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How Many Emmanuelle Movies Were Made

How many emmanuelle movies were made?

Hi there: I do not know. But she sure like to get naked. But they we're like porn movies..

How many women have played "Emanuelle"?

Are You talking about the softcore porn Emanuelle?

Wow, a lot of girls have played her. My personal favorite was "Emanuelle in Space"

Does anyone know the name of this movie?

"Bird of Paradise" (1932) is a b&w film starring Dolores Del Rio, Joel McRae, John Halliday, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Richard "Skeets" Gallagher.

IMDB synopsis:
A young man (Joel McCrea) falls overboard and is saved by a beautiful Polynesian girl (Dolores Del Rio). They fall in love, but their idyll is smashed when the local volcano begins to erupt. The man discovers that the local custom is to sacrifice a young woman to the volcanic gods. They try to escape but realize that "East is east and west is west, and never the twain shall meet."

Bird of Paradise (1951)
starring Debra Paget, Louis Jourdan, Jeff Chandler, Everett Sloane and Jack Elam

IMDB synopsis:
Andre Laurence accompanies his college roommate, Tenga, back to Tenga's Polynesian island home. There, Andre, assumes the native life and, after many trials with the native customs and their suspicions, marries his friend's sister, Kalua. Their marriage is barren of children. A final blow to Andre comes with the eruption of a volcano and island's holy man, The Kahuna, decides that the volcano can only be appeased with the sacrifice of Tenga.
This is the color version and the best-known one.

So, did you see the original, or did you see the color version on a b&w television? You did say you saw it 40+ years ago. My family didn't get a color set till the late Sixties.

Movie making questions?

2.) No the sex scenes are never real if its not a porn film. Unless you count the b*** job scene in "the brown bunny".
It's just shot and edited in a way that completes the illusion. Certain angles and movements done by the actors with the combination of the editor using the movements and carrying them through from shot to shot as if seamless.
The only thing the actor might have control over is how naked they get. Alot of times they appear naked but were still covered up in certain spots. Alot of times choreographers help them with their movements as well, either on set or one they study with before production officially starts.
But it's really all about camera angle, lighting, and editing that completes the illusion.

3.) Just because a shot appears in close up doesn't mean the camera was that close to the actor. The right type of lense is used to achieve a close look from a camera that's a few feet away. And again, at a very specific angle to avoid reflection.

4.) Films are almost NEVER shot in sequence. They schedule scenes being shot depending on cost, effects, set dressing/lighting time, make up/costume application time, location availability, estimate of how long a scene may take to shoot, estimate of how difficult it may be to shoot, weather predictions, etc etc. Sometimes they schedule all of the harder scenes first or the easy first depending on preference of what to get out of the way.

Not to mention the final finished sequence of events in the film isn't even officially established until the editing of the film has been completed.

5.) This is a case by case basis. It all depends on if a director had a specific actor in mind and to what extent the producers/studio/investors have a say.
Sometimes a director may want a certain actor but because they aren't considered "bankable" by a studio exec they won't allow them to be brought on at all or at least not without an audition.
If the director has more say over the project and they know exactly who they want, they will often call and offer the part to someone from the get go.
If either side doesn't know who they want, then everyone will audition, no matter how famous they are already.

In movies with sex scenes , do the actors really have sex ?

Of course in a porno they are actually having sex, but in a legit movie no they don't. What people can't see are the 20 or so production people around filming that scene. Also surprisingly a lot of actors/actresses use body doubles for their sex and/or nude scenes.

Horror/scary movies with cannibals in them?

Horror/scary movies
SALEMS LOT 1979 > really good
Blood Dolls 1999
Dead Silence
The old dark house
The Haunted Palace
Horrors of The Black Museum
She Lives By Night
House On Haunted Hill
Carnival Of Souls
Deep Red (AKA) The Hatchet Murders
Blood on Satan's Claw
Tower Of Evil
Beyond The Door 1-3
Prehistoric Women 1950
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women 1968
slave girls (aka) Prehistoric Women 1967
Ghost Ship
Grim Reaper
House (1986)
House II The Second Story
HOUSE III The Horror Show
HOUSE IV -Repossession
House of The Dark Shadows
The People Under the Stairs
Whispers From A Shallow Grave
The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer
carrie 1 & 2
Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
The Guardian 1990 (aka) evil baby siter
The House by the Cemetery
The House On Sorority Row
Phantasm 1-4
my bloody valentine 1981
the legend of hell house
The Possessed
Twins of Evil
Burnt Offerings
Manhattan Baby 1982 (AKA) The Possessed
Poltergeist 1 - 3
Creepshow 1 - 3
Sometimes They Come Back
Sometimes They Come Back Again
Sometimes They Come Back For More
Storm Of The Century
The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer
THE Shining
The Tommyknockers
The Amityville Horror
The- Bone Collector
The Entity
The Grudge
Vampire Hunter D (aka) Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
Village of the Damned
Children Of The Damned
Wrong Turn 1 - 2
Abby 1974 (aka) Possess My Soul
Horror Of Dracula
Taste the Blood of Dracula
The Devil-Doll
The Nanny
Baby Blood
Willard (1971
Black Christmas 1974
Candy Man
Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter
Demon Wind
Devil Times Five
Dolls 1987
Flowers In The Attic
Motel Hell
Slaughter House
Sleepaway Camp 1983
The Bell Witch Haunting
Torture Garden
the Grudge 1 - 2
A Nightmare On Elm Street 1.8
the ring 1 - 2
The Hills Have Eyes 1/3

cannib movies

Mondo Cannibale ( AKA) Cannibal World 2003
The Mountain of the Cannibal God 1978
Cannibal Holocaust 1980
Cannibal Ferox 1981