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How Long Does It A Really Take For A Black Person To A Lose A Tan

Can a persons skin actually lose the ability to tan?

ok so i used2 b kinda tan..but tht was a few years ago. now ppl are always calling me pale! then one day my brothr was saying2 me tht he thinks my skin is actually naturally losing the ability to tan. i mean, i nevr really cared wether i was pale or tan, because i find all skin tones lovely :)
so long as im not unnaturally ghost white..i nevr really understood why people go2 such great lengths to get super tan or pale skin. y dont they just live life happily and accept the tone tht they have, rather than go through all tht work2 get their unnatural tone..anywayz im just droning on now. but im curious. answer plz :)

How does a black person get rid of a tan that turned them 2 shades darker?

Well I heard that some people use lemon juice in the shower to get their skin back to a lighter color. Like before you scrub with soap take half lemon slices and rub them on your skin then lightly rub with soap and continue on with your shower. I know it sounds weird but i've seen it work on people. Other than that just let it fade by itself i have the same problem but lucky for you mine is permenat

Do black people tan? Like how does that work?

Personally, I'm about Mariah Carey's complexion and I've been to the tanning bed. I go a few times a month in the Winter because my skin gets pale. In the summer time, I use Coconut or African oils and sit in the sun for about 3-4 hours. I turn a light golden brown color, but I also get very sunburned, which really hurts.

How long does it take for a black person to get their original skin color?

Try wearing a strong suncream. Just the same as anyone, white or black you have gotten a tan from being outside. It should fade in a few weeks and sunblock will help stop it developing again. Using a body scrub should help a little, but careful not to overdo it, you might dry out your skin! :)

Do black people tan or get darker in the sun?

Hey-justasking19.. why are you getting so fired up? And if you are black, as you claim, and you are proud of it why do you have white skin avatar? Are you ashamed of who you are?

Can black people tan?

Ofcourse you can. You can also sunburn, its just less obvious (except the pain of a sun burn) Try going tanning to get your 1 shade back, then if you don't want to tan all the time, once you get to one base color you should lose it all evenly also! Good luck!

Is it possible for black people to get a tan?

I went to Nassau in the Caribbean for 10 days. It was HOT. No, no, no——like paradise, in Hell, hot. I spent two days just luxuriating in the king-sized bed (under full blast A/C) and going out at night to the casino and dinner when the sun went down. But slowly I inched out day after day——beach, volleyball, parasailing, lunch, shopping.By the fourth day, I was significantly darker.By day six, I was actually about five or six shades dark—-luckily I had a speedo bathing suit with long crisscrossing shoulder straps and high leg cuts so I got dark everywhere.By day seven, I was actually peeling—-I’d never peeled before.By day nine, I’d scrubbed and lotioned off all of my peeling skin and was a really dark mahogany, normally I’m a mid to light cinnamon—-not that I really think about this——I notice the extremes when I think about color—-White, light Blacks and very dark Blacks (those of us in the mid-light to medium, really don’t think on it too much.)By day 10, I was ready to go, just as I was getting used to the extreme heat——did I mention it was hot? I’m not a big heat person.So yes, I tanned and in my nether regions and the criss-cross of the straps, I had tan lines but the crotch area is much darker—-due to blood mass?—-so it was harder to tell there—-however all along my side/back there were lines.In NYC, I go to the beach sometimes 4 days a week in the summer, and I get about two shades darker, especially in the face.It’s just melanin, not a force field.

Do black people tan? Why?

For an answer based on personal experience and not science - YES we do tan and some of us do it on purpose.I am a brown skinned black woman. I’m not exceptionally dark, nor am I considered light skinned, but my body has 3 different shades of brown on it with varying gold, red and dark undertones. Some areas that get more sun exposure tend to be darker - face, arms, leg while other areas that get less sun exposure tend to be lighter - torso.I have deliberately laid out in the sun to even things up. Also, since scars from knicks, scratches and scrapes tend to show darker on my already brown skin, I might tan them to even out the skin tone. I have even used self tanning lotion on my legs - a trick I learned from another black woman who was a model. It gives our legs a nice evenly toasted tone.I have never used sunscreen. I have never had sunburn - and I’ve lived in New Orleans, Tuscaloosa and El Paso. I’ve spent hours on fishing boats in hot sun with reflection off water. I assumed it was because I was dark enough to fare well in such climates. My daughters, on the other hand, are a few shades lighter than me and I do put sun screen on them as a precaution.

Can a white person turn brown from tanning?

I’m assuming you are asking if a white person turns brown from tanning, will they stay brown? I grew up in a subtropical climate and I was a sun worshiper for decades. If the sun wasn’t out I used the tanning beds. I was born with very pale skin and I can get a terrific bronze. I can only speak for myself, but if I don’t maintain the UV exposure, my skin turns back to pale white.

If Blacks stay long enough in cold places, will they become white? Will Whites in hot places become black?

They did and they did.Homo Sapiens originated in Africa. They migrated north, and east and eventually spread out all over the globe.They were all black to start with. It was not mutation that created white skin, the process of natural selection kicked in.So it happens that the darker hues are better at radiating heat. So in the hotter climes, losing heat faster can make a difference to survivability. More people with dark skin survived and procreated than those with lighter skin.In colder climes, losing heat faster can kill you. So those with lighter skin survived better and were able to breed more. This also accounts for hair colour.Also production in vitamin D had a major part. The colouring in fair skinned people is produced by a type of Melanin that is very efficient in producing vitamin D. This was essential in areas farther from the equator. So fairer skinned people survived and bred more.Nearer to the equator, this had no effect. However darker skin filters more UV rays which cause cancer. So lighter skinned people were more affected by cancer in areas of high sunshine.All those factors over thousands of generation resulted in the distribution of the skin colouration around the globe that we see.So Black people stayed long enough in cold places and became white.But the migrations were not just one way, whites came to America from far north land bridge and spread south. They became black over time.If you talk about a single lifetime, I can tell you that I do turn lighter if I stay in the northern climes for some months and darker when I live in more tropical areas for a few months. I think its called tanning.