How Long Do Headaches Last I Got Hit On My Head Pretty Hard.

I fainted and hit my head pretty hard. Mild headache now. Should I see a doctor?

I fainted around 7am this morning standing in line at a store. It was very hot in the store (many people were complaining about it) and very crowded. Before I fainted I got dizzy and broke out into a little bit of a cold sweat. I thought I would be fine, but then I started blacking out and when I fainted I hit my head on the tile floor pretty hard. I woke up almost instantly, with no confusion. I knew what had just happened I was just very shaken up.

This is the first time this has ever happened to me. I am in pretty good shape and exercise regularly. It is very possible that I was just dehydrated and sleep deprived and didn't realize just how dehydrated I was. I feel fine now just a mild headache and two big bumps on the back of my head.

Should I see a doctor? I'm thinking if i just stay hydrated and take it easy until my headache and bumps go away i'll be fine. Just looking for another opinion! Thanks

I hit my head hard two years ago and sometimes I get headaches in the place where I hit it. They are rare (every other week or so). Is this normal?

"I hit my head hard two years ago and sometimes I get headaches in the place where I hit it. They are rare (every other week or so). Is this normal?"Nope, it's not normal. As is the rule with Quora, the information supplied is inadequate to say anything definitively. I'll pretend the blow to your head didn't knock you out or make you confused, unsteady on your feet or nauseated. I'll hope that blood did not spurt out your ears or nose and you did not develop a pair of "raccoon eyes." I'll also assume you used good judgement when you decided to not see a doctor. In the absence of any symptoms suggestive of concussion or skull fracture, you might not have been scanned had you gone to an ER. Practices in this regard vary around the world. You now have had 2 years of intermittent headaches that are becoming less frequent and are (now) usually not severe. Which suggests they used to be more frequent than twice monthly and were occasionally severe. Which is where the little details of history and exam come to bear. If I had to guess, I would say your head bonk unleashed a previously quiescent Migraine predisposition. If you're a guy, about 7% of guys get migraine attacks. Another 14% of guys have the genetic predisposition, but don't get migraine headaches; they just father daughters with them. All that changes, however, if the guy gets a sincere smack to the head. Once the Migraine demon is unleashed, all sorts of headaches, small, medium and horrendous, can occur. Stress, lack of sleep, perfumes, etc., can all be triggers for individual attacks. The list of possible triggers is long, but generally short for a given individual. All of this is conjecture, however, and your diagnosis cannot be clarified over Quora. If the headaches continue to improve, that would be great. The fact you're on Quora suggests maybe you're concerned because they've plateaued or some have recently been particularly problematic. In which case see a Neurologist. If possible, a Neurologist specializing in headaches. International Headache SocietyAHS Homepage | American Headache Society

Hit head pretty hard, small bump?

You have a bump because you hit your head, and that's just how skulls react. Your headache today is most likely not related, headaches due to head injuries tend to happen pretty immediately following the injury. It can take a week or so for the goose egg to go down and stop being tender, and it will be sore to the touch until then. Skulls are pretty tough, so you aren't likely to have done any major damage to the brain pan and can relax about that. Try taking some Tylenol to help with the headache you have now, and possibly a hot shower or hot soak in the tub. Most headaches will respond to that. As long as you are not experiencing vision or balance problems, you will be just fine.

I just hit my head pretty hard. The top right side. It is very sore and I'm starting to get a headache. HELP?

well your obviously conscious enough to write on yahoo answers.

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you should be fine. im sure when you hit your head.. it hurts.. like a headache.

but if you want to be sure go to the doctors ( not neccesary unless your eyes start blurring, slurred speach, stumbling, puking, extreme nausea, suddenly falling, passing out, falling asleep to easily, or extreme paranoia)

your fine :]

Headaches and throbbing in head after nose being hit badly.?

