will take us away.

President Obama is he a true Christian?

I have shown several times on here with his own words that he is not a Christian.
But here are just a few of the highlights.
1.) He spent 20 years in a church and doesn't know any more about the Bible than most Muslims and atheists but can repeat the Muslim call to prayer in perfect Arabic and did so during an interview, which according to most Muslim clerics is a declaration of the Muslim as someones' faith.
2.) He was caught lying about when he supposedly "became a Christian".
3.) He has stated that he believes the Bible is "dogma" and fallible.
4.) He has stated that he believes there are many ways to get to heaven. meaning he apparently believes Jesus is a liar.
5.) He has stated that he believes Jesus is an "historical figure", a "means of reaching something higher", "a bridge" and "a wonderful teacher" but never once refers to Jesus as his "savior", "messiah", "redeemer" or the "son of God".
6.) He prays to himself? "I think I have an ongoing conversation with God. I think throughout the day, I'm constantly asking myself questions about what I'm doing."
7.) He has stated that "sin" is "Being out of alignment with my values", not God's.

And despite what many claim it is our place as Christians to recognize who is and isn't a Christian and especially those who claim to be but aren't.

Why do people call Obama their Messiah...isn't that going too far for a politician?

I haven't personally heard this being expressed about him yet. However his followers treat him like if he was actually their Messiah or something like that. In other words, someone incapable of messing things up but capable of doing great good things for all people. In fact, if someone says something negative about him, no matter what it is, he is immediately called a racist. I wonder if when George Bush was the president, when someone disagreed with him if he or she was also called a racist, however I don't recall that ever being said.

Why do racism have to come up when you disagree with someone other that is not of your race? Can an African American also be called a racist if he disagrees with Hussein Obama? Could it be because that will keep people from voicing their opinion against him, or is it because we are beginning to lose our right to free speech or both?

I believe that both Obama followers as well as those who oppose him should be able to voice their opinions, no matter if you disagree or not.

Not only it would be weird to hear the president being called the Messiah, but it is outright blasphemous.