How Long Will My Iphone 6 Take To Come To My House

How long does Sprint take to ship phones to your house?

4-6 days cause i ordered a samsung exclaim too it's an awesome phone by the way

How long does it take for my iphone to come in the mail?

6-8 business weeks

How long does it take for an iPhone 6 Plus to charge?

This is a calculated estimate and may differ in practice. There are some unknowns which will be estimated.The iPhone 6 Plus has a battery capacity of 2915mAh (according to: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: which should you buy? - Telegraph)The standard charger that ships with the phone will charge at 1A.Given this, allowing for a 20% efficiency loss for heat and resistance (this could be different, I haven't seen any official figures, but it is conservatively reasonable for a modern Li-Ion battery), it would take approximately 3.8 hours or 3 hours 48 minutes. That would be based on a battery that is completely discharged and as I said, the efficiency loss is a guess.However, according to 9to5mac, you can charge the phone with the more powerful charger that ships with the iPad, which is 2.1A and according to the below article, charges it at 2.1A. Although they have said in their tests that it charges faster, there is no definitive evidence to suggest it charges at 2.1A, but if it does, based on the same calculation, it would take 1.7 hours or 1 hour 42 minutes.iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support faster charging, but ship with slower power adapterThe Telegraph have done a timed charging test with a 12w charger (the 2.1A iPad charger or equivalent) and they claim it took 2 hours 30 mins.This is a practical result, but is with the iPad charger.This is the article which shows 2:30. How much power is used to charge an iPhone 6? - Telegraph

How long will my iPhone last?

For how many years on an average can you use an iPhone? Although there cannot be an exact answer to this question because for how long an iPhone or for that matter any smartphone, or for that matter, anything else in your life, lasts, depends on how you use it, or how you take care of it and for what purpose you use it.This Apple answers link mentions that on an average you can use an iPhone for 3 years – it means you should replace your iPhone after 3 years. It’s not just the iPhones that you can use up to 3 years; Apple Watches and iPads should also be replaced after 3 years. Mac computers on the other hand can stretch up to 4 years.These are “first owners” figures, which means, people who are using an iPhone or an iPad or an Apple Watch for the first time. This information has been released in relation to Apple’s collaboration with WWF to highlight how much the company contributes to the greenhouse gas life-cycle. The longer you can use your device the better it is for the environment.The above link along with the information about how long an iPhone lasts on an average is primarily a text that conveys how environmental friendly Apple is.In the world of technology 3 years is a long time. This is especially the case in countries where smartphones like iPhone can be easily replaced and people can easily purchase or upgrade their devices without feeling the pinch. In a country like India where Apple is trying to sell 3-4-year-old iPhones, you may find people using their iPhones for more than 4-5 years without having any problem.If you liked the answer please hit upvote and follow me.Thanks

How long does the iPhone 6 take to charge?

I usually let my phone drain out to less than 10%. It takes almost an hour to few minutes above that to make it 100%.  I use iPhone6. I have two tips I can share which I borrowed from blogs and I follow when I need to charge my phone very fast. Using 12W iPad cable to charge my iPhone. Keep the phone in flight mode while chargingDisable 'Set Automatically' in Date&time section in settings. So it will not constantly check for your location. Best charging time I had is 37 minutes. I did above exercise to prove a point to my Android fan friend.

How long did you have to stand in line to get your first iPhone?

I ordered my iPhone, like many people who answered the question. Stores near me didn’t have any in stock, and I actually wasn’t accustomed to going to the store to get my new phone. So it was shipped to me.My actual experience with ordering the phone is related below but it’s not a necessary read for this question. It’s included as an interesting anecdote. Feel free to skip reading it!My first smartphone was the iPhone 3G. My then husband and I couldn’t decide between the new iPhone and the Blackberry. So I got the iPhone and he got the Blackberry. Both devices were shipped to us.Between the two devices, the iPhone was the one that was up and running as a phone within moments of unpacking the box.My ex husband spent the next couple of days transferring content from his flip phone, pager, and Palm Pilot. And then he had other issues with my iPhone, because he didn’t know what to think of a software keyboard on a smartphone. That was simply foolish, since his Palm Pilot had something similar. But then again, he’d had issues with using that device, too. He used it so rarely that I didn’t know what he actually had it for!I tried to get him to give the iPhone a try, since my phone had been already completely working the first day. I had formerly carried my flip phone, HP Compaq data assistant, and a notepad, all of which I was constantly misplacing. The iPhone was different, though. I always knew where that was. And I used it for everything: contacts, calendar, reminders, notes, email accounts, music, and web surfing. He refused to concede that he hadn’t gotten the better device. He thought it was a fluke that my iPhone was so easy to use and so useful. It had to be inferior!I still have an iPhone. He has had to switch to other brands of devices between then and now. He’s got an Android now, and not an iPhone, because he still refuses to concede to my ten years of using iPhone after iPhone demonstrated it was a consistently better experience than he had with any phone he had.Thank you for reading this far. It’s hard for me to think about that first iPhone without remembering all of this.Best wishes

How long does it take for sprint to ship a phone?

Typically phones take 2 to three business days *after* the business day when the order is processed.
If you ordered the phone on Sunday, they do the processing on Monday and ship it out - so you would receive it on Wed. or Thur.
Sprint uses both UPS and Fedex.
Be sure to keep the tracking number they will send you once they send your package out. Then you can track the phone as it is in transit, and should have a reasonably good idea what day it will arrive (possibly if it will arrive morning or afternoon as well...)
If you cannot be home to accept the package, you might consider a couple options.
(1) have a family member stay home that will wait for the driver
(2) leave a note on the door for the driver that they can leave the package at your back door, in the doghouse, with the neighbor in the yellow house next to you, etc) (This does not work if the package requires a signature...)
(3) See if the package can be held at a convenient facility (Fedex Kinkos - or UPS Store) that is nearby - so you can pick it up when *you* have time.