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How Long Will We Have To Wait To Find Out If Susan Rice Was Lying About This Hero Thing

What were things President Obama got wrong?

Obama was an incrementalist in a time when people needed real change to happen. That is the principal reason why we have Trump now. A lot of people got hurt in the downturn and although the US economy has emerged from the 2007 financial meltdown thanks to Obama, a lot of Americans did not; so, now we have Trump.The excuse that there was a Republican Congress most of the time has some truth to it but Obama failed completely to provide anything visionary for the future. He never got up in front of the American people and articulated what can be done only what he may be allowed to do.For example, Obama’s vision of healthcare was to implement an idea proposed by the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation and first implemented by a Republican Governor Mitt Romney. This was the ACA and basically tries to fix the stupidest healthcare system in the world with nothing more than the equivalent of duct tape. It would only prolong the pain. Obama never talked about the real shortcomings of the private health insurance system. He failed to mention that the US has among the worst patient outcomes with by far the highest patient costs.We never got any closure on the torture and renditions that happened during the Bush administration. The wars were continued.The Obama administration supported giving radical Muslim sects weapons if they were against Assad resulting in an even worse problem in Syria and Iraq.College Students went into deeper and deeper debt during Obama’s time without Obama articulating a clear vision of what should be done about College tuition,Obama waited too long to get rid of the nationwide testing required by the Bush era No Child Left Behind initiative. The effectiveness of K-12 education declined during the Obama years. There was no effective leadership there either.Obama failed to speak boldly about climate change. He failed to call it what it really is, an existential threat to humanity.Obama failed to provide an effective vision of Space exploration.The forces that caused the original financial meltdown in 2007 remain in place. No bankers were punished. The worlds economy is completely dependent on the quantitative easing. The Fed still owns trillions of dollars worth of bad assets on its balance sheet that it cannot get rid of. Basically there is no reason 2007 won’t happen again only this next time it will be worse.

Which series will you recommend me?

I am fantasy fan. I have read a few books and from those few i will write down some titles so you may recommend me better.

Wheel of time
Malazan Book of fallen
Song of ice and fire
Dresden Files
Anything Shannarra (These were my entry way to fantasy :) )
Great book of amber (it was ok)
Lord of the rings
Night angel series (Good Work by B. Weeks)
Lightbringer series (it is really really good)
Gentlemen Bastards (Waiting for 3rd installment)
Darkness that comes before ( read only 1st book. after that i lost interiest)
Dark tower
Garret P.I
Vlad Teltos

Please recommend something really good. now a days i can't seem to get hooked in any of the new ones i pick up.

Did America lose the War of 1812?

I keep seeing opposing arguments, I thought it was stalemate and many others are saying that the U.S. lost. I'm no expert so I'm confused.

I'm not mad or anything, just wondering which side makes more sense.

How do you think women are depicted in fairy tales?

They usually need men or magic to overcome challenges. That's why they are fairy tales - total fantasy.

If Twilight is unoriginal, and the characters are stereotypical, I would love to know of others like it?

If you have a character or book that is much like Twilight to propose, then thats good. Because its a very original book with very original characters this is difficult. If you can suggest such a book or character then good. If you can not, then obviously it is original, because its not like anything you have heard of before. There is no point in saying its unoriginal, but there is nothing like it. Thats illogical.

Paul; I don't get your point. So you are saying that Twilight is not unique because it has a love triangle. But Twilight is unique because you have never heard of vampires that refract light or who feed on animal blood. So you dislike things that you have seen before, AND things you have not seen before. That makes no sense. Saying its not unique because of a love triangle is much like saying its not unique because it has homosapien protagonists.