The other day I was in P.E. (Gym) and, my friend leaned down, I tripped and my head went smack into her head. It didn't bleed but it hurt and made me squint my eyes a lot that day but, I didn't think to much of it. Then the next day I got throbbing behind my ears (mainly the right ear) and, get headaches ALL DAY. I even got a little migraine and, I have: taken advil, slept, drank water, slept some more and more and more.. But, nothing is making these headaches and sharp pains in my face go away! Are these headpains/headaches related to my nose being hit? What can I do to help? It really hurts.. :'( The only thing that kind-of subsides the [aom os tp squeeze my eyes tight for a couple of seconds..

PS- A couple of years ago I fell in a frisbee match and hit my nose on my knee and it gushed blood EVERYWHERE, And it is always still a little sore when I touch (poke) it for too long. So, I guess you could say my nose is kindaaa a weak spot. ! :$
Thank-you, in advance!
.xxx. ♥.

Hit my head and now I feel nauseas and have a small headache.?

Go to the ER - they will make sure that you don't have bleeding on the brain that can lead to death. Your symptoms are of a concussion. However... I had the same symptoms had the tests and they sent me home without the diagnosis of a concussion. Unfortunately they did not warn me about swelling on the brain that could still occur. Two days later I was back in the ER having more tests run. Although they also came out normal, this time I was diagnosed with a concussion. I found out later that due to swelling on my brain, my brain cells had been dying during the 2 days that I felt just fine.

Take an anti-inflammatory for a few days (if they don't prescribe you one at the hospital or doc's office for the bump on your head.) Ibuprofen at 600-800 mg will work for this. If you haven't been okayed before at this dosage based on your height/weight/age call the drs office for an ok on the amount for you. Ice and arnica are good for the external bump and bruise, but they won't reduce the swelling on the inside of the skull where your brain is.

I had to relearn how to get dressed, take care of hygiene etc. You don't want to go there. I still deal with symptoms 5 years later.

The good thing is that guys get better faster than women and that most people are symptom free by 6 months. Of that 6 month group most are better in month 1. And of that month 1 group, most are better in week 1.

So good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I hit my head on the edge of a cabinet pretty hard about 12 hours ago, I feel normal, but there's a bump, should I go to the doctor or ER?

It’s like this: If the bang truly jarred your cranium, particularly at the very top center (tpwards the back slightly) of your skull, then you should have it ‘checked out.’ The concern is that you have triggered and internal response which could, over the course of a few hours or more, cause internal hemorrhaging, and expansion within the brain-case (Concussion). The external swelling (bump) doesn’t really indicate much other than location of the blow. Since it’s been 12 plus hours without dizzyness, or numbness of the limbs (caused by an enlarged brain pressing down on the exit of the nerves at the spinal cord emergence), or tiredness, I personally would go with the camp that states to stay the course. Then again: If you are in a country with a uber-zealous medical coverage, then perhaps this is your chance for a brain MRI with contrast. I think having one of those done on general principles is a good idea, along with a Calcium CT of the heart area. (You may need to complain of temporal headache however,’ And KEEP a copy of the data for future reference!!)

Hit The top of my head pretty hard but I didn’t get dizzy, I caught a little headache, I have a little bump, am I good to go to sleep?

Yeah the whole "don't sleep with a concussion" saying is wrong. While it's possible with a concussion you could slip into a coma, it's exponentially unlikely. Not to mention you may not even have a concussion. Sleep helps heal, but if you're worried set an alarm and let a friend know what happened.

About a month ago, I got hit hard in the head with a metal bottle, I got a severe headache, and flashing vision afterwards, should I be worried?

The best thing to have done right after it happened would to be to have seen a physician. If you are still having issues, then I'd still see one. However, the longer you wait the less he may be able to help. Ultimately, either your body will heal itself or it won't. But a trip to the doctor may shed some light on your symptoms and suggestions on symptom management. I hope this helps.

I hit the back of my head on the kitchen ceramic table really hard and its really swollen. I put ice on it but I have a really bad headache and double vision from my last head injury. What should I do?

If the headache and or the double vision persist, consult your physician