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How Many Calories Are In This Salad

Calories in Cafe Rio Salad?

I love the cafe rio chicken salad, and I know that it has like 1,000 calories, BUT i don't get alot of the things on mine, so i was hoping you might know the aproximate calorie info.
WHen i get the salad, I get....
on a whole wheat tortilla, w/o melted cheese
-black beans
-grilled chicken
-pico de gaio
with no dressings

How many calories?

Every 3/4 cup of salad is 320 calories. How many calories are in 1/4 cup?

Let’s see. Let’s first figure out how many 1/4 cups make a 3/4 cup.3/4 = 0.751/4 = 0.25So, 0.75/0.25 = 3And dividing 320 calories by 3 will give us how many calories are in 1/4 cup.320/3 = 106.7 calories.

How Many Calories in a tuna salad?

Tuna itself is very healthy; besides the fact that it's low in calories and fat, it is a great source of protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The problem comes from the mayo and if you eat it on bread - a tuna salad at a restaurant can weigh in over 700 calories. 1 cup of tuna salad has about 380 calories - 2 slices whole wheat bread - 200 calories -total 580.
Of course this varies with other ingredients but that's a good ball park

How many calories do salad leaves have?

spimach has 7 calories per one cup, iceburg has 10 calories per one cup. spinach is much healthier and gives you so many good vitamins and minerals that will make your body work at its best ability. iceberg lettuce...mainly water with a crunch. its higher in sugar too. its not that great.

Why are there so many calories in the salad at McDonald's?

McDonald's does nothing without extensive research regarding what their customers want.  They know that this is what will sell.  If they thought that reduced or lower calorie dressing would sell as well or better, they would use it.That said, I'm sure you can ask for other dressings and they probably have a lower calorie option.

How many calories are there in a salad sandwich?

depennds on the kind of cheese and bread. but id guess around 300 calories. the bread alone is around 80 calories per slice and a slice of cheddar cheese is 115 calories

How many calories is my school lunch salad?

120 for the turkey. 225 for ranch. 95 for the cheese. So, 440 total.

How many calories are in a Caesar salad, and how healthy are they to eat?

let me divide the answer : First Question:Calories depend mainly on the amounts of cheese and dressing. Here you can find the calories for Cesar salad at the most popular restaurants Calories in Caesar Salad Second Question: It can be both ways, but most of the time its not, especially when its heavy with the dressing, salt , sugar, and cheese. There are lots of healthier salad options you can try at restaurants or at home, here are some healthy salads you can try with variety in options  salad Archives - :: Nutrizonia ::

Calories in a baguette with cheese and salad?

well since you are trying to loose weight a baquette should have been cut out unles your a runner and it was whole hweat second cheddar and dairy= bad third portion control.....i say 600 calories all together