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How Keep Delete Questions

My questions keep being deleted! Why?

If there are no answers after 4 days Yahoo removes it.
If you received a violation notice: All it takes is 2 "trusted" members to report you and the bots remove it appeals are often a waste of time and points. however if you are very sure you have been wronged by all means appeal it, the link is below. Some suggestions, If you haven't done so, edit you info so your questions and answers are hidden that way it makes it harder for trolls who enjoy reporting violations or presumed violations to stalk you. Also, avoid pages with controversial subjects such as religion, homosexuality, racism, pornography, any hatred, downloading movies or music, questions about drugs even soft drugs, etc. Even the polls section. Avoid anything that may be remotely considered illegal Don't give smart, flip or sarcastic answers nor use any profanity. Do not use language you wouldn't use when talking to your grandmother and that should keep you safe in that regard. Pay attention to the definitions of "chatting and solicitation , and what constitutes a question" Never insult another member, call them names, threaten, harass deliberately mislead or post anything in questionable taste. If you believe you are being stalked go to other categories. You might also consider changing your avatar and i.d.

If your posts show any semblance or insinuation of bigotry, hatred, sermonizing or ranting you can pretty much assume they will be reported and deleted.

Yahoo will not give any specifics when a question or answer is deleted.

Here is the link to appeal:

How do I delete a question?

You can only delete questions that you asked, and you can only do that while they are still 'open'. Once a question is in 'voting' or has been resolved via a Best Answer being chosen, the question belongs to Y!A and is in their database forever (or until they start archiving old Q&As anyway).

You can also email Yahoo Customer services at or and ask for them to delete the question for you. In your email include the link to the question you want deleted, explain why you want it deleted and ask them to delete it for you

To delete your question while it's still open, go to the question page, pass your mouse over the pencil icon in the toolbar below your question, and click on Delete Question.


Though I don’t know what the question was, I’m going to ask you a question.Should you keep asking a deleted question?Do you think there was a reason for it being deleted? There probably was. If you really don’t think there was any reason for why it might have gotten deleted, go ahead and ask it again.

OmG My QuEstIOns KeEp GetTin DeLEted?

Getting a questions deleted is 10 points right?
Well I ask simple un-rude nice questions and they get deleted 24/7 at least half of my questions are deleted and always the successful ones because of haters reported me because there jealous ( of what? ) So i asked a simple question for my brothers homework who is 6 nearly 7 it was to name 20 words beginning with the letter "D" so to help him I asked a question Name a any word beginning with the letter "D" it got 95 answers and then it got deleted for some reason? why d people keep reporting my questions?!! I'm going -10 points for no reason....... << seeeeeeeeee :(

Why do my questions keep getting deleted?

most people who would volunteer in a place like this were either bullyed or have never been in a position with any type of authority. either way they are now in a position where they are in control. it sometimes goes to their head and if they see something that even slightly could be considered violating tos, they delete the question or answer. your previous questions could have been considered rants, if you talked about the knitting beyond what was necessary for your question. its a fine line that some of the yahoo cops will violate you for. mind you not all are this way, but it only takes a few to make a bad name for all.

Why does YA keep deleting my questions?

I just went through the same thing...If your question is really a question, not a troll attempt or insult, then follow the link that lets you disagree with them. Include your Id you used at the time, the question, and an explanation on why they are wrong. Remember, If enough people report you, the question is deleted automatically, it's not reviewed b a human, so you must challenge is then flagged for review by a person, and you should have the question restored!!

Why do my questions keep getting deleted?

I ask ordinary things, and get good answers, not to mention help people understand things better.. Yet, my questions keep getting deleted, for no reason whatsoever. I even had one earlier that got deleted right after someone had been voted as Best Answer. The questions don't break any guidelines or anything, but keep getting deleted anyway! Why?!

You don’t have the power to delete questions, for the most part.If you asked the question, and it has no answers, then for a short time you do have the power to delete it, but otherwise no.Perhaps you downvoted those questions. Depending upon how many topics you are following, and what they are, your feed may not have a lot of other questions right now.

Why does yahoo keep deleting my questions?

"Then, I wanted to add details to give a rebuttal to their question"

That's the problem, then. Y!A is intended as a Q&A site. You ask. You get answers. End of story.

It's not a venue for ongoing dialogue / debate. Using it for that is a chat violation. You also need to be cautious about the "rant" guidelines - don't use questions to expound on your own views.

Edit: "I can't give information on why I believe someone's answer to my question is wrong?"

Correct: you can't.

You cannot delete the question that you have asked multiple times.Instead, you can use Merge questions option.You can merge two questions at a time.