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How Long Does It Typically Take A PS3 Controller to Charge?

it usually charges for 2-3 hours, i charge it in my computer which is basically the same thing as the ps3, and the controller lasts for like around 20-30 hours which is plenty, and the ps3 wireless headset takes 2-3 hours as well, 8 hours talk time so yeah, you can charge the ps3 wireless headset when your playing a game so you could use it for a long distance microphone

The Singapore Civil Defence Force Quality Service Indicators[1]  are:1) To answer 995 calls within 10 secs, 95% of the time;2) To respond to fire/rescue calls within 8 mins, 90% of the time;3) To respond to ambulance calls within 11 mins, 80% of the time.Based on 2014 statistics[2]  from SCDF, they were able to meet those indicators.Footnotes[1] Page on[2]

How long does it typically take to receive call backs 4 a broadway play?

Ah, yes, the waiting....isn't it fun? (I'm being slightly sarcastic.)
No one can answer this question, unfortunately. Each production does it slightly differently. YOu audition and then go do something else so you can forget about it.
I usually figure if I haven't heard in a week, it's over. But then, I sometimes get a call a month later and what do you know? Callback. There is no telling.
Usually if they don't want to see you for a callback, though, you will hear nothing. Sucks, doesn't it? That's show biz.
Just remember that everytime you audition, you are also auditioning for a show down the road for which you are the perfect person! (It helps to keep your hope up to think this way.) Many, many times I have been called out of the blue from an audition long ago - and I hear this story over and over from other actors as well.
It's funny - actors think being an actor means we will be doing a show all the time. IN reality, our job is to audition, and once in a while we do a show. So enjoy those auditions, I say.
Break a leg, by the way. I'm impressed that you got to audition for Broadway in the first place! That's pretty amazing. You must be pretty good or they wouldn't have let you in the door! Keep on keeping on.

How long does it typically take to film a season of a television show?

I know that not every show is the same and it takes different amounts of times to film different shows. But on average how long would it typically take to film a, lets say, a season of about 22, 1-hour episodes? LIke how long would it take to film each episode, generally, and how long in between filming each episode. How long would there be of rehearsals, etc. And of course how long would the overall process (just the filming, not the editing) take? Thank you in advance =)

As far as I know, it takes a lot of time to build a house from ground zero. Be in particular with everything one could manage to do, it can take upto 2-3 years depending upon facilities, investors, requirement, etc.Talking about my house, my house-master prepared kitchen and bathroom whole heartedly and working 6 days a week after 11 months. This part was like a renovation, but he changed everything inside out.So, my friend I suppose, you could just tell them to be quiet in the afternoon and night quiet hours (Ruhige stunden) that are 13:00 - 15:00hrs and 22:00 -  6:00hrs, may be they can help you out with this matter as such they will take time for their Bau (construction).

This depends on your background & knowledge of supply chain concepts. The 2015 edition consisted of five books. It is advisable to read through the material, unless you’ve achieved mastery of the concepts previously. I spent roughly six months (self study - two to three hours a week, after work & family responsibilities) - with more time & dedication, one can get through it quicker. Re: preparation material, the APICS website is a useful source: Prepare for the CSCP Exam - APICS

How long does it typically take a laser tattoo removal treatment to take effect/for the area to start fading?

If the laser removal technician is using the correct laser for tattoo removal (Medlite C6 is the most effective tattoo removal laser because it encompasses all colors of tattoo ink), then you should see some results after the first treatment. You tattoo will have significant results, if not complete removal in about 5-7 treatments with this type of laser if the colors are black, red, orange, or darker blue colors. The other colors are somewhat harder to remove, taking an additional 7-10 treatments to fade them.

For more info on tattoo removal, you can check out this link and it will lead you to the Dr. Tattoff website and give you all kinds of tattoo removal information.

According to the Minnesota Center for Psychology, regarding their Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program:How long does Dialectical Behavioral Therapy last?Length of treatment is based on how quickly it takes a client to reach their goals determined in individual therapy. Clients generally commit to participate in skills group for one year.Per an article at PsychCentral by MARGARITA TARTAKOVSKY, M.S., regarding the question: Is BPD a life-sentence?According to Alexander Chapman, Ph.D, president of the DBT Centre of Vancouver and co-author of The Borderline Personality Disorder Survival Guide: “In a recent study of patients with BPD who were hospitalized and then released, up to 70 percent no longer met criteria for the disorder at some point in a six-year follow-up period. Of those people who stopped meeting criteria for the disorder, 94 percent of them never met criteria again across the six years.”Just the fact that you realize and accept that you have Borderline PD,   that Borderline PD can have a seriously negative impact on your ability to enjoy life, have a career, and maintain meaningful personal relationships, is a huge step towards recovery.The ability to take personal responsibility for your own perceptions, feelings, words and behaviors and wanting to make positive changes in yourself strongly enough to actually commit to treatment, is half the battle won already.  Psychotherapy (talk therapy) and possibly medication therapy as well, only have a chance to work if you are willing to stay in therapy for as long as it takes to reach your goals; each individual will have their own journey to recovery, in their own individual time and pace.Best of luck to you as you work towards managing the traits and behaviors of this disorder, and eventually reach full recovery.