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How Long Do It Take Your Background To Comeback To Aka

How long does it take walmarts background check to come back?

i recently applied at a walmart in eau claire wi
i got a call back after about 5 days from the online application submission date.
i went to the interview with no REAL hope because i am a felon (bail jumping) and have a misdemeanor batter (arrest was in 2007 conviction was 2009) after completing the interview with the department manager (went very well) she said to hold tight and she got a ast. manager to finish the 2nd interview (also went well)

upon completion they asked if i had any questions and my fears got the best of me and i asked them their "policy" on felony/misdemeanor charges
i told her what my prior charges where (also listed on the application) and she said they run a background check with a 3rd party (axciom i think?) and they send what they find to corporate and they do the final verdict (pass/fail)

i was called 3 days later (after my reference checks) for a job offer/drug test/background check

i took the drug test the same day (no worries as i havent done drugs in many years)
and signed the papers for the background check.

this was all done on a Thursday.... after doing the drug test i got a email from that walmart has already checked my credit (same day as drug test)

walmart said it could take up to 4 weeks for all of the results


not random people with stories from 5 years ago... or how walmart sucks (i really need the job)

It depends on what the check is for, and your background. A general background check (Criminal Record Check) for confidential work (e.g. at the phone company) or working with children or other vulnerable population usually takes a couple of weeks. If you’re looking for secret or top secret clearance it can take much longer.I’ve been something of a political activist and even an outright politician (Green Party) since the early ‘90s. Because I know that this can make me something of a target, I keep my nose meticulously clean when I’m not protesting. As a result (I presume that this is why), my CRCs sometimes take months instead of weeks before they come back ‘clean’.

How long does it take for a background and drug test to come back?

it should take four to six weeks.

How long does a Walmart background check take?

This is the best option to get a background check:
Currently there are a lot of reasons to perform a criminal background check in today's community. These arguments vary from questions over a spouse's fidelity to misgivings regarding a recently hired sitter. There are several surprising figures out now that strengthen these doubts, and in many instances it is better to be safe than sorry. You may not realize it, but there can be quite a lot of people checking up on you. Potential employers top the list. Companies usually conduct background checks on job applicants primarily as a means to verify the credentials that you may have listed on your resume.

FBI background check at MEPS.?

Nonsense, your "uncle" can't run a background check on anybody. If he had that capability, and ran the check, somebody will want to know what his authorization for running the check was and he would not have an acceptable answer. It would be a violation of The Privacy Act of 1974 for him to run the check whether you asked him or not.

At MEPS your prints will be taken. They'll be sent off for a National Agency Check. If you were EVER printed the record will be there, I guarantee it.

National Agency Check

A national agency check (NAC) consists of a check of the files of a number of government agencies for pertinent facts bearing on the loyalty and trustworthiness of the individual. Examples of agencies checked are the FBI and the Defense Central Index of Investigations. The NAC conducted on a first-term enlistee in the Navy or Marine Corps is called an entrance NAC (ENTNAC). The primary reason for the ENTNAC is to determine the suitability of an individual for entry into the service. If a service member reenlists after a break in active service greater than 12 months, an NAC (not an ENTNAC) is requested.

Not just about Walmart, but any background check depends on the individual prospective employee. This is because of the fact that each individual depending on how many counties cities and states they have lived in, will determine how many checks need to be made, how many courts’ records need to be checked.Typically an average background check take about five business days but may take up to 15 for individuals who have lived and worked abroad and in more than three states in the US.One thing to keep in mind is that not all HR departments are very quick in submitting a person's background check to their background check company. Sometimes the individual applicants take long to not provide the permission to pull a background check. It is pertinent that all parties make it a priority and in that case and average case should take no longer than a weeks time. Walmart should be no exception to the above.

How long does it take for a background check and drug screen to come back for walmart?

Get a No Cost Background Check Scan at

Its a sensible way to start. The site allows you to do a no cost scan simply to find out if any sort of data is in existence. A smaller analysis is done without cost. To get a detailed report its a modest payment.

You may not realize how many good reasons there are to try and find out more about the people around you. After all, whether you're talking about new friends, employees, doctors, caretakers for elderly family members, or even significant others, you, as a citizen, have a right to know whether the people you surround yourself with are who they say they are. This goes double in any situation that involves your children, which not only includes teachers and babysitters, but also scout masters, little league coaches and others. Bottom line, if you want to find out more about someone, you should perform a background check.

First off, my question would be "How long has it taken?".  And "are you sure it is the background check?" that is causing a delay and not simply a delay in Walmart making a hiring decision?    However, if you are sure that it is the background check, then it is important to understand that there are times when delays happen.  Once cause can be that the sources the screener needs to contact are unavailable.  This could be a problem with court records, an HR or past employer source that is not returning calls or on vacation, etc.  This types of delays are often out of a screeners control.Another possibility is that a past criminal record was found and the screener is taking additional time to make sure the information is correct and, in fact, belongs to you.  I am attaching links to 2 of my articles that may help.The Truth Behind Hiring ~ What Really Goes On When You Apply for a Job The Life of a Background Check ~ Start to Finish, What You Should Know Good luck!