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How Is It That When I Make A Call In The Background My Internet Runs Faster

Do I get a job if I do the background check?

It means that you possibly have a job. Background checks cost the company money, so they wouldn't do a background check on everyone who applies unless they plan on hiring them. Apparently the manager liked you enough to consider hiring you. If you background check comes out negative (no felonies or excessive bad information), then you will probably be hired. If something comes up on your background check, then you won't be hired. If you haven't been in trouble or done anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about.

Just something to keep in mind - many background check companies also look for your public profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other popular social media. Make sure that you keep the viewable information on these sites as clean as possible. No pictures of you at large parties with visible drinking, comments on alcohol or drug use or other such bad behavior.

My internet isnt fast anymore?

Sometimes wireless goes down for me too, idk y. It'll come back up though.
At the same time though it may be your modem, try using a hard connection before you assume anything and because you are in a rush, it may work better. To do this unplug your modem, plug you comp into the modem, and replug in the modem. To put the modem back into the router use the same process, unplug, rewire, replug.

Why does my computer run faster at night then during the day...?

There are a lot more users on during the day. Just like driving on the highway, if there are to many people on at one time, everything slows down.

My internet is being really slow and is lagging a lot, how can I make it faster?

I got my laptop in January so it isint old to be acting slow.
I go on websites like and it gets very slow.
Don't tell me 'Just dont go on websites that slow down your computer'.
I want to go there but with faster internet.
The other laptop in our house works fine, it's just mine.
and whenever I want to go on cam on tinychat it completely slows down and I get disconnected and my camera freezes on tinychat.

Why does my phone battery run down?

I have a new Samsung BrightSide phone. It has a slide-out keyboard. I charge it overnight, regardless of the use during the day. I start every day with a full charge. Most days, I simply carry the phone in my pocket without making/sending or receiving any calls or text messages. Most days, I still have full battery strength indicated at the end of the day. Some days, however, there is only 1 segment lit and yesterday, the battery died at 3 PM.

What settings should I check out? What other variables are there to consider?