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How Long Could It Take To Finish 15 Credits In Plato

What are Quora credits?

Quora Credits no longer exist.Credits were a virtual currency system on Quora that were earned via things like answer upvotes, and spent on things like Ask to Answer.For more on the rationale, see Introducing New Ask to Answer by Abhinav Sharma on The Quora Blog.

Spoilers for Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds?

Is there some sort of guide about the movie that was written/translated that includes a walk through of the movie?

I'm curious, and I can't wait for the movie to be subtitled.

Surely SOMEONE has posted spoilers on a Japanese Website, and surely someone has translated it by now?

Can prisoners pursue degrees while in prison?

Yes, depending on prison stay and individual prison. To my knowledge, unless you are doing a considerable amount of time, most offer basic college types of degrees. Nothing as technical as a medical degree or similar. I was in a prison that housed a max term of 10 years. So they did not offer a wide range of education aside from GED and basic low level college education. You wouldnt have time to complete in a 10 year term. Another thing that nobody else knows unless you have been inside. When you apply for something or try to do things the movement of paperwork moves at the speed of the pony express. The administration at those places are in no hurry to speed your processing for anything that you as an inmate may request. It would take 2 weeks just to get a disposable razor to shave. Let alone the many documents that need to be filed and approved for your venture into higher education. It may takes quite a few months just for an answer to a simple yes or no. Then you have to start the detailed process before you even begin 1 class.