How Many Girls On This Section Dislike The Sort Of Hate Spewed By Some Female Users On This Site

What are a few reasons some people dislike INFJs?

I am ENTP. Both my mother and my wife are INFJs (don’t even start on the psychology of that ;).It's harsh to say but I don't think people do dislike INFJs - it's just that other people are not as deep as INFJs and you overthink stuff. Don't mistake lack of depth for dislike.Most people really do not think in the same way you do - they don't see the needs of others and they are a lot less aware of their emotional surroundings.Where ENTPs are lighting rods for ideas and logical connections - INFJs are lighting rods for emotions and the needs of others.This means we both see things that others don't and are very willing to confront things other people don't like to talk about - ENTPs logically (e.g. Machiavell) - INFJs emotionally.Your conversation can take people to places they are trying to ignore - you cannot stick your head in the sand when there is an ENTP or INFJ talking to you.ENTPs sort of have the emotional intelligence (EQ) of a brick - we understand but don't care - so we keep going regardless of upsetting people.For INFJs your EQ is through the roof and you feel this as people disliking you - leading you to withdraw and be stand-off-ish with all but a few select people. Other people then view this as being a bit odd and don't interact and so on…Hang around with ENTPs, INTPs, INTJs and other diplomats (NFs). This lot of misfits, intuitive and feelers all get deep conversation - it's just you are restricting yourself to about 15% of folks. And if you are depressed find someone who needs your help / counselling and improve their life - it's what you were born to do.

Why are PUAs hated by so many people?

Think of two machines who have fight but also co exist with each other.Like can't live without it but want to make sure you dominate always. The strategy is to have no winner nor loser ,but the best state for one ,is to have things moving towards your victory.Well, that is what relationships are.Women tend to manipulate, shit test the man before committing to them for sex,relationship. It is not conscious but mostly sub conscious. It is hard wired into them to find mates that have mental endurance to withstand manipulation, emotionally betaizing behaviour . So they do it all the time.But when a Man claims he can do it by tricking her, he is making a very big statement. He is fundamentally question the whole screening process of females. A bug in screening process is a dangerous sign for entire species. so as for man to make such a claim, he must be of very high social status. If he happens to be a scientist working on the human female psychology, he is feared.He may have actually figured out some bug which is an alarm for them.If he happens to be someone of low status, he will be mocked by women, but they will also deny the unconscious screening, because of two reasons 1 .Their conscious is not aware of the sub conscious.2. They have it better for their survival that men should not be even aware of such screening tests.So anyone who bothers her evolutionary process will be hated. Not that I am saying PUA know actual femalepsychology, but the reactions from women are that anyone who claims to know is a danger sign a has to be actively dismissed for their survival instinct.

Males only- Why do women hate making the first move?

You are extremely wise for putting emphasis on the fact you want MALE ANSWERS.

You understand that girl answers are full of **** and - like a user stated above - They don't know what they want ! ..They say they want a guy to do this, but they respond much better when he does the opposite, etc.

Anyway, I can give you a few answers.

1. They're afraid to be seen as sluts. This is sad, but it's reality. Girls think that making the first move or being promiscuous will label them as sluts. I hate this stereotype and I think girls who take the first initiative are actually more fun !

2. A lot of them are just shy. There not much different than guys. They ALSO have approach anxiety. They also fear that they might get rejected.
We already know how insecure the majority of females are, just think of the Massive Blow on their Ego if they'd ever get rejected LOL.
It's just that guys eventually get used to approaching and making the first move, so they're not afraid anymore.

3. The following is a true story from when I was 16 years old:
Imagine a scenario where you're in a bus heading for summer school and this unbelievably stunning red head happens to take the same bus route as you EVERYDAY. You guys eventually make eye contact at first. The next days, she'll look at you a little longer and show signs that most guys fail to notice (body language). After over a week of sending little glares at each other a few times per day, she's fully made it clear that she's interested in you.
In this case, the female WILL NOT be making the first move.

Why ?

Here is why a lot of women won't be making the first move:
She's basically just testing you. She want's to see what you're capable of. How MANLY you are and if you're an alpha male or at least have of bit of courage.
It's a simple test: you either approach and talk to her - PASS.
You stand there and get nervous and never have the guts to do anything (like I did) : ************* FAIL !!

But, even if you pass. It get's A LOT more complicated after that. There are specific ways to talk to a girl and there are even more precise tactics/ways when dealing with total 10s like this redhead.

Why am I hated for no reason?

Somehow I find most people don’t like me. People in my class despise me, and those that don’t, really don’t talk to me very often. I was also playing League of Legends earlier today and my allies were flipping out at me even though I didn’t do anything wrong, in fact I was playing better than all of them except one and only died once, while they died 13-14 times.
I don’t act rude towards anyone, and I’m usually quiet unless someone comes up to me and starts a conversation. I do actually talk nicely, unless of course they are ignorant and egoistic and only then do I hint at some sarcasm but that’s it.
I love video games, anime, books, YouTube and I usually get straight As. I don’t like showing off and am not particularly nosy or cocky about a lot of things and most times I keep my opinions to myself.
I mean I was one of the so-called “popular” kids, but after they ditched me, I decided not to bother them too often.
We didn’t have a full-on fight, the group and I just drifted apart. I stayed out of their business, they stayed out of mine. We never hated each other so I doubt it’s because of them that people dislike me, but what is it? Do people just hate a quiet person or something?

Why do feminists hate MGTOW?

I always thought feminists were all about breaking down gender roles and allowing people to have the freedom to do what their lives what they want (as long as they are not hurting anyone)

A traditional role for men was husband and father. If a man decided to become a MGTOW (assuming he is not spreading hate against women; but simply saying he does not want relationships with them) why do feminists hate on them so much?

Isn't being liberated from gender roles one of the things that feminism is all about?